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HaRav Yaron Reuven came to the United States as a young boy and grasped the 'American Dream' with both hands. Being born in Netanya, Israel, he spoke only Hebrew when he arrived but managed to learn English quickly and grew from a newspaperboy at age 10 to a self-made Wall Street multiomillionaire at age 23. His success knew no limit, he owned a private brokerage firm, a hedge fund and an international insurance agency. He was interviewed on CNBC, Bloomberg and the Chinese NDTV to shine light on the current developments in the financial industry.

But then, at age 26, he got struck. A simple surgery went wrong, 7 years of nearly dying from pain and complications followed. From that moment on, his life would never be the same. While everything looked hopeless, miracles started coming. Rav Yaron, who had been a mostly secular Jew until this point, started looking for the truth, and he found it. He turned his life upside down, he waved goodbye to Wall Street and his lofty position there and became a fulltime kiruv Rabbi. The story of his life has been so inspirational for many of his followers when he spoke about it, that a Be'Ezrat HaShem Inc. movie was made about it, that turned out to become a true blockbuster. In one year, it had over 2 million views on all platforms combined.

HaRav Yaron Reuven is bringing a true Kiruv Revolution to the English speaking world. He is a proud member of the Rabbinical Alliance of America - an organization founded in 1942 with over 900 members. In a short time he has managed to grow a large following of Jews, converts and Noahides from all over the world. His teachings cover all the corners of Judaism, explaining even the most difficult subjects in an easy-to-follow way. Hundreds upon hundreds of question are sent to him every day by his students, which he answers diligently as he cares about every single soul. He gave up his lavish life in order to fight for what really matters: saving Am Yisrael.

➡️ YouTube: www.youtube.com/YaronReuvenRabbi

➡️ Website: www.BeEzratHaShem.org