In this episode we upgrade our armor even further, collect the dyes and start to plan out the base, and construct the base.

In this episode we finally deal with the laser shooting sea guardians in the sea temple and then manufacture a mob farm for mainly pink slime production, and later we upgrade our tools/weapons with the pink slime molten ingots.

In this episode we update the power production even further and start to plan out the base even further.

In this episode we finally automate Mining with a Quarry and then start on ore processing right after.


In this Episode we finally Construct our stable energy system after gathering some resources.


In this episode we just upgrade a few items and lay down the railway in the nether.


In this episode we do some stuff and then start to construct a nether highway all the way back to our starter base.


In this episode we finally start to collect lava while strip mining as well as upgrade the smelter even more.


In this episode we upgrade our tools even further with cobalt and ardite as well as expand our platform and Start ProjectRed Machinery.


In this episode we finally build our main Smelter and set up another outpost in the Deep Dark for its resources.


In this Episode we get ready to go find a place to move our base, by traveling through the nether.


In This Episode we Finally go to the Deep Dark and explore the resources available in the Deep Dark.


In this episode we start to set up the base to a livable environment and start messing around with tinkers construct tools for everyday work.



Today, In this episode We Play on a Modded Minecraft Server and set up base.


In This Episode we Explore the Last Main Location of the world in the game, But the World is not what it seems.

In this episode we finally continue with the main story, where we retrieve something stolen by the main enemy of the game.


In this Episode we go on a Quest Completion run while Leveling up where we do the Quests: Random Intentions, Dragon?, Getting your girl back, Robo machine, This was the only choice, Bourbon, Underground, Mushrooms vs. Bamboo, Trade Pass, Shampuru!, [White, black and sometimes blue], ('.w.') Ran Ran.


In this episode we trigger the trap, sent to confinement, break out, find the antidote ingredients, make the cure, and cure the poison, while bonding with a new friend in the game.


In this episode we finally finish chapter 2 and move on to the next region and explore, and later get set up.


In this episode we finally find out what Avenir is up to, as well as battle through a dungeon full of enemies. In addition to finally befriending Noire in the game.


After being away for a while, I continue the Lets-Play where we start to work with noire and figure out avenir in the game. We also try out the ex moves for the first time in the game.


In this episode with start to tinker with Game Discs and their power ups, then we go for a few quests, later we start to buy and equip some items, and finally we take on a Boss in a third Attempt.


In this episode we continue the main story line of the series, but at the end get challenged by a boss, which we will later address in another episode when we grow stronger later on.




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