Important to see past events to understand recent events

This whole NWO is funded by the bankers, it is as simple as that. Nothing exists without the funding of the banking system. Don't believe me?
This is the reason why free speech is being attacked, Conservatives have a long history of putting the financial system in check and this whole NWO thing is trying to circumvent local municipal governments by creating regional chapters funded by NGO's and government funding through the optics of the UN Green agendas. Agenda 2030 Agenda 2050 Look it up

Who funds them? That is only two
Who is funding the Migration pact?
Who is funding the United Nations?
Who is funding the IMF International Monetary Fund? (same consort of bankers that take part in predatory lending to countries)

There is a great deal that they are keeping away from you and your family and this is all the surface stuff. It gets a great deal more deeper and seditious.

Don't believe me?
Take a walk to your local park and watch to see if you have any local billboards of up and coming construction. Take a picture of the information on there, take note of the organization and google the name for a website and have a read. Look for words like Sustainability, Green, Environmental.

In a nutshell while your attention is on the protests the banker funded NGO United Nations is circumventing your local governments and usurping your federal institutions and using the Media to scrub unwanted stories to confuse you and brainwashing your kids in academia. remember NOTHING is funded if the bankers are not allowing it to be funded.

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This info is given to you as the truth for free at a loss of time and money.

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Remember this?

In order to see the future one needs to look to the past and only then one will see the forest through the trees.

Microwave 5G Network Population control WiFi- Cell Phone Tower Warning Smart Meters

Really? Check this out

This is a re-upload of the Video called Socialism fails every time.




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