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Final half hour. Biolabs must be taken out. Covid19 built on a Moderna patent? Does the world owe Russia a debt of gratitude? Is Taiwan in the Biolab business? Not good. NZ high court destroys Adern's criminal vaccine mandates/

Russia's measured Ukraine venture. Conspiracies on what going in Ukraine. Canada experiencing a silent banking crisis as Trudeau's money grab eviscerates confidence in Canada's financial institutions. Canada's WEF dominated government. Fauci, Moderna, fraud, and disinformation.

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Russia invades Ukraine. Neo-Liberalism and the LGBTQ agenda at the core of Ukraine society and stated enemy of Mother Russia. Waxxine damages explode in January. Trudeau and Canada expose the dangers of "the Great Reset" and a total reliance on "digital currency" and "political-social credit" schemes.

Canada's government goes full World Economic Forum reset Bolshevism. Time to gather intel. Who are these "police forces" oppressing civilians the world over? Boa constrictor tyranny. Slowly squeezing life out of the populace. Communitarianism. The hidden cult that plays its roll in the Jewish Bolshevik One World Order. Perspectives from Southern California. DNA: keep it confidential at all expenses?

Durham investigation: Trump was spied on, to include White House communications. Trudeau, martial law and the Great Reset. Trudeau orders dissident bank accounts frozen. MindWar and "truth projection". Listener calls. LRADS in Australia. WEF occupation of the Canadian government.

Superbowl LVI: the NFL shuts its doors to healthy Americans, a "mutant only" entertainment event. Time to take stock of the damage and hold public and private health officials to account for the carnage. Time to end pharmaceutical immunity while playing Covid. End the non-sense. Enough is enough. The Freedom Convoy should not back down. Police forces around the world present themselves as thugs and criminals. Strategies to continue the trucker's siege. Watch out for mercenaries in the (((globalist's))) security forces. Canadian military officer opens up against Covid tyranny and madness.

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Saudi Airlines states nobody may leave the country via plane without submitting to human mRNA experimentation. Governments playing "the Covid Game". Rising up against Covid government overreach, The 2022 Winter Olympics, an unmitigated disaster. Anti-waxx protests lack broader issues focus. "Don't question the science" cult and "Don't question the Holocaust" cult are the same ideological fronts. Fraud vitiates all contracts. Governments today are fully captured by Globalist/Pharma interests.

Demoralizing the Covid mask capos. GoFundMe takes on the people, retracts attempt to steal Patriot funds for the Freedom Convoy. Strategies on handling local actions. Kinetic or politics. Taking back institutional power. Lawyering-up: Gov Pritzker and Indiana Dept of Health sued, restraining order enacted. Northern Ireland jabs in schools defeated.

Legacy media continues to implode as CNN's Jeff (((Zucker))) abruptly resigns. Canada's PM Trudeau exemplifies the cowardice of global elites. Patriot intel and anti-corruption forces should hone in on the corruption of health ministries and departments the world over as the Covid scam continues to be exposed and the narrative of a scary novel something or other collapses. Freedom Convoy: fighting for a cause beyond self. Institutional power has been harnessed to kill everyone. There can be no going back to the status quo normal/

Philippines anti-blood donation protest. Canada's truckers bring hope to a weary nation. Power, morale, and action. Ukraine. UAE. Eliminating Big Pharma's front line death merchants. The end of America's trust in medical institutions?

Canadians unite behind the Freedom Convoy as Canadian truckers set a world record for the longest convoy. American truckers heading north in support. Esoteric English. Understanding "roots", ToRah, TRanNY. TyRaNNY - TeRRoRists - they are all interconnected from the same spiritual channel. Pfizer and Israel defacto war on the United States as deaths and life altering adverse effects ravage the US military.

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Canadian truckers say "enough is enough", full on truckers strike to take effect in 2022. Ireland joins the UK in ending "Lockstep" Covid policies. Beware of a pivot. Patriots need to eradicate local Globalist networks. Big Pharma is a biological weapons manufacturing industry. Major protests going mainstream across Europe.

Hospitals and medical mafia incentivized to murder on behalf of the Covid conspiracy. The UK scraps all Covid restrictions and policies. Time for patriots to go push forward the counter-offensive. Jews are primary agents stifling speech and advocating for censorship. The Covid mRNA agenda, a plan to end humanity and usher in Human 2.0?

Dan Bongino equates The Fetch to Geraldo Rivero. Truth is, Inside the Eye - Live!'s message is clearly making its way to elite circles. We go on to discuss Bongino's idea of "Supra Rights" the ability to use "hate speech", unilateral censorship of messages they want suppressed, and unquestioned dual loyalty.

As the anniversary of Trump's ordering of a drone strike against Iranian General Soleimani because "he had blood on his hands" and was "planning to kill Americans", what then of the conspirators in the ongoing attack on the US through waxxine terror and biological warfare?

Dan Bongino disses "The Fetch". Now that was out of the blue but let's you know those in the know listen to Inside the Eye - Live! Pfizer CEO Bourla admits his products are useless. Government malfeasance enriching Jewish pharma and a hostile medical industry/establishments. Nutcases attacking "anti-vaxxers" sound like Holocaust(TM) believers and anti-Semite hunters. An American rabbi calls for the extermination of Heritage Americans

Covid madness, Bourla admits his product SUCKS. Oy vey! The world has been defrauded. People are dying for Jewish pharma companies. Israel First talking heads - Conservative heads incapable of voicing the deep dive problem facing the world. Dan Bongino disses The Fetch? How the hell did that happen?

David Gahary, author of Erasing the Liberty, the Battle to Keep Alive the Israel's Massacre on the USS Liberty, discusses the act of war by Israel in attacking and subsequent massacre of seamen and intelligence personnel aboard the USS Liberty during the 6 Day War in 1967. David Gahary is perhaps the most knowledgeable independent journalist currently speaking out and about the attack on the USS Liberty.

Jack Sen discussed the utter implosion of UK nationalist politics that is now controlled by Jews and Israel. Israel's strangulation of Gaza, Israeli war crimes, the ongoing attempt by Jews to create a "clash of civilization" between the West and the Arab world, all while creating media conditions that completely ignores Jewish complicity in destroying the West.

Greg joined Inside the Eye - Live! Prime Time! on June 28 to discuss his book but used his time to lecture about the virtue of Jews and the xenophobia of Europeans who wish to protect their borders and homelands. Entertaining interplay between politically correct nonsense of cuckworld and the realism of the Rational Right.

Paul English visits Inside the Eye - Live! The World Cup as a national expression, suppressed political speech, Jewish domination of Britain's politics, and Britain's collapsing culture under a tsunami of multiculturalism.

A discussion on the extensive efforts by UK's Jewish dominated elite to stifle all manner of dissenting political expression in the United Kingdom.

Stan Hess, co-host of the radio show (Re)Moving the Goalposts on The Right Stuff (TRS), came on to discuss the state of and strategies for advocating for European American civil rights. Topics included rebuilding the social compact between men and women, utilizing existing media points and strategies to craft messages, increasing social interaction between similar and separate ethnic groups, and much, much more.

Renowned human rights activist Ken O' Keefe discusses his transition from surfing, to patriot marine, to globally recognized Palestinian human rights activist. A down to earth interview that broaches future strategies to break the stranglehold Israel has over the economic viability of the Palestinian people.

From a recent recording on "The Brian Ruhe Show", a popular political themed Youtube channel, this segment speaks about the constant destruction of social media and business efforts of those outside the current accepted Bolshevik and Jewish narratives.


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