So i finally played Squad!ūüėā tell me what yall think in the description below

Please help get me to 1k subs ill really appreciate it , it'll make my year .

let me know what yall think, down in the comment section below

killed a spider , killed a team and won the game !!!!

the mic recording in this video was a headset mic thus it sounds really clunky and low do yall want me to use my professional microphone ?hope yall like this , let me know if yall want a commentary gameplay video !!

i welcome you on my journey to mastering the game of hunt showdown !!

In this video i explain why i took a break . hope yall enjoy the cinematic paladins game play :} see yall in the next video

MUSIC1 Royalty free music :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq2gzWSA3nu6_Zb1YczqKVg/videos
MUSIC2 Itsagundam :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbQ4fbi0fy3d6Hb7q2FIATw

sledge's on a raid !!

Raw gameplay footage hope yall like it !!!!! ill be posting paladins clips next week , stay tuned boys

A much more serious gaming video with no commentry nor memes just raw gameplay , hope yall enjoy, remember Like my videos please get me to 1k subs before december !!!!

So this was a very weird gameplay but hope yall do enjoy it and let me know if yall wana see memes edit or raw gameplay with little edit :}

Ricardo milos wants to know your location .Hope yall enjoy this week's video lmao

lol thrash talking at its finest !!!!


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