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Kannada television actor Chandana has committed suicide by drinking poison after her boyfriend of five years allegedly refused to marry her. It has been reported that Chandana, 29, filmed herself while drinking poison and sent it to her boyfriend and his family as well as her family. It has also been reported that she lived in Krishnamurthy Layout, where the incident took place. According to reports, Chandana committed suicide on May 28, 2020, however, the news was only disclosed on Monday, June 1, 2020.

It has been reported that Kannada actress Chandana and her boyfriend Dinesh were in a relationship for five years. Both the families allegedly knew about Chandana and Dinesh’s relationship. He allegedly promised to marry her but asked her family to initiate the talks of marriage with his family. It has been alleged that when Chandana and her family went to Dinesh’s house to talk about their marriage, there were ill-treated and Chandana’s character was questioned by Dinesh’s parents.
According to a reputed news daily, the Kannada actress in the video stated that Dinesh had told her that it would be better if she died, and hence she committed suicide. She even blamed him for being the reason why she was ending her life. The news daily also stated that Dinesh had taken money from the Kannada actress Chandana and had been avoiding her for a few months.

It has been alleged that Dinesh had cheated on Chandana with many girls in the past. Chandana’s family was aware that Dinesh had cheated on her. However, Chandana still kept on asking him about marriage and their future, while Dinesh allegedly kept on dodging the question. Allegedly, Chandana took the drastic step after Dinesh’s family ill-treated her and her family and told them that they would get Dinesh married to someone else. In the video, Kannada actress Chandana reportedly stated that she has been ‘used’ in every way possible over the past 5 years.
Reportedly, Dinesh took Chandana to the hospital. However, she died before she could get any medical treatment. Reports also claim that after finding out that she had passed away, Dinesh ran away from the hospital. According to reports, an FIR has been filed against Dinesh and his family members in the Saddagunte Palya Police Station. Reports claim that Dinesh as well as Dinesh’s father, mother, and uncle are being booked for cheating the Kannada actress. However, it has been reported that Dinesh is missing.

BAYTOWN, Texas – An internal affairs investigation has been launched against two Baytown police officers seen on video arresting two men who were questioning why the officers were arresting a black man.

The incident happened at the Baytown Market store on Tuesday.

Officers pulled over 23-year-old Jostin Moore for a traffic violation. When officers handcuffed Moore, two people in front of the store began to make comments about what was happening.

In the video, an officer can be seen crossing the parking lot to the store’s front and throwing one of the men on the ground, then kicking him in the head.

A second officer confronts another man who was also in front of the store and eventually arrests him.

Skylar Gilmore, 24, and Isaiah Phillips, 23, were arrested for disorderly conduct-language, for their public use of profanities. A Baytown officer is also heard on video using profanities.

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Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, one of four officers fired after George Floyd’s death, has been arrested. The arrest comes days after protests have broken out across the nation in response to the death. Chauvin is the former officer seen in a bystander video kneeling on Floyd’s neck. He had worked with Minneapolis police for 19 years.



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