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I am an author, blogger, speaker and life coach. I love God, Country, Family and Life.

I am a right-wing, conservative, gun toting Christian. Yep... everything the far left hates and probably then some.

It is our intent to provide solid survival and preparedness info for Bible believing Christians. This isn't "Mad Max" or "I am legend" info, we are working to make this real world info based on what has happened in other countries and learn from their situations.

My wife and I lived in Central America for the past 4 years, we were pretty lean and trim due to the tropical fruits and food down there. Well, we came back to the US and OMG, all the restaurants, and food and junk food. Everything went on our bucket list and we ate like crazy. 27+ lbs later and I had no energy, no enthusiasm, walking up stairs was causing me to be winded. FOLKS - I was fat, out of shape and was not liking what I saw in the mirror.

Jan 15 - I decided that I needed change otherwise I was looking at health issues. This is where I flash-backed the ketogenic diet. I did this from time to time, but I have never really pushed hard at it and really applied all the things that you can do to really gain max benefit.

This channel I am showing all the things I do, cooking ideas, gear, and workouts that have helped me.

I am sharing this with you on Day 6 of me starting my Keto because I was finding that there wasn't plain, simple how to information out there... Till Now.

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