Hello Guys

In this video, I will showcase the Graphical improvements that I have implemented into the Database GUI since last time. Functions wise I have made little upgrades to the project, other then now the Query function returns a list of rows in the database table instead of a string line like before.

On the GUI end, there have been massive changes from the prior video, among them is a new listbox widget which stores the query output of the table instead of just listing the output on the window's background. Also some visual changes and color changes have been made to the GUI to make it more visually appealing.

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KTinker Programming Documentation: https://www.tutorialspoint.com/python/python_gui_programming.htm

Hi Guys

Today I will go over some changes I have made to the Python Database project with a Ktinker GUI.

For Starters, I have now added 4 new items that the database tables will now keep track of, those being the Address, City, State, and zipcode of our entries.

In addition, I have commented out all invoke lines to call our functions from the main script temporarily, instead all functions will be called from the GUI script that I have created using KTinker to create a front end graphical user interface for the user of this software.

Speaking of which, the GUI script has 8 lines that takes the user information from the user, which are then placed into the table using command functions that call the functions from the main script to store the information in the database.

The GUI currently has four buttons, giving it four abilities:

- The ability to insert information into the table in the database
- The ability to Query information from the DB in order to view it in the GUI and terminal
- The ability to delete an entry from the DB based on it's rowid
- The ability to modify an entry from the GUI using the update function, this creates a new
GUI which takes in the entries that will be updated on the old entry based on it's rowid number.

For more info, please watch the whole video!

Also the current implementation of my code is similar to the Ktinker Database project done by Codemy, I do realize the issues with that, but the reason for this is to simply get a working example for this stage of the project, the final version of this project will be it's own source code and will not resemble this version overall.

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Hi Guys

Today I am back with a new video for the Python SQLite3 Database project with Ktinker GUI. Also I switched my video editor recently since my old one started giving me errors, I am now using Kdenlive, so let me know in the comments if you guys have noticed any difference in video quality!

This time, I have added new functions which help organize my code into specific sections, where I can place specific methods in order to interact with the database from a second script.

I have created a createdatabase function which does what I already covered in my last video, it creates a database if one is not already present.

I have also create a delete function to remove items from the database table, an insert function, which has the insert item to table code from the last video placed within it; and also an update function with can edit or modify items in our table without having to insert or delete items from
the table.

Also I have made these functions such that they store the changes they have made temporarily to 4 global variables in the main.py script. In addition, I have also created a new data column for storing the rowid for each item in the table, in order for me to better track it in the script.

Lastly, I have created a showtable function and Query function, both do the same thing which is output the data stored within the tables. The Query function will be modified later to interact as a interface for the GUI script which I will make in the next video, where as the showtable function is currently only there for debugging.

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Hello Guys

Here is episode 2 of the Ktinker Database project, this time I will go over the basics of creating
a database with SQLite3 in Python.

This database creation script will serve as the model of our data format,
and the database it creates will be the controller that stores and maintains
the information we will input into the project!

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Documentation for SQLite3:

Youtube: https://youtu.be/Sd-hLd4VN5Y

Hello Guys!

Today I am proud to present the first original series of this channel. I will be using python, along with the python packages of Ktinker and SQLite3 in order to create a database with a graphical user interface (GUI).

This project will use the data format 'MVC', which stands for "Model View Controller". MVC is a type of coding architecture where the programmer will separate the user interface side of the code (the view), from the database and storage side of the code (the controller), using a back end that is tasked with organizing the information provided from and to the user from the database storage of the program (the model).

Typically, MVC is used with full stack web development, though it does have it's uses in desktop application creation as well, as I will demonstrate in this project.

In addition, this project will also be my first time working with SQLite3 for database management, as well as with Ktinker for creating the GUI for the user of this program to interact with!

There will be a GitHub page for this project, which will be publicly accessible, I will also make this project open source so that everyone can use the code I write in this project in their own projects. However the source code of this project will only be available after this series has concluded at which point, I will go to the description boxes of every video in this series and add in the link to the GitHub page for this project!

Also the music used in this project is by Royalty Free Music:
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