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The apple cider is finished and now its time to bottle it. I have age and spiced this rum for 11 months so it ready as well.

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Eli, you had me and did not realize it

Fallout after last night and the Receipts

Great way to enjoy a home brew of hard apple cider wassail

3 qt for Apple Juice
Mulling Spice pack
1 cup of sugar
yeast D47

Donuts and Coffee, Topic Coach Eli and my answer to his ultimatum

Protests Downtown and More Info on LG Rewriter for Compressors

Im going to give more info on the LG compressor software rewriter.


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If you are having issues with an LG compressor. you just install this may help.

rewriter - CJT30000002

Stop playing around pyramid schemes and start making money with your very own small business

Coffee and How kombuchahas changed my life

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Just chiling and drinking a coke while playing Fortnite

I talked for 4 hours last night so just Morning Coffee and Gaming

Play Fortnite the second time with XBOX controller on a PC

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This is my first time to play a video game in 6 years and first time in my life to play one on a computer

It was disappointing to see big brother 21 make all the white people feel racist b/c a white man won.

Just talking Upcoming Catfish Season, Removing the Garden and more

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Easy Char-Broil Grill rebuild

Step by step instructions on how to fix and rebuild this grill

Cold weather is coming and crazy customers on Friday

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Just talking and drinking coffee

10 Most Expensive Items sold on EBay and more

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We had a great day on Ouachita River, eating at Moon Lake marina

Morning Coffee and Big Brother talk, No Spoilers

Weekend updates with Big Brother talk and the upcoming veto. No Spoilers

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not much going on just a little coffee

Just talking and testing the live to Facebook , It Friday 13th and a Full moon

Ranchers Hammond

This is our male tiger albino retic python about 2 years old


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This channel is about my life of family, fishing, appliance repair and gardening. I hope you enjoy. I have a call in live stream show a few times a week.