Triple J starts a new game in Metal Gear Rising: Revengance

Triple J plays more events trying to unlock the final event of the episode.

It's the final RAW before the second ever In Your House and Hulk Hogan takes on Jerry Lawler in the main event.

Terry Funk, Jerry Lawler vent their feelings about Hulk Hogan coming back to the WWF

Triple J completes the missions "Operation Sworbreaker" and "Uprising"

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Triple J realizes he can't get further with the strict time constraints.

Triple J gets stuck when he tries to continue in Dante's Inferno.

Triple J plays a hunting game where you shoot deer, bears and other animals.

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The wrestler who was taken from WCW makes his debut tonight on WWF RAW.

The Smokin' Gunns continue their rivalry with the Blu Brothers in singles matches.

The Undertaker and Razor Ramon team up to take on King of the Ring Winner: Lex Luger and King of the Ring Runner-Up: Bob Backlund

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The Undertaker wants Lex Luger and Bob Backlund in the ring but who will he choose as his partner?

After the King of the Ring, we get a preview of the main event of Summerslam if The Undertaker holds onto the WWF Championship until Summerslam.

Who won the 1995 King Of The Ring? Who will meet for the WWF Championship at Summerslam?

The last event before the 1995 WWF King Of The Ring.

In the main event, the WWF Champion Undertaker teams with KOTR semi-finalists: Bret Hart and Lex Luger to take on #1 Contender: Shawn Michaels & KOTR Semi-Finalists: Bob Backlund and Yokozuna.

Konnan has arrived in the WWF. What does Konnan hope to accomplish in the WWF?

Due to new signings, a tag team is back together in the same company.

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Wrestlers try to get 1-ups on their scheduled opponents on the way to King Of The Ring

Will Lex Luger accept Diesel's challenge? What new superstars make their debut possible because of new and existing partnerships?


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