One America News (OAN) released a report about a shocking study from Israel, which shows you are almost 30 times more likely to catch COVID if you are vaccinated.

Unaware that he was on a hot mic and being broadcast live on a TV station, Israeli health minister Nitzan Horowitz admitted that vaccine passports were primarily about coercing skeptical people to get the vaccine.

“Imposing “green pass” rules on certain venues is needed only to pressure members of the public to get vaccinated, and not for medical reasons, Israeli Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz said on Sunday, ahead of the weekly Cabinet meeting,” reports Jewish News Syndicate.

“Epidemiologically, it’s true,” said Horowitz, adding, “The thing is, I’m telling you, our problem is people who don’t get vaccinated. We need [to influence] them a bit; otherwise, we won’t get out of this [pandemic situation].”

Israel was once lauded for its successful vaccine rollout and the speed with which it introduced vaccine passports.

The green pass was heralded as an “early vision of how we leave lockdown.” However, the country recently reported its highest ever number of daily COVID cases, with nearly 11,000 infections being recorded.

Although the early threat that the unvaccinated would be banned from entering numerous public venues convinced many younger people to get the vaccine, once it rolled out, the ‘green pass’ system was rarely even enforced and was subsequently scrapped at the end of May.

But once cases started rising again later that summer, Israel’s vaccine passport system was reintroduced and expanded.

Meanwhile, Sweden, which never imposed a hard lockdown, recently banned travelers arriving from Israel from entering the country.

Every single Israeli minister in Israel's current government should be arrested and tried for crimes against the Jewish people.

A Pakistani Muslim born, raised and living in Great Britain, describes his personal journey from blatant anti-Semitism to a pro-Israel Zionist.

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CBN News is an international, nonprofit news organization that provides programming 24 hours a day by cable, satellite and the Internet. CBN News offers today’s news headlines and stories that impact the global Christian community.

The head of the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association has urged doctors and Covid-19 patients to begin a regimen of ivermectin, which he says is effective at treating and preventing the virus.

During an August 12 press conference, Dr. Haruo Ozaki called for the drug, which is proving effective in numerous studies, to be used due to the drastic rise in Covid cases.

The original video of the conference can be seen on Youtube, here:

Could there be FAR MORE than our history classes have told us about the FOUNDING FATHERS? Could there be PROPHESIES embedded within the GREAT SEAL of the Unites States? Do they point to the arrival of the ANTICHRIST and a return of imminent terrifying pagan gods!?

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In this segment, Chuck Missler discusses the Edomites and where they came from.

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In this video, you'll Learn How to permanently delete your Twitter account. When you deactivate your account you'll have 30 days to continue to access it until your Twitter account becomes permanently deleted.

The White House is flagging content it considers “misinformation” for Facebook, and says the social media company “needs to move quickly” to remove such posts.

Banned by YouTube! Please follow SkyWatchTV on Rumble: www.rumble.com/skywatchtv.

5) White House actively censoring what it considers “misinformation” on social media; 4) China, France, Canada offer glimpses of America’s future; 3) South African riots prompt police protection for supermarket deliveries; 2) London’s mayor defends statue of murderous African revolutionary; 1) Wikipedia’s co-founder says you can no longer trust the online encyclopedia.

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As YouTube continues to censor a wide array of topics, not least those around the Covid pandemic, so it's independent competitors like Rumble continue to attract more creators.

The trend was unbroken last week when Google's video giant censored a video showing a New Jersey Senate hearing on the topic of forcing school children to wear masks, which concluded the policy may be harmful.

New Jersey-based talk show host and former chair of the College Republican National Committee Bill Spadea announced this, accusing the Democratic majority in the state's capital, Trenton, of shunning the official event, and YouTube of eventually "not liking" the content of the discussion, and for that reason removing the video.

However, as Spadea explained, the video can still be found on his new channel on Rumble.

Scientists, doctors, lawyers and senators who chose to participate were there to debate the validity of one of the more controversial topics relating to Covid mandates in the US - masking children.

Like most other rules around masks and their efficacy in preventing infection, these have been changing over the past 18 months - but the consensus seems to be that children are least at risk of contracting and spreading the virus.

However, YouTube's pro-masking, pro-distancing censorship algorithms aren't very sophisticated so it appears that even to this day, even a discussion of the issue, let alone directly opposing the policy of masking children, will get content banned - even if the source is an official gathering of experts and lawmakers.

Spadea himself has little doubt that masks should not be mandated, because after covering the topic for over a year, he sees no proof that masks protect children.

This, however, runs contrary to what the US political and medical establishment thinks, and those doctors and scientists who disagree with official narratives and are willing to speak their mind are also often getting censored by Big Tech - the New Jersey Senate hearing, that concluded forcing children to wear masks could be dangerous, being no different.

Spadea blasted these acts of suppression of information as "the aggressive and immoral efforts of the social media oligarchs," at the same time referring to Rumble as "a sliver of free speech" left out there. (However, Rumble's search function sucks and you can't find this video by inputting the title or subject into it.)

Here's the segment from CPAC during which former Fox News reporter, Ivory Hecker gave her speech ... and that Fox News censored.

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THE RUNDOWN | Arab Muslims Fares and Firas Muhammad, twin brothers from East Jerusalem, joined the IDF, leaving their criminal past behind.

