Following the movements of the unidentified 'Running Man' from the boston marathon bombing 2013. God showing his divine glory in sparing this child of the Lord from injury!

A foundation, a philosophers stone!


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The universe can appear random and chaotic, mysterious and strange, weird and wonderful.

Random Chaos is about exploring this seemingly chaotic world we find ourselves in, linking together seemingly unrelated subjects and events, exploring the fringes of thought, and mapping the continuity errors found along the way. With some random entertainment thrown into the mix. Not only is Random Chaos about searching for truth, but an exposing of falsehood. While having fun along the way. Join us as we explore a wide range of subjects delving into strange and mysterious waters.

Subjects covered will include, but not limited too: Philosophy, occult, alchemy, magick, tarot, astrology, mythology, religion, spirituality, science, psychology, sacred geometry, hermetic, secret and magical societies - Conspiracy, JFK, Hitler, moonlandings, crisis actors, false flags, aliens, 911, illuminati - Mandela effect, simulation hypothesis, physics, entertainment and other Random happenings.

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