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Fascinating and explanatory first conversation with Neelu Berry and Lee Cant who are working closely with the main parties running the Swiss Indo World Humanitarian Trust which apparently is protector of a long-standing and extremely large repository of gold belonging generationally to a network of Indonesian aristocrats from hundreds of little princedoms and kingdoms who have now made this gold available to all humanity, for the redemption and prosperity of all.
Lee Cant tells the story of how this gold (and silver and precious stones) accrued from the ancient trade of centuries when spices and fabrics from the East and in particular the Indonesian archipelago were traded for gold and silver coin from the West, and how the Indonesian royals in recent times have taken action out of spiritual and humanitarian intention to dissolve worldwide human poverty, corporate enslavement, and hierarchized subjugation to the pyramid systems of central banking and fiat currency run by Western Satanists and Illuminati bloodline families at the top of corporate power pyramids in the world.
This intention to free all humanity was, they explain, what was behind the Green Hilton Agreement, where President John F. Kennedy negotiated with President Sukarno in 1963 for this gold to become the backing for his new greenback currency as he sought to break the US and world away from the private Federal Reserve and return gold backing to currency, which was ended in 1933 with the bankruptcy of US Inc. and the confiscation of people's gold. JFK was assassinated 6 days after he signed this agreement, and Sukarno was arrrested 10 days after. The Executive Order JFK signed was later buried by President Lyndon Johnson, but the fact remains that he signed it. This information is discussed in Swiss Indo videos available at Youtube as well as at their website, Swissindo.news.
Neelu Berry spells out the size and largesse of this gold stash—seven million tons of gold as well as millions of kgs of silver and precious stones--and what the prosperity payments would be, both to each living human being and to banks to whom this money would be entrusted. Indeed, Neelu explains, this money has already been entrusted to banks via vouchers (bonds) which she has personally presented to banks such as Barclay's and HSBC; her recordings of these visits with bank managers is online. Interestingly, banks have taken the vouchers, not provided receipts, and then zeroed the amounts—which seems to mean that they are refusing or cancelling the transaction. Considering that these vouchers are solid-gold-backed, it is all rather astonishing that banks are refusing them.
Another related scenario has to do with the little-known fact that banking licenses—granted on faith on a 70-year contract to support humanity after World War II in 1945 when the United Nations was incorporated in Jakarta, Indonesia—expired in 2015, which means that the whole banking system as we still seem to have it is already in a state of dissolution. However as Lee and Neelu discuss, what we are really faced with is a system of control by the organized crime syndicate controlling the banks and courts while protecting their pedophilic and SRA and child-exploitation/abuse operations; courts therefore are suppressing justice, and banks are refusing to honor the SwissIndo vouchers, while media is keeping people uninformed and enslaved.
Other important aspects to understand regarding the nature of wars, lies and deception by courts, a story of hidden gold behind 9/11, directed-energy weapons, microwave weapon use on humanity, human rights violations, notices to governments, cryptocurrencies and blockchain initiatives, etc. are also discussed.
First in an ongoing series of conversations to help educate all and move all of humanity ideologically and materially from our currently enslaved and matrixed states of impotency to empowered and informed and materially-supported states of prosperity and abundance. Many thanks to Lee and Neelu for this important opening conversation.
Please see more at SwissIndo.news.

Episode 1 in a new series with Dr. Eric Karlstrom to lay bare the creation, structure, history, and underpinnings of the modern Global Surveillance State and discuss the historic and current tools and methods whereby this over-reaching totalitarian Octopus may be dissolved by informed and aware humanity.

In this opening episode of the Global Gestapo series, Dr. Eric Karlstrom, Professor Emeritus from California State University and a distinguished academic career teaching Physical Geography and Environmental Geography at various Universities across the United States, who has devoted many years to deep research of the current power structure in the world explains his acronym GOG's NEW Gestttttapo, which covers all the imposed modern phenomena of “gangstalking” or organized Surveillance-State Infragard/Community Watch stalking, “electronic weapon” or directed-energy weapon testing, training, usage, and operation on populations, non-consensual neuro-experimentation with highly invasive brain frequency weapons, and overarching and super-nasty surveillance state or secret agency mechanisms quite similar to Nazi SS or Stasi or Gestapo operations which permit such anarchy to exist.

