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The recent past has taught us the folly of jumping to conclusions, and the people or organisations you trust are often shown to have a perverted definition of the truth. This historic documentary concerning a criminal cold-case investigation has important lessons for us all. Who can we trust? Where is the truth? Watch it to through to the VERY end. No skipping forward!

Originally aired: 1 Apr 2021
Source: Matt Orchard Crime and Society (YT)
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For hundreds of years, global elites have advanced their agenda of depopulating the planet, to the point that it has now become an overt mass-genocide event. Most are either oblivious to the agenda or are too complacent to care. This brilliant documentary is a damning revelation of the truth behind thousands—perhaps millions—of recent deaths, and a portent of our worsening future…unless the masses WAKE UP!

Originally aired: 21 Nov 2022
Source: stew peters.com
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Captain Alan Dana is a highly experienced pilot, holding British, US, and Australian professional Airline Transport Licences, including an FAA Accident Prevention Councillor designation, and has 35 years experience and over 23,000 flight hours. When his employer QANTAS insisted he take a novel ‘CoVID-19' jab, he refused. QANTAS fired him. Now, he and other flight crew are taking them to court—and bringing the truth to the world.

Recorded: 7 Nov 2022
Source: worldcouncilforhealth.org
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Investigative reporter Greg Reese summarises decades of scientific data that reveals the ‘Great Reset’ may be “another beast, entirely”. Solar cycles and other astronomical evidence may be showing us Earth’s unavoidable destiny—a destiny that is well known to elite groups who are increasingly manipulating us in their simple goal to secure their own survival. What is coming in 2046?

Originally aired: 15 Oct 2022
Source: reesereport.com
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Following the declaration of a faked CoVID-19 and global ‘pandemic’, the society in which we live has undergone major changes. Through fear, normally unthinkable and inhumane policies and procedures have been enacted. The truth is hidden or suppressed. Lies accelerate in number and scope. The REAL motives behind The Great Reset and transhumanism remain hidden from the general public. Watch this… and learn!

Originally aired: 29 Sep 2022
Source: @TheBigResetMovie (ClikView)
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Highly-respected naturopath Kate Sugak reveals how we’ve all been conned about diseases for hundreds of years. There are NO ‘epidemics’. ‘Plague’, ‘smallpox’ and ‘leprosy’ were once terms to describe ALL so-called ‘diseases’. If smallpox was eradicated, why is it now back? Why did the flu and bronchitis disappear for the last 2+ years? Do we REALLY have an ‘immune’ system? This video will literally change your life.

Originally aired: 16 Sep 2022
Source: @katie.su (Odysee)
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Australian veteran TV journalist Ross Coulthart and his friend and colleague, Bryce Zabel, discuss the latest news and analysis about what they suspect will soon turn out to be the biggest story ever… the astonishing new revelations about UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena)—what the general public have long-called ‘UFOs'.

Originally aired: 25 Aug 2022
Source: 7NEWS Spotlight (YT)
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Andrew Bustamante is a former CIA covert intelligence officer. In this marathon, in-depth interview with Lex Fridman, Bustamante reveals the truth behind the war in Ukraine, the NSA, Snowden, the CIA’s recruitment process, human nature, sexpionage, UFOs, disguises, conspiracy ‘theories’ and… lots more. It’s a LONG interview but well-worth the effort to watch. Buckle up!

Originally aired: 9 Aug 2022

Source: Lex Fridman (YT)
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Brian Rose talks with David Icke as they go deeper down the rabbit hole than ever before—to explore and expose what David calls the anti-human agenda that is being orchestrated by a force beyond our reasonable perception. This force has been manipulating and controlling world events, in what is often described as a virtual reality computer game. Buckle up for a thrilling ride!

Originally aired: 21 Aug 2022

Source: freedomplatform.tv
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In this very serious—and often humorous—examination of the decades-long art of casting movie actors, talk-show host Bill Maher absolutely nails Hollywood’s increasingly rabid hypocrisy, wokeness and its pandering to “…racial bullshit…”. Is there such a thing as casting ‘the best actor’ anymore? Not if you’re woke.

Originally aired: 22 Aug 2022
Source: thegatewaypundit.com
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Fearless Australian journalist Rowan Dean pulls no punches in his tirade against doctors, bureaucrats and politicians and their criminal 'CoVID-19' policies/rules/edicts of the last 2+ years. The CDC and other health ‘experts’ are now increasingly admitting the truth—but it is TOO LITTLE and TOO LATE. They lied and conspired—and hundreds of thousands died or were permanently maimed as a result. It’s time for justice!

Originally aired: 16 Aug 2022
Source: skynew.com.au
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In this brilliant interview and graphical presentation, Dr. Zach Bush describes—clearly and simply—WHY we’ve seen massive deterioration in human health since the late 1990s, WHAT it has done to us, what will happen if it’s not stopped, and exactly what we CAN and NEED to do to again prosper as a species. This video will change your life for the better.

