From Episode 45 - Jeff feeds his harem the American way and Morgan has something to say about it.

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From Episode 44 - Brian sunk $1400 into a car only to have it taken right from him by a drunk driver...who received no punishment.

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From Episode 43 - We love these trash shows and so does everyone else.

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The fellas talk about the difference between 80's and 90's movies, specifically conflict resolving.


Mike fat shames his cat, Brian traumatized his son with a fart and Allen was tortured at thanksgiving with a rat.

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From Episode 40 - Frank and Morgan hate each other and alway argue who's better at video games. And he's an example.


From Episode 40 - Phil describes being stuck on a plane with Train singer Pat Monahan as he sang for the passengers.


From Episode 39- The fellas discuss the double standard of women being publicly sexual or even molesting students and getting clean away with it.


From Episode 13 - Title says it all.


We talk about everything from a Poderosa in Portsmouth to the late great Harambe.

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From Episode 38 - Charlie Brown never wanted to lead but he was forced into by people that shit on every decision he makes. Poor Chuck just can't win.


Much has been said about the NBA trip to China and many comments made but Mike's drunken rant is a new angle entirely as he focuses entirely on Steve Kerr.

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From Episode 15 - Youtube content creator Stones Malone joined us and did a good job mocking some Skyrim voice acting.

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From Episode 36 - In this video the guys discuss both sides of the Michael Jackson molestation debate.

Full Episodes here on Spreaker(or any podcast format) if you like what you're hearing..

From episode 9 - I wish I liked anything as much as Manowar fans like Manowar.

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From Episode 36 - Cocaine fueled beatings of Raul Julia white filming the movie and lack of BJJ in the game still didn't hold it's popularity back. Street fighter II was iconic and a classic.


From Episode 35 - The guys give their advice to young men about buying girls drinks and the racket that strips clubs really are.
#pua #game #strippers

full episode is here on YouTube or check out this link if you're in your car or something..

From Episode 35 - The fellas talk about some of the deep physiological reasons one might be driven to ASMR and also how it's more tasteful alternative to porn.

Darya Lozhkina Interrogation video

Gentle Whispering ASMR cooks for you


If your in your car and wanna just listen to us go here..
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From Episode 19 - Starter Raiders jackets reigned supreme in suburbia and triple fat goose jackets were a close second but in reality 90s fashion was terrible.. the guys talk about how it was back then.

If you're in your car or on the go check out or show here..

From Episode 33 - We look back on clearly untrue 6th grade rumors about members of NKOTB for having each others "spur" in them.

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From Episode 34- We talk about the number 1 & 2 seeds in the nerd bracket of mankind. D&D at least has some mainstream run where Ham Radio never did so in our opinion the Ham Radio guys are the peak of nerdery. World of Warcraft gets discussed some as the guys lost some friends to the game.

Check us out here.

#hamradio #d&d #wow

From Episode 34 -I've watched a few other videos on snitching and imo I tend to agree that if you are a criminal you don't tell on your compatriots but normal citizens who want to live in a safe neighborhood should absolutely notify law enforcement if they have a dangerous person living near them.

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From Episode 5 - The fellas ponder the fact that many women are obsessed with serial killers to the point of lusting and in some cases marrying them. And why are those true crime podcasts so damn popular!

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From Episode 30 - We talk about the glory days of network TV where things were much different than they are now. Smoking and drinking were allowed on live tv as well as politically incorrect humor.

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From Episode 9 -Mike and Brian talk about the devastating reality to Radio Flyer as well as some other random movie facts. Including how Mel Gibson is the best at looking absolutely crushed.


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