Ravers Paradise

Stu Allen #6 live @ The Eclipse Coventry 1992

Seduction @ Dance Planet Detonator IV
5th November 1994

Ellis Dee #7 Live @ The Eclipse Coventry 1992.

Let's go 😁

Seduction #1 Live @ the Eclipse Coventry 1992

Dj Sy & Ratty @ Vibalite 1st Birthday 1994

Slipmatt @ The Eclipse, Coventry 1992.

A club I spent many a crazy night at 😁👍 🚀🚀🚀

Take me back 🚀🚀🚀

Dj Ratty @ Dance Planet One Step Beyond
8th May 1992

Frankie Bones @ Dance Planet
6th March 1992

Jump aboard we're going to launch 🚀🌙

Slipmatt @ Summer Dance Fest
7th August 1992

Mastervibe @ Dance Planet Detonator IV
5th November 1994

Mixing this stuff is always fun 😁

Time to abuse my crossfader 🤪

Dr S Gachet @ World Dance Midsummer Dance Party 1994

Carl Cox @ Dance Planet The Return of the Detonator
30th July 1993

Peace Love & Unity... Dj drop it 😁

Dj SS & Mc Magika @ Mythology
1st May 1992

Ratpack @ Dance Planet The Detonator
19th March 1993

Dj Pilgrim @ Vibealite 1st Birthday 1994

I've had a dig around in my collection and mixed up some tunes from roughly 94 - 96 hope you enjoy 😁👍

Jumping Jack Frost @ Perception Real Dream 5th June 1992

Mickey Finn @ Dance Planet Detonator III
19th March 1994

Ellis Dee @ Vision 29th August 1992


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Calling All The Ravers

From live DJ sets at clubs and parties spanning the 90s, Also I will be uploading mixes which I have recorded myself.

Rave culture started in the late 80s and really took off at the start of the 90s and its spirit still lives on today.

No matter your sex, no matter your age, no matter your colour & no matter anything really, it was all about having a good time and above all..........
Peace Love & Unity
🕊 ❤ & 🤝

Dj, spin that choon.......