Gathering some resources and Keep on Building of Stuff

Some Material Exploration and Finally Taking On a Wave Boss Rush. Later on Some Exploration to Hell.


Some Dungeon Exploration and Boss taking


First Taking on The Metal Riddle Level with 2 Elevators and a Unique Variant of Yellow Devil, and Going up a Ladder to Go to Boss Rush. After Finishing Boss Rush Taking On the Final Boss, with a Final Face off on a Base in Space. With an Unexpected Kindness in the End.

More Resource Gathering and Building of Functional Base

Taking on Several Blast From the Past Rivals, and Then Taking on the Mechanical Crab.

Some More Boss Taking and Gathering of Resources

Taking On BladeMan and His Deadly Spike Filled Level, Then StrikeMan and His Sports Theme Level.


First Taking on NitroMan and Later CommandoMan in the LetsPlay

Some Exploration and Gathering of Resources and gear upgrade

Some Exploration and Resource Gathering

First taking on SolarMan and his flaming puzzle level, later taking on Chill Man and his IceMan like level In the LetsPlay.

A Start of a New LetsPlay, where we see the Opening Animation. Then go after SheepMan first and PumpMan second, while taking on their challenging Level and mostly relying on the megaBuster alone.

Some Exploration and Gathering of Resources to Build Structures

Taking on Willy Fortress Stage Three where we Take on Twin Devil, Boss Rush and The Final Boss Again

Dealing With a Goblin Army and Later on Gathering Resources from the Fallen Meteor in order to make new Items and Some Building and Exploration

Some Testing out of The Shadow Armor, Working on the Base and exploration for material

Taking on the First Two Stages of the Wily Fortress with their respective Bosses, where we have a call back to the Classical Game Style of Games 2 to 6 in The LetsPlay.

Taking On More Bosses and Upgrading The Armor as well as Home Expansion

BloodMoon, Some Building and Exploring, and taking On Bosses King Slime and Eye of Cthulhu.

Taking on TornadoMan and MagmaMan, and their challenging Levels as The Last Standing in The LetsPlay

Just Some Exploring and Keep on Digging to the Bottom of the Map.

Taking on JewelMan and PlugMan and their obstacle Filled Levels in The LetsPlay

Some Exploring where we get some upgrades to our mobility


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