In this episode we start to set up the base to a livable environment and start messing around with tinkers construct tools for everyday work.



Today, In this episode We Play on a Modded Minecraft Server and set up base.


In This Episode we Explore the Last Main Location of the world in the game, But the World is not what it seems.

In this episode we finally continue with the main story, where we retrieve something stolen by the main enemy of the game.


In this Episode we go on a Quest Completion run while Leveling up where we do the Quests: Random Intentions, Dragon?, Getting your girl back, Robo machine, This was the only choice, Bourbon, Underground, Mushrooms vs. Bamboo, Trade Pass, Shampuru!, [White, black and sometimes blue], ('.w.') Ran Ran.


In this episode we trigger the trap, sent to confinement, break out, find the antidote ingredients, make the cure, and cure the poison, while bonding with a new friend in the game.


In this episode we finally finish chapter 2 and move on to the next region and explore, and later get set up.


In this episode we finally find out what Avenir is up to, as well as battle through a dungeon full of enemies. In addition to finally befriending Noire in the game.


After being away for a while, I continue the Lets-Play where we start to work with noire and figure out avenir in the game. We also try out the ex moves for the first time in the game.


In this episode with start to tinker with Game Discs and their power ups, then we go for a few quests, later we start to buy and equip some items, and finally we take on a Boss in a third Attempt.


In this episode we continue the main story line of the series, but at the end get challenged by a boss, which we will later address in another episode when we grow stronger later on.



In this episode we just grind which turned into a dungeon exploration, in the process leveling up due to being too under-powered to take on the main story line straight on.




In this episode we finally finish chapter 1, as well as finish some quest, buy some new items, equip said items, and unlock some additional Companions.



Welcome back. In this episode we finish the first Level, go and buy a few things in the shop, and go back into a dungeon in the first level, as well as get a companion at the end of the level.




In this episode we start the Lets Play for real, where we are introduced to the main character in the series.



In this episode we set things up for using a Controller in this game LetsPlay. First turn on controller and connect before launching game, then go to controller menu in Config and set it as controller name. Set audio to English.



In this episode we finally take on Boss Rush and The Final Boss for this LetsPlay.



After being away for a while dealing with Life, we continue with the Willy Gear Fortress and take on the next boss before Boss Rush and The Final Boss for this game.



In this episode we stack up with as many resources as possible to go take on Willy Castle, where we take on the hardest part of the castle in the form of platforming. Finally at the end the return of a Strong Rival.


In this episode we go to the shop in order to gather the upgrades we did not get due to not having much use, then we we go to Fuse Man Stage in order to take on Fuse Man himself, and later we are greeted by a Cut scene after finishing off Fuse Man as the last standing Robot Master in the game.



In this episode we take on Bounce Man and his kid Amusement Park. (Which Seems to be a kind of Merger Between Spring Man and Clown Man.)

In this episode we take on Impact Man and his Guts Man like Stage, but a lot more creative. Before that we go to the shop to get an important upgrade.



In This Episode of the LetsPlay After being away due to HDD Trouble, We First Go to the Shop to get some upgrades, and then Take on Acid Man and His Acidifying Chemical Swamp Stage.




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