Happy Saturday everyone.

SVN 850, played by computer player A.I.
It recognizes which covered holes it can continue to cover with more cruft, and which ones it shouldn't. You can clearly see the bias (correct moves) in this demo.

The linear combination of metrics to determine the overall A.I. is still being worked on but the covered hole metric is complete.

"Control panel tools" to better study the A.I. (to see what she's thinking etc.) are the next step in the natural progression of development. Regression tests and unit tests are also long overdue at this point.

A jew named 'Evan' at the end gets into a mean fit because these great men started to veer the conversation away from computers and towards chess & international politics.

I added slidey ability and now it's making all sorts of interesting moves that I never even thought of. I think I know how God feels about snakes!


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