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(Taped at Rainbow Hall in Nagoya, Aichi on March 20th)
1) TEAM2000 (AKIRA/Masahiro Chono/nWo Sting) vs Jushin “Thunder” Liger/Kazuo Yamazaki/Tatsumi Fujinami
2) Don Frye vs Manabu Nakanishi
3) Kensuke Sasaki/Yuji Nagata vs nWo Japan (Keiji Muto/Satoshi Kojima)
4) Dr. Wagner Jr/Kendo Kashin vs El Samurai/Gran Hamada (IWGP Jr. Heavyweight tag team title)

(Taped at Hiroshima Sun Plaza in Hiroshima on March 17th)
1) nWo Japan (Keiji Muto/Satoshi Kojima) vs Kazuo Yamazaki/Yuji Nagata
2) TEAM2000 (AKIRA/Masahiro Chono/nWo Sting) vs Kensuke Sasaki/Manabu Nakanishi/Shiro Koshinaka
3) Koji Kanemoto vs Jushin “Thunder” Liger (IWGP Jr. Heavyweight title)

RIC FLAIR VS KERRY VON ERICH, ST. LOUIS, 1/25/85 (Clipped – Outstanding match – quite possibly the best match I’ve ever seen between these two. They’re given a lot of time to work and do a wonderful job of it. The best part? Ric Flair goes over 100% clean by pinfall. No funny business at all.)
Kamala vs Tom Zenk & Ed Sullivan, AWA, 1984/85
Sgt. Slaughter vs Masa Saito, AWA, 1/10/85
Road Warriors vs Brad Rheingans & ???, AWA, 1984/85

Road Warriors vs Greg Brown & Mike Starbuck, Georgia, 1984
Terry Gordy, Buddy Roberts & Chick Donovan vs Skandor Akbar, Missing Link & Mr. X, WCCW, 12/25/84 (Elimination Match)
Perro Aguayo & El Pharoah vs Villano III & Cien Caras, CMLL, 1984/85
Harley Race vs Jerry Blackwell, St. Louis, 11/16/84 (Blackwell wins Missouri title – Amazing spot when Race picks up Blackwell, HOLDS HIM, then turns him over and slams him. WOW!)
Rick Martel vs Jimmy Garvin, AWA, 12/84 or 1/17/85

Road Warriors video
Road Warriors vs Pat Rose & Tommy Davis, Georgia, 1983
Road Warriors vs Mike Jackson & Randy Barber, Georgia, 1984
Road Warriors vs Martin Escobaro & The Iron Duke, AWA, 1984
Road Warriors singing, Memphis, 1984 (Hilariously bad)
Road Warriors vs The Crusher & Baron Von Raschke, AWA, 8/25/84 (The Warriors win the AWA World tag titles)
Road Warriors vs Jerry Blackwell & King Kong Bundy, AWA, 11/22/84 (Animal slams Blackwell)
Road Warriors vs Fabulous Ones, AWA, 12/13/84

Greg Gagne vs Sheik Adnan El-Kaissey, AWA, 1984 (Cage)
Kamala vs Steve O’Ray, AWA
Gran Cochise vs Mocho Cota, CMLL (Hair vs Hair)
Ivan & Nikita Koloff vs Ole Anderson & Keith Larson, NWA, 11/22/84 (From Starrcade ’84)
Ric Flair vs Bruiser Brody, St. Louis, 1/4/85

Dusty Rhodes & Manny Fernandez vs Doug Vines & Jeff Sword, NWA, 1984
TULLY BLANCHARD VS RICKY STEAMBOAT, NWA, 11/22/84 (TV title match from Starrcade ’84)
Gran Hamada vs Gran Cochise, CMLL, 11/18/84 (Hamada wins the NWA World Middleweight title)
Ric Flair vs Mike Davis, NWA, 1984
Road Warriors in Las Vegas, AWA, 1984 (WTF? Animal is wearing a 49ers t-shirt here)
Road Warriors vs Fabulous Ones, AWA, 12/25/84

Road Warriors vs Zulu & Ken Lucas, AWA, 1984 (Look for the little girl who gives the Road Warriors the middle finger!)
Mike Von Erich & Billy Jack Haynes vs Jake Roberts & Gino Hernandez, WCCW, 12/25/84
Gran Colon vs Mascara Ano Dos Mil, CMLL, 1984 (Mask vs Mask)
Jimmy Valiant picking up Big Mama, NWA, 1984
Jimmy Valiant vs Paul Jones, NWA, 11/22/84 (Tuxedo Street Fight from Starrcade ’84)
Ric Flair vs Kerry Von Erich, WCCW, 12/25/84

