Crimes that the hook-nosed mongrels have committed against humanity.

Thanks, Jews!
(((Hook-nosed mongrels)))

Discussion of the so-called "holy spirit".
Continuation of discussion regarding worldwide identity thefts that are occurring.

Working the sugar cane with my own hands.

What is life.
Inversions of language, meanings of words.
Going back in time to reverse the negative outcome.


How the future will be if we continue going with the flow.

Things got worse with my sugar cane.

Jewish domination through contamination.

My return back to Morelos.

Returning to Tijuana plus a discussion about how the Roman Catholic Church affects Mexican society.

My initial trip to Morelos.

A discussion pertaining to financial systems, volunteer work, and a spiritual realm.

Explanation of sugar cane farming.

What brought me to Mexico.

Discussion of the similarity between Mexicans and Jews, and the underlying reasons for my arrival to Mexico.

Insights into how Christianity has been hijacked to serve Jews' needs.



I'm a racist.




Re-upload with intro and ending.


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