In this episode we stack up with as many resources as possible to go take on Willy Castle, where we take on the hardest part of the castle in the form of platforming. Finally at the end the return of a Strong Rival.


In this episode we go to the shop in order to gather the upgrades we did not get due to not having much use, then we we go to Fuse Man Stage in order to take on Fuse Man himself, and later we are greeted by a Cut scene after finishing off Fuse Man as the last standing Robot Master in the game.



In this episode we take on Bounce Man and his kid Amusement Park. (Which Seems to be a kind of Merger Between Spring Man and Clown Man.)

In this episode we take on Impact Man and his Guts Man like Stage, but a lot more creative. Before that we go to the shop to get an important upgrade.



In This Episode of the LetsPlay After being away due to HDD Trouble, We First Go to the Shop to get some upgrades, and then Take on Acid Man and His Acidifying Chemical Swamp Stage.



After Being Away for a While due to Technical Computer Issues, We Finally Take on Block Man and His Block Filled Stage, With an Informing Cut Scene at the end.



In This Episode We also Go to the Shop to get an upgrade that restores the functionality of the W Tanks before MM9 and after that we go take on Blast Man and his Explosive Carnival Stage.



In This Episode of the MegaMan 11 LetsPlay We First Go to the Shop to gather some Upgrades and then go on to take on Torch Man in His Level.



I am Back to Take on The Next Game, after a long hiatus. This Mainly Consisting of the Intro Movie and Tundra Man Stage. Videos Will Be Uploaded on Saturdays for this LetsPlay.


Intended to Upload This Earlier but a Component Got Delayed. Basically The Start Up of the New PC Built by Me, and Later the End Result. There Being a Second Part on the Way, When I decide to upgrade Later.

MotherBoard: MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC
Ram: Patriot Viper RGB PC4-25600 16 GB (2 x 8 GB Kit)
CPU: Ryzen 5 2400g with Fan
PSU: 550 B3 550w 80 Plus Bronze Power Supply
SSD: Crucial MX500 500GB
Parts Scavenged From Thrown Away PCs:
Random 1TB Hard Drive
Blue-Ray Player
Silver Case
3 Cooling Fans
Power On and Off Switch

Gathering some resources and Keep on Building of Stuff

Some Material Exploration and Finally Taking On a Wave Boss Rush. Later on Some Exploration to Hell.


Some Dungeon Exploration and Boss taking


First Taking on The Metal Riddle Level with 2 Elevators and a Unique Variant of Yellow Devil, and Going up a Ladder to Go to Boss Rush. After Finishing Boss Rush Taking On the Final Boss, with a Final Face off on a Base in Space. With an Unexpected Kindness in the End.

More Resource Gathering and Building of Functional Base

Taking on Several Blast From the Past Rivals, and Then Taking on the Mechanical Crab.

Some More Boss Taking and Gathering of Resources

Taking On BladeMan and His Deadly Spike Filled Level, Then StrikeMan and His Sports Theme Level.


First Taking on NitroMan and Later CommandoMan in the LetsPlay

Some Exploration and Gathering of Resources and gear upgrade

Some Exploration and Resource Gathering

First taking on SolarMan and his flaming puzzle level, later taking on Chill Man and his IceMan like level In the LetsPlay.

A Start of a New LetsPlay, where we see the Opening Animation. Then go after SheepMan first and PumpMan second, while taking on their challenging Level and mostly relying on the megaBuster alone.

Some Exploration and Gathering of Resources to Build Structures


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