1) Road Warriors vs Mark Fleming & ??? Miller, PWUSA, 1984
2) El Canek vs Cien Caras (UWA - 1984)
3) Fantastics vs El Diablo & Dale Veasey, WCCW, 11/9/84
4) Ric Flair vs Bruiser Brody, St. Louis, 11/16/84

1) Road Warriors vs Gene Ligon & Lee Ramsey, PWUSA, 11/17/84 (that’s an airdate)
2) Gino Hernandez vs Mike Von Erich, WCCW, 11/22/84
3) Super Astro vs El Satanico (UWA 1984)
4) Bruiser Brody vs Jerry Blackwell, AWA, 10/21/84 (Lights Out)
5) Ric Flair vs Dusty Rhodes, NWA, 11/22/84 (The $1,000,000 Match from Starrcade ’84)

Perro Aguayo, Fishman & El Canek vs Dos Caras, El Spirito & Enrique Vera, CMLL, 1984
Mike Von Erich vs Buddy Roberts, WCCW, 2/3/84 (not 100% sure on that date) (Watch for Mike to legit punch Buddy in the groin)
Bob Backlund vs Randy Barber, PWUSA, 1984 (Backlund sells way too much for Barber in front of a Mid-Atlantic crowd used to seeing him squashed in 30 seconds. He finishes that off with a horrible atomic kneedrop and awkward chicken wing. Not good.)
Road Warriors vs Jim Brunzell & Tony Atlas, AWA, 9/20/84

Road Warriors vs Jim Brunzell & Brad Rheingans, AWA, 8/16/84 (Brunzell gets destroyed before the match leading to…)
Road Warriors vs Brad Rheingans & Steve Olsonoski, AWA, 8/16/84 (the Roadies do a ton of selling in this one)
MS-1 vs Sangre Chicana, CMLL, 1984 (Hair vs Hair)
Superstar Billy Graham vs Craig Carson, PWUSA, 9/18/84 (After the match, Graham confronts a “fan” and invites him into the ring, then destroys the guy and puts him in the full nelson; I remember reading about this in PWI back in the day…)
Ric Flair vs Chris Adams, WCCW, 11/9/84

Kevin & Mike Von Erich vs Kelly Kiniski & Buddy Roberts, WCCW, 3/30/84
Jerry Lawler video, PWUSA, 1984
Jerry Lawler vs Randy Barber, PWUSA, 11/3/84 (That’s a TV date)
Jerry Lawler & Tommy Rich vs Nightmares, PWUSA, 9/18/84
Tony Atlas vs Steve Regal, AWA, 8/16/84
Rick Martel vs Nick Bockwinkel, AWA, 9/20/84

Rock & Roll Express vs Nightmares, PWUSA, 1984 (possibly 9/18/84)
Dory Funk vs Dutch Mantell, PWUSA, 9/18/84
Harley Race vs Dutch Mantell, PWUSA, 9/18/84
Nick Bockwinkel vs Lanny Poffo, PWUSA, 9/18/84
Kevin Von Erich vs Killer Khan, WCCW, 7/20/84 (could also be 9/14/84)
Road Warriors vs Jerry Lawler & Tommy Rich, PWUSA, 1984 (This one actually takes place in Mid-Atlantic ring; Lawler gets injured so Bob Backlund comes out to take his place!)

Road Warriors vs Fabulous Ones, AWA, 10/21/84
Los Fantasticos vs Brazos Brothers, CMLL, 1984
Kevin Von Erich vs Billy Robinson, St. Louis, 11/16/84
Tag Team Battle Royal, AWA, 10/21/84

Scott & Bill Irwin vs Buck Zumhofe & Jules Strongbow, WCCW, 8/17/84
Rick Martel vs The Spoiler, PWUSA, 9/18/84
Rick Martel vs Eddie Gilber, PWUSA, 9/18/84
Fishman vs Perro Aguayo, WCCW, 2/3/84
Kevin & Mike Von Erich vs Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy, WCCW, 4/15/84

