Update on Dorian as it impacts South Carolina. This "storm" is completely surrounded by and being fed copious amounts of aerosols.

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'Inadvertent Weather Modification'

"Aerosols act mostly as cloud-drop condensation nuclei (CCN), and some of them as ice nuclei (IN), both of which change cloud radiative and precipitation properties in complex ways. Over oceans, emissions from fossil-fuel-burning ships produce tracks, observed to dramatically influence the extent and persistence of local shallow cloud cover, reducing the amount of solar radiation received at the surface and enhancing the amount reflected back to space. Aerosols also suppress precipitation from shallow or short-lived clouds (e.g., orographic cap clouds). Their impacts on deep convective clouds are much less certain, but are of potentially great importance. Recent research suggests that, depending on meteorological conditions, aerosols can either increase or decrease rainfall from such clouds. In warm moist atmospheres, aerosols often invigorate deep convective clouds, usually resulting in greater electrical activity, stronger damaging winds, and a greater likelihood of flash floods. Studies indicate that aerosols might also modulate the intensity of tornadoes and hurricanes."

Update on #Dorian. Aerosols and more #SpaceFence "interference" showing up on radar this morning. You could see an aerosol plume dart through the eye earlier this morning. I am sure that was just a routine commercial flight taking a shortcut.

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Update on #Dorian. It has barely moved in over 24 hours. Just sitting in place so, that it can be refueled with aerosols and water vapor(steam) to drive up the coast. For real though, a supposed Cat 5 hurricane stopped on a dime. Also, as I suggested yesterday, there is #SpaceFence "interference" showing on radar over Eglin AFB through the night into this morning. Buckle up, we have another week of this "storm".

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Watching the shortwave IR map through the night and it looks like Dorian got hit causing it to lose some momentum and start wobbling like an out of balance tire. The GFS model is not looking good for most of the US east coast.

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An update on Hurricane Dorian. They are claiming this is currently a cat 5 storm with wind gusts of over 200 mph and a pressure of 913 mb. I can not find anything remotely close to these claims with all of the sites and instruments that are available to the public.

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Update on "Hurricane" Dorian

'The “Science” Behind “Geostorm”, the Newest Weather-Fueled Doomsday Flick'

'Sapping A Hurricane's Strength'

'Controlling hurricanes through
optimal perturbations:
Initial simulation experiments using a
4-d variational analysis system'

'Weather as a Force Multiplier:
Owning the Weather in 2025'

'Weather Modification Law in the US'

'Precipitation reduction during Hurricane Harvey with simulated offshore wind farms'

A look at Dorian this morning, 8/29/2019. The GFS still has it heading to Central Florida as a potential category 2 or 3 hurricane dumping upwards of 16 inches.

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"This is the collision of airborne particulates in the atmosphere colliding with the static pulses from the 7 wind farms around Dodge City. The waves are not visible as clouds but do show up as reflections to radar and I/R." Thank you to Billy Hayes (The HAARP Man). Wind farms help create some wild weather in Kansas and surrounding states.

'Lightning discharges produced by wind turbines'

Last evening (7/21/2019) thunderstorms surrounded Cumberland. Lots of lightning, hardly any thunder and no rain.

Had a nice lightning show in Cumberland, Maryland last evening. A flash flood watch has been issued for today. Did some digging on wind farms to find that Dr. David Keith (Harvard), the guy who wants to block out the sun via stratospheric aerosol injections, did a study on wind power altering the climate through alteration of surface roughness. Daniel Kirk-Davidoff (UMD), who co-authored the study with Keith is invested in what? You guessed it, wind power. Just as Keith is invested in carbon capture. Making $$ on the co2 global warming lie.



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It's gonna be a scorcher this weekend! Wish I had some #ClimateCRONs.

'India’s latest crisis: 600 million people struggle with drought'

"By using the newest modern technologies of management of climate processes, we transferred Cyclone VAYU to the direction of UAE, to provide with rains in the period of 15-30 of June 2019.
Despite forecasts of leading meteocenters the cyclone VAYU under our control turned away from India and moved to the west."

"Innovative Technology for Weather Management fully complies with The Environmental Modification Convention (ENMOD), formally the Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification, which is one of the main UN documents prohibiting its participants from military or any other hostile influence on the environment, through the deliberate management of natural processes in the biosphere, hydrosphere, the Earth's atmosphere and near-Earth space."

