From Episode 30 - We talk about the glory days of network TV where things were much different than they are now. Smoking and drinking were allowed on live tv as well as politically incorrect humor.

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From Episode 9 -Mike and Brian talk about the devastating reality to Radio Flyer as well as some other random movie facts. Including how Mel Gibson is the best at looking absolutely crushed.

From Episode 10 -Frank, Mike and Brian talk about 9-11 conspiracies and how convoluted they can get.

Check us out here.

From Episode 11-When cousin Morgan and Jeff from Hillbilly Havoc were in town a drunken chat about Harry Potter ensued.

Check us out here.

From Episode 31 - Brian and Mike talk about a really long term payment plan to finance a RODECaster Pro which they want really badly.

Checks us out here..

From Episode 32 - Taylor Swifts fans don't know who this new band tool is!

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From Episode 32 - We are NOT game reviewers but The Coalition knocked it out of the park with this gem. Best Xbox exclusive the this generation giving Xbox some much needed steam going into the new generation.

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From Episodes 30 and 31- In one week Mike went from roasting Tucker Gott to being his number 1 fan! We dig him here at radiounderground..But he really shouldn't duct tape his hoses and shit when flying at 11,000 ft. We want him around to make more videos with killer views from high altitudes.

Check us out here..

From Episode 31-Polyamory usually means one partner thinks they're better than their partner and the other feels they can't do any better. Bad mix...We also discuss Joel Schumacher's claims of 20,000 sex partners putting his lie on par with the great Wilt Chamberlain.

Check us out here..

From Episode 30 - We briefly discuss the many fibs about Frank Dux and his supposed wins in the Kumite. We also talk about martial arts mythos around Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris. Prepare to be offended.. Here's ThePinkMan's video on Dux that breaks down the mathematical impossibility of it all.

From Episode 30 - Governor Abbott in Texas has made unwanted graphic pictures(dick pics)Illegal. Mike is cool with it as long as it covers gotcha porn.

From Episode 29 - Shouting matches, fist fights and even lawsuits happened when Brian and Mike played some local beer league sports. Some people take things way too seriously.
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From Episode 29 - In this clip we talk about people that take gaming a bit too seriously...

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From Episode 4 -The fellas argue the pros and cons of digital downloads while not respecting each others options whatsoever.

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From the Morgaroth vs Cojack Episode. Mike scolds Frank, Morgan and anyone within the tri-county area for not redeeming their video game codes so the two rivals can settle their dispute on who's better at Gears 1. This matters a lot to Mike for some reason. Check us out here.

A quick take on the scariest white dude on the internet. Wes Watson will make you afraid to steal a pack of gum, his detailed horror stories from his stay in prison scared the shit of Brian and Mike. Don't mess with big Wes..Check us out here..

From Episode 6 - We discuss how awful Peter Dinklage was as Ghost in Destiny as well as some other terrible voice acting jobs in video games. Check us out here.

Ya may as well be calling the cops on yourself. Murder for hire seems like the worst idea ever.

Humans aren't wolves and the advice on the subject is some of the stupidest shit imaginable. I don't care how much you can bench press the guy that owns your company is your alpha male. Check us out here..

From Episode 15 -The fellas talk about their asses and Mike goes on about how even at 275lbs he doesn't feel that fat in America cuz everyone is so obese.

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Kurt Thomas was a great gymnast but he was terrible actor and this movies was pretty awful. God was it was awful.

Brian and Mike talk about people considering marching to their deaths on the behalf of lie. Bob Lazar best case scenario is telling half truths or exaggerating. Check out these videos on Bob Lazar before getting shot in a desert by MPs.

Check out here.

From Episode 10 - The guys talk about how poor the production quality was on 90's conspiracy theory VHS tapes as well as the conferences these types still have to this day.

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From Episode 11 - The boys delve into the paranormal, tell campfire style stories as well as taking witchcraft books to English class in Middle School.

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Mike admits to his crush on Tulsi Gabbard and comments on her workout video.

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