Originally aired: 28 Apr 2021
Source: After Skool (TG)
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A comprehensive, in-depth documentary that examines the CoVID-19 narrative, who's controlling it, and how it's being used to inject an untested, new technology into almost every person on the planet.

Originally aired: 1 Aug 2022
Source: uninformedconsent.ca
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**BOMBSHELL**…“Millions of children vanish each year…. 83,000 each month.… 2,700 a day.… 115 per hour…. 1 every 30 seconds. It makes you wonder…where do they all go?”
Please share this with EVERYONE you possibly can!

Originally aired: 1 Aug 2022
Source: stewpeters.com
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Curtis Stone (the Canadian farmer, not the Aussie chef) formerly ran a successful, commercial, urban vegetable-growing business in Kelowna, BC. He now lives off-grid, certainly has his head screwed on firmly, and has put his priorities in the correct order. Like Curtis has done, it’s time for you to make a decision—if you haven’t already. Do it now. Time is running out.

Originally aired: 28 Jul 2022
Source: Urban Farmer Curtis Stone (YT)
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Journalist Neil Oliver has never been shy about attacking those who insist on controlling and/or destroying our lives for a political agenda. Now, he calls out the villains in a global soap-opera that is getting worse, and destroying lives, by the day. “Across the political spectrum it is the same—a wholesale absence of truth. Not THEIR truth—but the good old-fashioned truth”. This short but powerful video is a MUST-WATCH!

Originally aired: 16 July 2022
Source: gbnews.uk
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Investigative journalist Maria Zeee talks with the renowned Dr. Reiner Füellmich about the Elites’ genocidal master plan, the truth about CoVID, maniacal government control—and how we are in the process of defeating our enemies by creating a breakaway civilisation with more humane systems of healthcare, the judiciary, economics and education. We WILL succeed!

Originally aired: 23 Feb 2022
Source: zeeemedia.com
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Retired U.S. Senator Richard H. Black addresses the June 18/19 Schiller Institute Conference. He clearly and accurately exposes the hoaxes, frauds and increasing lies about the war in Ukraine—the economic propaganda, the war propaganda, the back-firing sanctions—and the truth of the remaining threat of thermonuclear war.

Recorded: 13 Jun 2022
Source: schillerinstitute.com
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Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire travels around the world to ask one of the biggest questions of this generation. It's the question you're not allowed to ask. This is the documentary ‘THEY’ don't want you to see. Why? The sane—and the awake—know exactly why.

This is the science and story of Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2), a substance that NASA proclaimed in 1987 to be “…the universal antidote…”. Since then—and despite rabid vilification by Big Pharma—thousands have recovered from illness using ClO2, and now many physicians and scientists are saying it is powerfully effective for many applications, serious diseases and other conditions.

Originally aired: 1 Feb 2021
Source: truthforhealth.org
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Through this behind-the-scenes view of the extradition hearing and the campaign waged by Julian Assange's father, John Shipton and Julian’s wife, Stella, we'll grasp the personal cost paid by Julian and the true cost of truth. This fight for Julian’s freedom is a fight we MUST win.

Originally aired: Apr 2022
Source: assangecampaign.org
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Filmed over two years across the UK, Europe and the US—this documentary follows 76-year-old retired builder, John Shipton's tireless campaign to save his son, Julian Assange. In late April 2022, we had the opportunity to attend a screening of Ithaka and conversed with John—a strong but quietly-spoken man—and to Julian’s half-brother, Gabriel. Sadly, Julian remains incarcerated under conditions of psychological torture and still needs our help. The UK Home Secretary is due to make her final decision in coming days and, while we hope she denies the US diplomatic request for extradition, we expect this will not be the case.

Unfortunately, the fight to free Julian may need to continue for more years to come. Our best hope for his freedom may be in building a mass people's movement which is too hard to ignore.

Originally aired: Apr 2022
Source: assangecampaign.org
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The chilling, harrowing story of how a World Health Organisation (WHO) population-control experiment—under the guise of a vaccination program—resulted in the sterilisation of millions of women in Africa without their knowledge or consent. Experts are now increasingly concerned that other vaccines (such as for ‘CoVID’) could cause widespread infertility in women around the world.

Originally aired: 10 Jun 2022
Source: childrenshealthdefense.org
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**BOMBSHELL**… Mikki Willis—the producer of the lauded documentary, ’Plandemic’—talks with psychiatrist Dr. Mark McDonald MD about schools, social indoctrination, gender, where we're headed next, and “…he pulls no punches when describing the disturbing decline in his patients’ ability to navigate reality and relationships…”

Originally aired: Jun 2022
Source: plandemicseries.com
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Here is part of a MUST-WATCH conversation between David DuByne and the author/researcher/historian, Jeff Nyquist: China’s plans for war with the world, how looming crop failures and food supply crises could kill millions, upcoming global geomagnetic events, the TRUTH about history and what we must learn from it. NOW is the final chance to learn and apply that truth. Knowledge is strength. The sum of all fears is approaching.

Originally aired: 18 May 2022
Source: jrnyqist.blog
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