Well ... I heard the song and decided to make something out of it ! And I suppose this would be nice considering the current commie in charge of Mexico at the moment. Footage was hard to find but oh well ENJOY!

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This is not meth just a strike in the waiting !

Ah yes ... gotta love the rain

Just an Ifunny Pinochet post!

Another one my vids that got hit hard by the banning. I always find these semi based songs. In the case of the Wehrmacht and their ancestors the Crusaders and Vikings. I know these brave soldiers are more than worthy of Valhalla that awaited them.

Yes a Putin shill post!

This is just a tune I was a real fan off I might as well re-upload it for others to enjoy ! RIP FBIV

Well, I decided to make some Mussolini metal vids...Along with that, I have been banned from posting on Youtube for an unkosher meme...With that said enjoy!

Another Pinochet shitpost

An old shitpost I saved many years ago

An old music vid that used to be on my old channel. This is a folk song pre-Spanish Civil War that was co-opted by the nationalist and republicans during that war. I decided to do a tribute to the brave Nationalist of that war of Good and Evil. Viva ESPANA!

Well, I have returned from the gulag!! I have made a few backups on less Marxist sites and let's hope this good thing lasts!

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Another video from my banned channel at ole gulag-Tube. Sigh. This one is based on an old Italian song about the Africa Campaign footage is from the 1969 film El Alamein.

Well I got shoad'd off of youtube.... might as well reupload here VIVA ESPANA

Dethklok meets the SS ...Well, another banned video I made enjoy ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lGtVzeZJLk&t=26s

Well, this was banned from youtube due to copyright on any Rammstein video, but you can never shut us down! Youtube friendly version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLhoXQlIXK8

A once shoahed Pinochet video to hot for Youtube.


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Well the name is a interesting oxymoron. Ironically I am more of a ethnic Spaniard. To sum it up Nationalist till death!.