Raleigh Jones

Easy Char-Broil Grill rebuild

Step by step instructions on how to fix and rebuild this grill

Cold weather is coming and crazy customers on Friday

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Just talking and drinking coffee

10 Most Expensive Items sold on EBay and more

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We had a great day on Ouachita River, eating at Moon Lake marina

Morning Coffee and Big Brother talk, No Spoilers

Weekend updates with Big Brother talk and the upcoming veto. No Spoilers

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not much going on just a little coffee

Just talking and testing the live to Facebook , It Friday 13th and a Full moon

Ranchers Hammond

This is our male tiger albino retic python about 2 years old

How to find and transplant wild Muscadine grape vine.

Updates on the blackberry, strawberry, red grape vines and muscadine grape vines planted last year as well.

What a failure that could have been great. Using Goblins and Earthquake spell on a th9 in Clash of Clans.


The mic on the mixer was turned off sorry

Comcast contractors in West Monroe, LA just destroying a small business parking lot of Lindsey’s Veterinarian and Southern Shivers. These contractor don’t respect property and do this on a Sunday when very little people can catch it happening.

Crazy Monroe, LA driver with road rage

Tyler eliminating people in fortnite and being eliminated. Fornite Battle Royale

How to scrap or reclaim parts to resale

This GE top load washer has a pressure switch issue. I show how to break down and remove all parts from the washer and test parts.

Model: Vlsr1090g3ww


Good Music and fun on slides and splash park on Carnival Dream

Toys”R”Us Closing Monroe, LA at PecanLand Plaze

I was able to get warehouse access to document the area customers could not go.

Just news and coffee with updates about this weekends line up

Just hanging out on Live Stream and answering questions on Appliance Repair, Air Conditioning, Catfish, and a little news

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Hydroponic garden Kratky method tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, banana pepper, Jalapeño, strawberries, pineberry, red seedless grapes

Smooth Sided Toad Setup and Feeding. Bufo Guttatus

I ended up just hand feeding the male. They don't like the dubia roaches as well as the hissing roaches.


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This channel is about my life of family, fishing, appliance repair and gardening. I hope you enjoy. I have a call in live stream show a few times a week.