Taking on the First Two Bosses in the LetsPlay in Mr X Palace

Recovering the Beat Parts and Energy Balancer in the LetsPlay

Taking on The Final Two Standing BlizzardMan and PlantMan in the LetsPlay

Taking on WindMan and FlameMan Next in the LetsPlay

Taking on KnightMan and CentaurMan Next in the LetsPlay

A Start of a New LetsPlay with Taking on TomahawkMan and Yamato Man First

The Finishing episode of the LetsPlay where we take on Boss Rush, Wily Press, and the Final Boss

Taking on the Two First Bosses in Wily stages in the LetsPlay

Taking on the Final Two DarkMan in this episode with the most powerful one in the end in this LetsPlay

Taking on 2 DarkMan levels, which I have never taken on before until recently.

Gathering the Missing letter missed in the LetsPlay, to later move on to the next phase of the LetsPlay

Taking on NapalmMan and StoneMan next in the LetsPlay

Taking on Giro Man and Crystal Man

Taking on Star Man and Gravity Man

Coin gathering to get Special Item

Taking on Charge Man and Wave Man first in the LetsPlay

Taking on the Bosses

Taking on Boss Rush

Taking on Black Knight for the third and Final Time in the LetsPlay

Multistreaming with https://restream.io/

Minecraft Invasion Modpack

Taking on Propeller Knight, Posted Early in Memorial day

Just another Adventure for more coins

Taking On Tinker Knight Again due to lost of Data with many death attempts in order to complete the level. Re uploaded due to graphics issues

Taking on Black Knight for a second time with some extra stuff

Taking on Polar Knight


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