Climate Global Control Trading LLC is claiming to have steered a cyclone away from drought stricken India. Does that sound like it is in compliance with the ENMOD? Weather warfare has been admitted by the United States military. It was used during the Vietnam War and is one of the reasons that the ENMOD exists. "Operation Popeye" extended the monsoon season over Vietnam to flood out the Ho Chi Minh Trail so the Vietcong could not move supplies. Around the same time "Project Nile Blue" was preventing precipitation over Cuba to ruin it's sugar crop. How does anyone know who is modifying the weather without an admission?

'Humans May Be Accidentally Geoengineering the Oceans'

'Oceans Need Geoengineering, Not The Atmosphere'

'Dr. Bernard J. Eastlund lecture on weather modification / Artificial generation of acoustic and gravitational waves'

'Midweek increase in U.S. summer rain and storm heights suggests air pollution invigorates rainstorms'

'China’s Mind-Blowing Weather Modification, Geoengineering, & ELF Transmitter Projects!'


#WeatherWarfare #DisasterCapitalism #UNAgenda2030

Update on "Tropical" storm Barry. Yesterday morning you could see "gravity waves" rolling over Georgia and the panhandle of Florida until the afternoon when several storms suddenly and rapidly exploded into existence. If you ask me, those "gravity waves" were caused by RF induction from several devices in that region heterodyning in phase. #SpaceFence storm, as many in the south are. Now the GFS has Space Fence Storm Barry hitting Louisiana as a potential Cat 1 hurricane.

#WeatherWarfare #DisasterCapitalism #UNAgenda2030

Potential Tropical Storm development. Space Fence (PAVE PAWS) and "strawman barges" that dispatch from Eglin AFB into the Gulf of Mexico. A majority of tropical systems the past couple years head right for the PAVE PAWS unit at Eglin AFB in the panhandle of Florida.

Climate Global Control Trading LLC, a company out of the UAE, steers a cyclone away from India to provide rain and a 9 degree temperature drop to the Emirates. Also, info on "contrails" and a review of the weather from the past few days to current.

#WeatherModification #ClimateEngineering #ContrailDeception #ElectromagneticShifting #CloudIonization





3 planes flying under the "cloud" layer, 2 of which were extremely close to each. Sky is completely trashed with "aviation pollution" this morning on the 1st of July 2019. Video shot in Cumberland, Maryland.

I guess "professionals" may call this a "Cirrostratus Hole Punch" cloud. If you would ask me, I would say it is "Ionized Aviation Pollution". This is a frequent sight anymore. With the way the weather has been over recent years, you would think that people would start asking questions. Unfortunately, they are not. Sadly, we will all will have to pay the consequences. Video taken on June 15th 2019.

Artificial "cirrus" clouds produced by "aviation pollution" are covering Western Maryland and many other surrounding states this morning of June the 12th 2019. More information on "cirrus" clouds and "cirrus cloud modification" below.

'FAA Scientist: We Want Clouds By Day, None By Night'
Interview with Dr. Halthore, FAA Aviation Climate Change Research Initiative (ACCRI)

'Dust in the clouds'
Cirrus clouds form around mineral dust and metallic particles, study finds.

H. R. 4586
This Act may be cited as the ‘‘Geoengineering Research Evaluation Act of 2017’’.
IN GENERAL.—Not later than 3 months after the date of enactment of this Act, the Secretary of Energy, in consultation with the Administrator of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, the Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the Director of the National Science Foundation, the Director of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and other Federal agencies as appropriate, shall contract with the National Academies to conduct a study and develop a report recommending a research agenda for advancing understanding of albedo modification strategies that involve atmospheric interventions, including marine cloud brightening, stratospheric aerosol albedo modification, and cirrus cloud modification.

All "weather" over the continental United States is molested by man in one manner or another. Not limited to.

#WeatherWarfare #UNAgenda2030 #DisasterCapitalism

There's many parts and functions to the global geoengineering network. Anyone with eyes and a little bit of common sense can see every aspect of this at work every minute of every day.

Thank you and shout out to Domenic Marrama of weathermodificationhistory.com #WeatherWarfare #WeatherModification

Video taken in Cumberland, Maryland. Also, a chat about the upcoming Police State on steroids. #5G #TAPSact

Potential tropical development and a look at a massive fire that has been burning since May 16th in NW Alberta Canada.

Warnings for parts of AR/KY/MO/PA/TX/WV. Chance for severe weather in Cumberland, MD around 4-5pm.

Great example of a targeted scalar interference zone this morning over Maryland and Virginia. A thunderstorm blew up in that exact area. I see a lot of people who think they are seeing triangular shaped crafts in the sky, disguising themselves as clouds. I believe in most instances, what they are seeing is scalar potential energy at work.



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