While many are unaware World War III is well underway in our towns and cities in a global, distributed way which points to a Globalist war on the peoples of all nation states, those operating for the Global Gestapo and Global Surveillance State and those targeted by it are well in the know.

Kay Griggs, wife of a high-ranking Marine Corps Colonel, and a research scholar of Virginia and Scottish history, whose videos have been on Youtube for many years, is one of those deeply in the know, as she reveals in her candid conversations, which describe in gory detail how exactly the elitist power structure behind the US military and Intelligence agency conglomerate works, who it is comprised by, its connections with Israel, and what unsavory practices in the Marine Corps, Skull and Bones, Princeton and other bastions of elitist exclusivity establish and entrench this patriarchical power structure which hinges on the hierarchized colonizing of male minds through enforced homosexuality, mind control, and other manipulations.

Not to be forgotten is this Anglo-American-Zionist faction's deeply entrenched adherence to beliefs in the occult via Kabbalism, Satanism, and ancient Sumerian religions paying obeisance to gods who demand human sacrifice, a phenomenon which finds modern expression in the construction of various temples and churches of Satanism such as the Temple of Set and the Church of Satan among military mavens such as the NSA's Michael Aquino.

There is also an intertwining of Intelligence and military Intelligence groups with the deep military and Ivy league elitist secret society groups, something that has been entrenched for decades. Then there's Project Paperclip, which according to Kay Griggs brought in 200,000 scientists and SS officers – not 1500 as is widely published – from Nazi Germany to the United States, for ensconcing in power positions in Universities, think tanks, government, and the US military. No-limits Nazi experimentation in various fields including trauma-based and dissociative mind control in combination with Zionist and British quest for Empire and no-limits Satanist assault on humanity have led us to where we are today.

Many writers and researchers have covered these topics, including Jim Marrs, Christopher Story, Anthony Sutton and others; Dr. Eric Karlstrom points to resources including his own compendious publications of information on his web sites, particularly Gangstalkingmindcontrolcults.com, where he has posted excerpted transcripts of Kay Griggs' interviews. That compilation can be found here:

Dr. Eric Karlstrom and I have been discussing these subjects for a while now, and I will move some of our previous podcasts into this series.

Please support this ongoing series which seeks to inform, educate, and empower as we all seek to step forward to make positive change for all humanity.

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Pl. Note: We had major audio issues via necessity of phone use, please adjust volume controls. But external clicks and rustling were added into the audio file/not evident on the phone call/courtesy FBI no doubt.

Geral Sosbee, former Special Agent of the FBI, attorney and judge, Vietnam war veteran speaks openly about his experience of targeting by the FBI, the pervasive nature of FBI corruption and crime he has since encountered, and the ways in which the FBI is running illegal programs of surveillance and torture on citizens here in the USA and worldwide.

As many know by now, these programs involve the use of electromagnetic, sonic, radar, scalar, and other exotic weapons such as nanotech and neurotech and biochemical weapons on "targets" -- usage never publicly disclosed nor approved--and the ways in which they are used are widely being reported as barbaric and inhumane, as targets report torture, brutality, sadism, and violence, including death, being executed on their bodies and brains.

Mr. Sosbee also shares his thoughts on how he sees the FBI running DOJ instead of the other way around, the part NSA and CIA play, and how an illegiitimate police state has thereby been installed in the USA and also is being rolled out worldwide.

In this open conversation, London-based Natalie Moore, a young mother, former school administrator, and author of the ground-breaking book Remote Control--detailing in-depth her own experience of being the focus of organized stalking and electromagnetic weapon assault as well as sustained non-consensual neuro-experimentation in 21st-century London--connects from the UK to present her testimonial and discuss this harrowing, unjust, 20-year-long experience.

Starting from her teenage years in the late '90s and spanning two decades across the birth of her son and several continents as she traveled to various places, only to find the remote EMF assaults followed her everywhere—whether to Barbados or Mexico or Cyprus—Natalie relates how she first started to be verbally harassed by random people in public places following on the death of her mother, and following a civic action of suing the local Council over a housing negligence issue, and how this harassment escalated to electromagnetic assault on her body as she was subjected to remote electrical shocks and vibrations and began experiencing V2K or Voice to Skull—a patented military neurotechnology—as well as other exotic sonic technologies, which projected voices into all sound vibrations around her, whether from a noisy hair dryer or the crashing of waves on a beach.

