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Bobby Fischer was the most honest Jew that ever existed.

Jews lack the most rudimentary level ability to self reflect as to why the world by and large hates them.

Jews persistently write off "Antisemitism" as an aberrant view based in ignorance, when in reality it is conceptual understanding of their anti-gentile exterminationist supremacist "religion" developing amongst their gentile out-groups.

#Jews #Antisemitism #ErnstZundel #TheGoyimKnow #WhiteRevolution

Words of wisdom from Commander George Lincoln Rockwell

Correction: Jews don't "smash things that aren't true", they amplify and legitimize things that are objectively false. For example fake genders, fake sexes, fake races, fake jobs, fake qualifications, fake relationships, fake faith, and even fake 3D printed "meat".

Jews represent the radical falsification of reality.

#Jews #antisemitism #Zionism #feminism #communism

Joseph Goebbels

"When looking among our enemies, Wherever one looks one sees Jew after Jew.
The international Jew is the mortar that holds the enemy coalition together, With his world-spanning connections he builds the bridges between Moscow, London and Washington.
We are facing the most dangerous enemy in the world. The war is his doing, he directs it from the shadows.
But he is not unbeatable!"

Remember, the Jew only has power as long as people don't realise its them pulling the strings.
Exposing and waking people up to the Jew is like shedding sunlight on a vampire and is one of our most important tasks to defeating them.

As Goebbels said, "The Jew is immunised against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: "I've been found out."

Channeling the energy of the coming race

George Lincoln Rockwell at UCLA 16th May 1967

Thomas Sewell is an Aryan Aussie providing leadership to National Socialists in Australia.

Victor Ostrovsky, author of 'By Way of Deception' and 'The Other Side of Deception', outlines how Mossad utilize international organized Jewish front groups to attack dissident media voices who don't tow the Mossad approved narrative.

This clip is taken from a YouTube exchange between Luke Ford and Christopher Cantwell. Cantwell concisely articulates why Nathan Cofnas' critique of Kevin MacDonald's Culture of Critique lacks any legitimate basis. Cofnas is ostensibly engaging in kosher certified pseudo academia.

Time for tactics that work!
If we learnt anything from watching years of ANTIFA and BLM terrorism.... Terrorism works!

"Violence for me not for thee" - Joe Biden (paraphrasing)

Oy gevalt!

Mark Collett of Patriotic Alternative outlines the reality of the kosher certified anti-White agenda of modern Britain and the occident more broadly.

Funny skit from Spitting Image.
FYI Israel is an anti-gentile exterminationist base for Jewish organised crime.

Amen father!

Remember when #Antifa #BLM and various #Biden supporting kosher certified #terrorists rioted, looted, assaulted, raped, murdered and committed arson against White law-abiding American citizens and called it “justice”?

#TuckerCarlson remembers...

#StopTheSteal #USelection #Violence

#JoeBiden and #KamalaHarris (aka Kabbalah Harris) are the #Zionist exterminationists overseeing the death of #America!

The ONLY solution to Talmud Pollution is #WhiteRevolution!

Mirrored from YT channel 'The Bigger Picture'

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Clip from the 1985 film 'Brazil'.
Whilst two Jewish looking yentas salivate over (((bureaucracy))) at a restaurant, a (((terrorist))) bombing is carried out in the background.
The restaurant musicians dust themselves off and start playing the Jewish song 'Hava Nagila' (composed in 1918 to celebrate the Balfour Declaration).

'Bad Guy' parody song by Christopher Cantwell.

Chris has been shut-down and locked-up by the verminous Jew faggot fed negritude system:


Christopher Cantwell gives a speech at the "Freedom of Speech Rally" at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC on June 25th, 2017

A classic Cantwell moment that both educates and entertains.

Chris has been shut-down and locked-up by the verminous Jew faggot fed negritude system:



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