Athens Gameathlon. Summer 2019.

The Athens Japan Festival took place in 17.3.2019.

Moments from a lovely festival, dedicated to Retro and Vintage. It took place in Athens Greece, in summer 2019.

This is a small video about an authentic Chinese tea ceremony, by Tea Master Exinya. For more information, you can follow (copy and paste) this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/greekteaceremony

A beloved table game

This is the glass statue of a runner on the finish point. It is located in Athens, Greece.

This is how a room of a girl, could look like in 80's.

The Greek folk is full of dragon stories, but not like the ones you have usualy read or heard, of.

A creepypasta narration, for thinkers.

A small museum in Pireaus Greece, but with some of the most well preserved copper statuses, worldwide.


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