01. Still Just A Nigger
02. Aryan Rage
03. Joe 6-Pack
04. Nigger Loving Whore
05. Asian Invasion
06. Long Way Home
07. Race Mixing Is Treason
08. Mud Man
09. Bring It Down
10. Fro-Bro (Natures Woe)
11. Lock The Closet Door
12. Matter Of Race
13. N.A.A.C.P.
14. Lets Start A Racial War
15. Islam (Religion of Whores)
16. Faggots (Give Rainbows A Bad Name)

TED Talks

They get close.

Review of Removing Homosexuality and Masturbation from the List of Sexual Dysfunctions in the DSM - https://ulozto.net/file/i7ySnWXRUZLn/review-of-removing-and-from-the-list-of-dysfunctions-in-dsm-pdf

Angry Aryans, Searching For Rainbows
Angry Aryans, Bashing Queers
Chaos 88, Homosexual

Ebonics Language Lesson


A dude jumps into the raging surf to save a hot girl that fell in and refuses to let go of her even to save his own life. He almost succeeded, almost.

Ibex Fight

Vocals: Mary McLaughlin
Guitar, Producer: William Coulter
Author: Thomas Costello
Woodwinds: Todd Denman
Harp: Shelley Phillips
Fiddle: Deby Benton Grosjean
Keyboards: Paul Machlis
Drums: Heidrun Hoffmann
Cello: Barry Phillips
Guitar: Martin Simpson
Bodhran: Theo Paige
Legend of Úna Bhán

MacDermott was the Chieftain of Moylurg, a Celtic Kingdom in North Roscommon. He had a beautiful daughter, Úna Bhán, - so named because of her long blonde hair. His neighbour was Tomás Láidir Costello, a good and sincere man, handsome and strong.
Úna Bhán and Tomás Láidir fell in love and wished to marry but MacDermot would not allow the marriage because he believed Tomás Láidir was not good enough for his daughter. Tomás Láidir was banished from the area and MacDermot had Úna Bhán confined on Castle Island, Lough Key, then called "The Rock", which was located in the centre of MacDermot territory.
Úna Bhán went into a deep melancholy and was dying of grief. Tomás Láidir, hearing of the situation went to see her and when he left, vowed that if MacDermot did not send a message for him to return before he reached the river, he would never go back. The messenger was sent, but did not reach Tomás Láidir until after he had crossed the river. Being a man of honour Tomás Láidir was unable to break his vow and did not return.
Úna Bhán died of a broken heart and was buried on Trinity Island, an island on Lough key. In his grief Tomás Láidir used to swim to the island every night to keep vigil at her grave. Eventually he got pneumonia and realising that he was dying requested that MacDermot allow him to be buried beside Úna Bhán. His request was granted and thus the two lovers were belatedly united.
Two trees grew up over their graves, entwining together to form a Lovers Knot, standing guard over the site.

Natural Born Killers - C18

Live In Sweden

Romper Stomper

Dick Gaughan


Feuer Krieg Division

1982 Exploratorium at the Palace of Fine Arts S.F., CA

Documentary (WWII)

01. Intro
02. Heiliger Auftrag
03. Mein Traum
04. Rock Against Crybabies
05. Europe Awake!
06. Keine Knechte
07. I Hate People
08. Im Ernstfall
09. Es ist an uns
10. Wolleen wir nur zusehen-
11. Gib nicht auf!
12. There's A Flame
13. Das Licht geht aus

01. Intro
02. Es brennt ein Feuer
03. Setzt euch zur Wehr
04. Wir stehen an der Front
05. Ja wer wir sind
06. Der Kampf hat begonnen
07. Niemals geben wir auf
08. Demos verboten
09. An der Jacke
10. Deutscher Osten
11. Liebesparade

1 Intro 0:44
2 Back In Black! 2:16
3 Voran! 3:10
4 Skinhead Army 2:10
5 Tsunami 3:15
6 White X-Mas 2:58
7 Hoch In Ehren 4:46
8 Vorwort Zu "Sein Ganzes Leben" 0:09
9 Sein Ganzes Leben 4:09
10 Heiliger Krieg 3:06
11 Völkischer Sozialist! 4:15
12 Steiniger Weg 3:06
13 Bite It, You Scum! Written-By – GG Allin & The Scumfucs 3:07
14 Kingdom Of Hate 3:19
15 Ein Tag Im Februar (Ostpreussen) 4:26
16 Revolution 3:53
17 Aryan Angel 5:17
18 Soldiers Of Light 4:02
19 White Rebel Boys 3:26
20 Es Ist...! 3:07
21 Ein Letzter Gruss (Für Isa!) 3:52
22 Outro 1:53
23 Hoch In Ehren (Bonus)
24 Voran! (Bonus)

Baboons (satire, kind of)

Network News Brought To You By Pfizer

01. Nation of Suspects - S.Y.C.
02. Last Laugh - No Truce Be Drawn
03. Last Laugh - A Night Out
04. Nobody's Fools - Bomb the Taliban
05. Nobody's Fools - Hooligans In the Night
06. Second To None - Brigate Morte
07. Second To None - Lost Cause
08. Lonesoldier - Wonderful World
09. The Offensive - Reaction Rock
10. The Offensive - American Defense
11. Straight Laced - Pride and Freedom
12. Straight Laced - Violence On the Street
13. Working Class Soldiers - Gay Bash
14. Working Class Soldiers - Patriot
15. The Pillage - Workin' Man's Despair
16. The Pillage - Theme


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