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I wish I could afford a home media system, I have to edit the music
through computer speakers.

Oh, send me off to war
With a gun in my hand
But I won't pull the trigger
Our destiny is here
'Neath the red, white and blue
So lead me to the slaughter

Now don't be afraid
Come and join the parade
For the ultimate in sacrifice
It's an old-fashioned story
Of hope and of glory
A ticket for taking a life

I, I don't want to be a hero
I don't want to die for you
I don't want to be a hero

Oh, send me off to war
In a far away land
I never knew existed
Subject me to the truth
To the horror and pain
Until my mind is twisted
And what if I fail
Will you put me in jail
For a murder I will not commit?
'Cause you don't understand
Till there's blood on your hands
That it's time to forget and forgive

I, I don't want to be a hero
I don't want to die for you
I don't want to be a hero

And those who return
Come back only to learn
That they're hated by those who they love
'Cause you're not satisfied
Till a thousand have died
And your anger is paid for in blood

I, I don't want to be a hero
I don't want to die for you
I don't want to be a hero

I, I don't want to be a hero
I don't want to die for you
I don't want to be a hero

0:00 Intro
0:32 Digital Audio Editor
1:05 Antivirus
1:30 Password Manager
2:13 System Cleaner
3:59 3D Graphics Software
4:29 Web Browser
5:39 System Information Software
6:27 Photo Post-Processing Program
6:50 Video Editor
7:13 DNS Benchmark
7:34 Search Utility
8:06 Web Browser
8:34 Turns Photos Into Art
9:24 Image Manipulation Program
10:11 System Cleaner
11:17 3D Interactive Globe
13:15 Screenshot Tool
14:36 Video Converter
16:09 Hardware Analysis, Monitoring
16:42 Image Viewer
17:21 Vector Graphics Editor
18:03 Video Editor
18:44 Media Player
19:46 Painting Program
20:36 Office Suite
21:08 Operating System Software
21:58 Digital Audio Workstation
22:35 Digital Security
23:02 Media Player
23:30 DJ Mixing Software
24:27 Image Viewer
25:26 Screen Recorder
26:06 Video Editor
26:50 Office Suite
27:36 Video Editor
28:57 Media Server
29:56 Media Player
30:48 Virtual Private Network
31:28 BitTorrent Client
32:25 Software Uninstaller
33:05 Create Boot Drive Utility
35:02 Desktop Publishing Software
35:24 File Archiver
36:12 Screen Capture Tool
37:07 Video Editor
37:43 Media Player
38:36 Planetarium Software
39:03 Text Editor
39:53 PDF Image Viewer
40:22 Email Client
41:22 Web Browser
42:11 Disk Encryption Software
42:36 Virtualization Software
43:07 Source-Code Editor
44:09 Web Browser
45:27 Media Player
45:53 Lesser-Known Browser
46:53 Photo Viewer

This music was Re-Produced.
Converted to 24 Bit
Re-sampled to 705,600 Hz
Saved as 320-44 (Highest of the Audio software)
Converted to MP4 (Video Software)
Re-sampled 448 Kbps (Highest of the Video software)
Bitchute upload compression
Reduced to 256 Kbps
(The point...You will Not "Hear" the true fidelity of the original music)

There is a much bigger picture happening, Simple logic would show,
the Jews are pushing for WWIII, starting with the lie of the Jew
holocaust, while the Jews committing an holocaust on non-Jews,
validating Jesus words, "The Jew are Satan's children", and showing
the world this truth.
The Jew is forcing a show-down by other nations of the world, by
their insane religious beliefs, that their messiah will come and save
them in the end, Armageddon.
When you actually believe a God would say, "Go, and murder all the
men, women and children and take their land for yourselves" as a
God of all creation, what a evil God that would be, because it is Satan,
the despiser of all humankind, same as the Jew does.

Of course the instrument panel is updated.
OH NO!! Is that the curvature of the earth on the horizon.
The flat earth boys will say it is the distortion of the windshield,
but after 10 years in army aviation, I will tell you it is the last
thing you would want while flying, is a distorted windshield.
Many times have flown the celling level of the CH47 Chinook Helicopter
of 10,000 feet, and as a eye witness, I can say, the earth is round,
I even put my arm out the window and touched a cloud.

LibreOffice Extensions, Documentation and Templates repository

Feature comparison libreoffice microsoft office

The more people show their hate for Females, the more I want to
upload more videos of Females.
The Jews hate heterosexual White males, and do what ever they can to
divide White Males from White Females, it is all about reducing the
White race, and I know that.
So thumb down and un-subscribe, it makes no difference to me, and that
is another thing they hate, people they can Not intimidate and control.
Over-all, I am Not actually big on "Girlie" videos, I just use them as
a tool against the abnormal people, with their attacks on Normal White Males.



Position away from possible contact with enemy.
Move the mouse wheel forward until you see just the barrel of gun.
You need to "Lead" the aircraft and not shoot directly at the aircraft.
Fire a few round ahead of the aircraft to get the "0" to be shown.
Follow the aircraft, adjust to it's movement, do not keep firing.
Always check the area for enemy tanks, the map does not show all
enemy tanks, and they can sneak up on you and kill you.
When an aircraft is coming at you, move quickly while firing, they
will shoot at you or drop bombs on you if you do not move.
Do Not fire at aircraft that are too far away, you will just waste ammo.
There will be times no matter how "On Target" you are on the aircraft
you will not hit them, even if it is close, the reason is, they are
Pay-To-Win, and have all the upgrades for the aircraft making it hard to kill.
Yes, there will be times where you never even hit the aircraft, and become frustrated,
and you know you are on target. (It is a Pay-To-Win Player you are shooting at)
and Not you that failed or the gun (Itself), keep that in mind.
The game is rigged towards who "PAY".


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