Taking on Willy Fortress Stage Three where we Take on Twin Devil, Boss Rush and The Final Boss Again

Dealing With a Goblin Army and Later on Gathering Resources from the Fallen Meteor in order to make new Items and Some Building and Exploration

Some Testing out of The Shadow Armor, Working on the Base and exploration for material

Taking on the First Two Stages of the Wily Fortress with their respective Bosses, where we have a call back to the Classical Game Style of Games 2 to 6 in The LetsPlay.

Taking On More Bosses and Upgrading The Armor as well as Home Expansion

BloodMoon, Some Building and Exploring, and taking On Bosses King Slime and Eye of Cthulhu.

Taking on TornadoMan and MagmaMan, and their challenging Levels as The Last Standing in The LetsPlay

Just Some Exploring and Keep on Digging to the Bottom of the Map.

Taking on JewelMan and PlugMan and their obstacle Filled Levels in The LetsPlay

Some Exploring where we get some upgrades to our mobility

First Taking on ConcreteMan and Then GalaxyMan Next in the LetsPlay While Showing how Useful Hornet Chaser is

Some Exploration of the Jungle and some resource gathering

First Up we Take on Hornet Man followed by SplashWoman in The LetsPlay

Just Some Building and Exploring with some major deaths.

Taking on Bass, Green Devil, Boss Rush, and The Final Boss in The Final Part of the LetsPlay

Taking on The Snowboard Gimmick again in the First Level of the Willy Fortress as well as take on Challenging Boss Quad Pods from above with the Mega Ball and a Rush Item and Healing Item. Then Use Rush Again to take on The Flying Ship in the LetsPlay

Expanding the Base and Start making a Mineshaft in the Livestream LetsPlay
(No Commentary due to mic issue)

Going Around the Levels Gathering The Bolts We missed while Taking on The Robot Master Levels in This LetsPlay

Taking on AstroMan and his Maze Like Level, and then AquaMan as the Last Standing in the LetsPlay

Taking on SwordMan and SearchMan Next in the LetsPlay

The Start of a LetsPlay Livestream of Terraria

Midway 4 Boss Stage, Where we take on the Mysterious Robot in the LetsPlay

Taking on FrostMan with his Unique Difficult level, and Then TenguMan Next in the LetsPlay

Taking on ClownMan and GrenadeMan first up in The LetsPlay

Taking on The Tutorial Boss First Thing after watching the Intro in The LetsPlay


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