Saying she wrote the book both for herself, to present her experience and to alert others in the UK about the actuality of these covert and remote assaults with sophisticated military technologies, Natalie delved deep into researching some of this neurotechnology, finding patents, and reading the testimonials of others with similar experiences—offering therefore a personal experience well-contextualized within the space of modern EMR neurotechnology.

Natalie hopes that this book will also alert those in communities around the world randomly being pulled into assisting and supporting the weapon-wielders and neurotech experimenters, possibly being told they are helping to “monitor” a dangerous or unstable or suspicious person in their neighborhoods, not knowing they are actually helping, with each tracking and monitoring action, to physically assault and mentally and neurologically attack this person's body and brain and central nervous system, while also assisting Military and Intelligence perpetrators to engage in continuous Psychological Warfare against citizens.

As many know by now, those reporting these Neurotech and Remote Control crimes are simply labeled delusional, in what appears to be a deliberate strategy of both psychological warfare and abject criminality, by police officers, social workers, mental health personnel, and ER medical personnel. Psychologists, psychiatrists, and doctors especially need to be educated about the reality of these military weapons and technologies, and about the fact that a positive rash of non-consensual neuro-experimentation is currently going on worldwide, which represents, in Natalie's words, “a global pandemic.”

Remote Control may be ordered from Amazon. Please read and share this vital book of our times—these articles, books, and videos featuring the experiences of reporting victims of non-consensual neuro-experimentation are vitally important in informing the world polity of what exactly is going on today, under the aegis of “surveillance” and “winning the war on Terror”--first step in putting an end to these horrific and inhumane experiments and assaults, and holding the responsible parties in Defense and Intelligence fully accountable. I hope to return with another conversation with Natalie Moore as soon as I have read her book—which just arrived on my doorstep this afternoon.

--Ramola D/Posted 12/6/2017

A candid discussion on the current epidemic of blatant Internet censorship of alt media sites by Youtube, Facebook, Google and other mainstream platforms, the importance of continuing to exercise our rights to free speech, the failing MSM narratives, and special focus on the recent Wired article running a POPPCon--Psy Op Propaganda Piece Con--on the American and world public, and advice to all TIs regarding the recent approach by History Channel producers to TIs regarding an upcoming series. In the process we talk about the label "Targeted Individual" and how the unfortunate phenomenon of Surveillance Abuse and Hi-Tech DEW use on people, also termed organized stalking, gangstalking, and electronic harassment/covert harassment by some, is being covered up by solicited and manufactured lies and stories churned out by MSM.

Also covered is an intro to Stephen Shellen's film The Spark, and an appeal to help fund the showing of this film online by donating at Plumfund: https://www.plumfund.com/crowdfunding...

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Introductory and informative conversation with Jon Wedger, former Scotland Yard detective and police whistleblower with 25 years of experience with the London Metropolitan Police.

On the beat in various parts of London including eastern London, Jon Wedger reports the prevalence of child prostitution and trafficking rings all over the city, and relates how these situations are very closely connected to child abuse in the Care or Child Protection system.

Children torn from families and placed not in foster homes but in institutions most often fall prey to predators and pimps who “groom” them out—coerce them—into prostitution.

And because this scenario includes the exploitation of these child prostitutes, often as young as 9, by politicians, judges, and other high-profile members of society, police who speak out about these crimes are censured and retaliated against.

Despite brutal retaliation which has involved the targeting of one of his own children and several wrongful prosecutions, John Wedger has persevered and continues to speak out, currently in concert with other police whistleblowers who have also come forward.

Police whistleblowers however require the public's interest and care, Mr. Wedger says, since they are offered no legal or Union protection, and depend on an awakened and informed public to help support their speaking out.

At heart of this situation are the children who are being abused and used, while co-opted police turn a blind eye, sealing their fate. Police whistleblowers therefore are necessary to the safety of society and to the protection of our most vulnerable, our children.

Mr. Wedger appeals to all watching to find the courage to come forward to support whistleblowers, and thereby to support as well the children whom these brave police whistleblowers step forward to save. This support could take the form of letters of support to politicians or letters of request, seeking protections for police whistleblowers.

Please support Jon Wedger's and other London police whistleblowers' important work with a donation here:https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/jon-wedger


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