Fabulous Ones & Blackjack Lanza vs Billy Robinson, Larry Zbyszko & Masa Saito, AWA, 9/20/84 (picture has an occasional tracking flaw)
20-Man Battle Royal, AWA, 6/10/84 (Bruiser Brody attacks Jerry Blackwell after the match, turning him face with a HUGE beatdown)
Kamala vs Iceman Parsons, WCCW, 4/15/84
Rick Martel vs Nick Bockwinkel, AWA, 8/16/84

Kerry Von Erich vs Super Destroyer #1, WCCW, 3/30/84
Rock & Roll Express vs Lanny Poffo & Phil Hickerson, PWUSA, 9/18/84
Fabulous Ones music video “Sharp-Dressed Man”, PWUSA, 1984
Fabulous Ones vs ??? & ???, PWUSA, 1984
Missing Link vs Mike Gallagher, WCCW, 3/30/84 (could also be 9/7/84)
Terry Gordy & Killer Khan vs Chris Adams & Iceman Parsons, WCCW, 5/18/84

Super Destroyers, Great Kabuki & Missing Link vs Freebirds & Killer Khan, WCCW, 5/11/84 (One of the Super D’s gets unmasked)
Masa Saito vs Rick Carson, PWUSA, 9/18/84
Masa Saito vs Tracy Smothers, PWUSA, 9/18/84
Masa Saito vs Keith Eric, PWUSA, 9/18/84 (order on these three might be mixed-up)
Andre the Giant & Iceman Parsons vs Super Destroyers, WCCW, 4/6/84
Ric Flair vs Chris Adams, WCCW, 7/27/84 (Flair defends the NWA title)

(Debut show of this incredible show from Japan. Featured are matches from the US – many of which were never aired in the US. Rare footage abounds throughout the World Pro shows. These shows are absolutely must-haves. Quality is EX.)
Kamala vs Great Kabuki, WCCW, 5/6/84
Road Warriors vs Ken Draper & Craig Carson, PWUSA, 9/18/84
Road Warriors vs Tracy Smothers & Keith Eric, PWUSA, 9/18/84 (I may have the order on these two matches reversed)
Road Warriors vs Ken Draper & Mark Ragin, PWUSA, 9/18/84
Bruiser Brody vs Michael Hayes, WCCW, 9/2/84
Ric Flair vs Kerry Von Erich, WCCW, 5/11/84 (Excellent NWA title rematch)

Sam Houston downed Black Jack.
Prime Time: (09313): Curt Hennig defeated SD Jones.
Televised on Z Channel only: The Blue Angel (Owen Hart) pinned Barry Horowitz; The Powers of Pain beat Nikolai Volkoff and Boris Zhukov ; WWF World Champion Randy Savage battled Andre The Giant to a double count-out; Jacques and Raymond Rougeau defeated Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart; Ron Bass rolled over DJ Peterson; Jake Roberts dropped Rick Rude.

Dusty Rhodes & Magnum TA vs Midnight Express, NWA, 8/86
Steve Simpson vs John Tatum, WCCW, 5/16/86
Rick Rude Music Video “Addicted to Love”, WCCW, 1986
Bruiser Brody & Lance Von Erich vs Rick Rude & One Man Gang, WCCW, 5/16/86
Road Warriors & Paul Ellering vs Ivan Koloff, Khrusher Khruschev & Baron Von Raschke, NWA, 8/86 (Cage – After the match, Animal gets attacked with a chain)

Missing Link vs The Grappler, WCCW, 5/16/86
Bruiser Brody vs Marcel Pringle, WCCW, 7/11/86
Kevin Von Erich vs Matt Borne, WCCW, 6/27/86 (Buzz Sawyer runs in)
Rock & Roll Express & Magnum TA vs Ric Flair, Ole & Arn Anderson, NWA, 8/3/86 (Elimination Tag – AMAZING crowd heat for this one. Flair & Robert Gibson are the last two left and Flair works over Gibson’s already-injured ribs and beats him up so bad that Ricky Morton comes in and stops the match!)

Rick Rude vs Lance Von Erich, WCCW, 1986 (JIP)
Fantastics vs Sting & Eddie Gilbert, UWF, 1986 (JIP)
??? vs ???, 1950s (JIP – early example of the Scorpion Deathlock)
Scott Armstrong vs Jerry Stubbs, Continental, 8/86
Bruiser Brody vs Terry Gordy, WCCW, 1986 (After the match, Gordy puts the Oriental Spike on Brody twice)
Ric Flair, Ole & Arn Anderson vs Dusty Rhodes & Rock & Roll Express, NWA, 1986 (Cage)


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