Articles: https://www.i24news.tv/en
Live: https://video.i24news.tv/page/live?cl...
Replay: https://video.i24news.tv/page/5a97b81...

Dennis reflects on this past year’s newfound obsession with “safety.” The price for "playing it safe" at everything in life is not fully living. Later, he addresses Juneteenth, our new national holiday, and the U.S. military going woke.

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Milton Friedman's documentary series 'Free To Choose' first aired on PBS 40 years ago. It was an unapologetic defense of why capitalism was both morally and pragmatically superior to socialism.

Full Text and Links:

Switch away from Fox. Head straight over to OAN News (https://www.oann.com/)

(Newsmax's execs are pretty similar to those over at Fox.)

Support Ivory Hecker here for her bravery in coming forward.

Donate: https://www.projectveritas.com/donate

Telegram: https://t.me/project_veritas

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In this video, Britain's former chief rabbi, Jonathan Sacks, discusses the Biblical principles of individual rights vs. the Greek origins of Democracy and how they've merged in today's Western societies.

In this segment, Chuck Missler reads a tribute to Jesus Christ, inspired by Pastor S.D. Lockridge.

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This isn't a how-to. This is about what Jews actually do.

Kugels. Knishes. Chulent. Bagels & lox & cream cheese & schmaltz herring. And falafel with extra harif (spiciness).....

Half slice-of-life and half anthropology, "How Jews Eat" checks out why we love to eat, what food means to us, and what aspects of eating we're afraid of.

Small companies are stepping in as consumers grow increasingly weary about big tech obtaining and sharing their private data. One America's Chanel Rion has more from Washington.

A privacy oriented search engine that could work as an alternative to DuckDuckGo is Swiss Cows.

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Project Veritas released a new video today obtained from a Facebook Insider showing the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg and a top executive by the name of Heidi Swartz discussing former Facebook employee Morgan Kahmann and the actions being taken to root out whistleblowers that come to Veritas.

Here are some of the highlights from today’s video:

Heidi Swartz, Facebook VP, Deputy General Counsel, Employment Law and Investigations: “Project Veritas released a video last week alleging that they had uncovered a new effort to censor vaccine concerns globally. It was based on leaked documents about a health integrity program that we have in place that combats vaccine hesitancy by taking a hard stance against vaccine information -- misinformation. This isn't a new effort. This is a program we've proudly spoken about publicly in our blog.”

Swartz: “They [leakers] threatened our open culture, as Mark [Zuckerberg] said, they make it harder for us to achieve our goals. They generally encourage more leaks…I know some people here feel that there are good leaks and there are bad leaks, but they're all damaging. They're not the right way to bring about change, especially at a company like this.”

Swartz: “When we find leakers, which we often do, we have zero tolerance. So that means we fire them…We're also continuing to investigate additional potential leakers, and we plan to take action there too. We're also working on continuing to ramp up our investigative techniques as our company grows.”

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO: “You know -- when people leak stuff, do we find them? I've been clear that we have a number of efforts to find people and we terminate people and pursue the recourse that we have when we identify them. In this [Project Veritas] case, we did find them.”

Zuckerberg: “We also need to be very good at rooting out people who are leaking stuff. You know, I think over the last year there've been more leaks than I think all of us would have wanted, but we also find a lot of the folks and terminate them.”

Emails from NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci reveals that he was thanked last spring for debunking the “lab leak” theory of COVID’s origin by a scientist who funneled grant money from Fauci’s NIH to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

5) Fauci’s emails under microscope

4) Hackers shut down 1/4 of America’s beef production

3) Conflict with Gaza unmasks anti-Israel sentiment in the West

2) Ontario church busted for holding outdoor service

1) 7-year-old Florida boy swims a mile against current to get help and save his father and little sister.

"There is no social media like USA.Life that unites and heals," – CEO, Pastor Steven Andrew

A new social media network, USA.Life launched earlier this year, founded by Internet visionary and pastor, Steven Andrew to offer a wider choice to people looking for a new social media platform or who are concerned with privacy or censorship issues.

“USA.Life is for all who love America,” says Pastor Steven, “And, there’s no social media like it to unite and heal the nation.”

With USA.Life users share life, liberty and happiness, and connect with those important to them.

Having led multi-million dollar initiatives for Better Homes and Gardens; Stanford and Sega; Steven is convinced the new platform will be a major success.

Some 10,000 people joined since its launch in March 2019 and close on 40,000 have registered since. According to Steven, people are signing up fast and he believes they will soon have one million users as the word gets out.

Check out the platform and consider joining today!

USA.Life aims to help Christians and churches share the Gospel widely without any form of restraint.

“It’s obvious the social media giants are not playing fair,” Steven said. “Christians are tired of falsely being called ‘haters’ for following the teachings of Jesus Christ.”

According to Andrew, USA.Life “is one of the greatest works of God,” in this era, “because it opens doors for God’s Word”.

“USA.Life social network is the answer to Facebook and Twitter censoring Christians, conservatives and liberty,” says CEO Steven Andrew. On our platform, users share life, liberty and happiness, and connect with those important to them. This is where friends, families and businesses share photos, videos, news and messages, and join public and private groups. We are here for all who love America. All user information is private and USA.Life does not sell it to marketers.

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