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Raggedy Edge Review of the Early Rider Big Foot 12

Early Rider Big Foot 12

0:00 Unboxing
1:35 Handlebars
6:20 Front Wheel
8:30 Brake Setup
11:21 Saddle Setup
12:51 Steering Stop
13:31 Recap
14:46 Review Video

MTB Driveway Drills: dismount, butt buzz, and newbie manual

A sample of the trails at Quanah Hill in Weatherford, TX

Bryan competes in his first motorcycle observed trials competition at the Wyoming Motorcycle Trials Association Mosteller event near Casper, WY.

Jasper's first deep woods camping trip. Black Hills National Forest near Cook Lake. Near Sundance, WY. Jasper finds a stump in the middle of a creek and it becomes his daily meditation stump.

The Zoic Ether Mountain Bike Shorts...great pedestrian shorts, mountain biking...not so much.

Great Customer service from Zoic.

Your ability to keep your shorts up might prove better.

If your RV does not have a gravity feed inlet for filling your water tanks, you can create a portable water pump to handle the duties. If you do much boondocking, it will soon pay for itself in time and fuel to move your RV to a water source.

Hat tip to Blake and GMBN. Watched their instructional video on this and then found myself miles from camp with a flat and a broken pump.

My review of the Bell 4 Forty MTB helmet.

Keeping cool...white

Why I do not like full coverage helmets

Shifting the front pad did get the sweat channeling system to work as advertised.

Order from Amazon

Jofa Mouthguard was my preferred face protection.

A way faster dude and better photo of Jofa

Back in the day before full coverage helmets were the norm in motocross, many of us preferred an open face helmet with the Jofa mouthguard. Better ventilation and when you got into the lead (a rarity for me) you could unsnap one side and get direct access to big gulps of air. I tried full coverage helmets off and on over the years, but not only did I find them stifling, I thought the protruding faceguard provided too much leverage and would increase the risk of a neck/spinal/concussion injury.

Sticking with my open face helmets, I did get a bloody nose once and a busted lip, but I always preferred that kind of risk to the far greater, in my opinion, potential consequences of spinal or TBI due to the leverage provided by the protruding face guard.

I know Danny Chandler was wearing a full coverage helmet when he was paralyzed. I think David Bailey was in full coverage when he was paralyzed. Ricky James was wearing full coverage. Ernesto Fonsenca wore full coverage, too.

I am unable to find any actual statistical evidence or studies that prove one way or the other. Motocrossers, off-road racers, and down hill mountain bikers could benefit from some research.


Cartman, the best traveling and adventure cat.

Review of the Tomac Cortez Mountain Bike with a 1 x 11 drive train upgrade.


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