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Vid of how the powers that be keep us under total control
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In the slums of the future, virtual reality junkies satisfy their violent impulses in online entertainment. An expert player discovers that the line between games and reality is starting to fade away. 3DAR’s latest short film explores the frightening potential of our next technological revolution.


I was just feeling some grief before you came and found me looking out at the water there - birds diving for fish, seals out there - and I just felt such sadness that there are fewer of them than there used to be and someday there may be none.

And I thought, “How important is it to me that there’s a future with birds and fish and seals?” It’s not that I am worried about my future. It’s not that I am worried about if I will survive on a planet where the biosphere is dead. It is because it hurts - what’s happening.

As soon as I am in contact with beauty, the second thing that comes, usually, is pain. And I think it is almost a conditioned response from having had that beauty crushed.

When I don’t feel grief at a specific thing, the pain doesn’t go away. It just becomes diffuse. That’s why people in our society are bored so much. Boredom is the pain of having nothing to distract you. Why should that be uncomfortable? It’s not uncomfortable if you know how to grieve. Once you sob and are held and you go through that grief process, then everything is lighter and the default state of existence is higher.

A child lives in a magical world where it is obvious that this grass is alive and has an experience of being. It’s not just a bunch of cellulose. Even the sand - no child would think it was silly to ask, “What is it like to be the sand?” And if you enter a child-like state of mind, it becomes not ridiculous.

We are born with this knowing that gets beaten out of us. And that is a very painful process to be ejected from a magical world. In order to protect ourselves from being hurt like that again, we develop cynicism. Any intimation of the possibility of that world is a threat, so we hold it at bay with skepticism and cynicism and even hostility. Underneath the hostility is a yearning wanting to believe that a more beautiful world is possible.

That pain is always going to block us from believing and that’s why the pain has to be faced. Because we have to believe in a more beautiful world in order to serve it. Or let’s say to the extent we believe in it, we can serve it.

The powers that be don't care about you
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A film by Chris Smiley. Captain Matthew Hoh has nearly twelve years experience with America's wars overseas with the United States Marine Corps, Department of Defense and State Department. In 2009, Matthew resigned in protest from his post in Afghanistan with the State Department over the American escalation of the war. He is now an activist with the organization Veterans For Peace and a Senior Fellow with the Center For International Policy.

Soldier speaking out and saying it like it really is

Volcanoes hailstorms cracking earth strange strange clouds and everything in between

Your cell phone is listening to your every word

Weather manipulation

9 11 referenced in movies

Looking at our earth

looking at how fast technology moves

All that is wrong

Do not watch this if you have a rigid belief system and cant handle the truth


Looking at your data footprint and what is done with it

The powers that be are killing you

Dan Reynolds From Imagine Dragons Exposes The Illuminati

This song really sums up our world

seals and pelicans trying to steal fish parts at a market

im Carrey is the Illuminati coming for you
Just thought he has been acting strange of late and i am sure there is a reason for it

Some scientists are indicating we should make plans to adapt to a four degree hotter world. One wonders what portion of the population could adapt to such a world.

Just a few thousand people seeking refuge in the Arctic or Antarctica.

Business as usual means about four degrees warmer, which is approximately one ice age in the opposite direction.

I need to stress this.

The Paris Agreement is not a walk in the park. It’s half an ice age in the other direction.

One example that Martin raised in terms of sea level rise. Based on today’s temperatures

We are going to hit two meters of sea level rise, no matter what.

Half a billion people are affected in India alone.

Most of Europe will experience about four degrees of warming by the end of the century which is pretty disastrous.

2017 was a record high for fossil fuel CO2 emissions.

We have to move to decarbonizing the world energy system.

And that means a lot of the known fossil reserves need to stay in the ground.

We really need deep sustained cuts right now.

Previous speakers have made clear that we are coming into a very difficult time.

We are in a race against time.

It takes a double whammy to understand.

It takes repeated shocks.

Governments and the media simply cannot say that they did not know.

What the hell are they thinking?!

We Don’t Have Time to speculate.

We Don’t Have Time is absolutely correct.

As we know We Don’t Have Time.

There is no more time.

We Don’t Have Time to wait.

We Don’t Have Time but we do have a way.

This is the heroes on the ground.

It is very simple but it continues to change lives every day.

He came back to Stockholm and he was devastated by all the trash he saw.

He started picking trash while running.

We have created the widest range of green burgers in the industry.

We will carbon compensate every email being sent.

Pope Francis made an urgent call to protect the people on Earth least responsible for climate change.

We need a global movement that demands real change.

It’s our ethical responsibility.

This is what we need to take care of.

Lead by example to solve the climate crisis.

There are not technological or economic barriers. We’re gonna make it, but we’re in the final stages of the political economy battle where corrupted politicians twisted by the interests of Big Oil are still resisting.

It is movements like We Don’t Have Time that will break the hammerlock of the oil industry and enable humanity to save itself.

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i myself am not vegan but this made me think



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