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There is no more reputable, experienced, or conscientious obstetrician in the world than Doctor James A Thorp, MD. If you think a genocide has not been set into motion, I beseech you, Reader, to think again. In less than a year, miscarriages and stillbirths have hit heights lights years beyond anything in recorded history.


The depth and seriousness of this can in no way be exaggerated or overstated:

"Suppressing effective treatments ... in 2004, 2005, 2014, papers were published by CDC, by Fauci's NIAID, and by 2 groups of European scientists showing all sorts of already licensed drugs that kill these viruses in vitro -- in tissue culture. The 2014 paper by Fauci's group listed over 60 DIFFERENT drugs that killed MERS or SARS, which included chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine...."

I have numerous times this past year documented and posted the precise things which the good doctor in this video in turn corroborates and also documents. These documents come from innumerable publications, including the CDC and the WHO: http://journalpulp.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=24233&action=edit

Dr. Peter McCullough, MD -- president of the cardio-renal society of America and the most published doctor in the world on the subject of covid-19, who also, unlike the overwhelming majority of MD's you hear holding forth on the subject of covid-19, has actually treated many patients infected with the virus -- gave this talk on April 8th, 2022, in the Bahamas. It is without question the most thorough, articulate, and damning talk I've yet heard on the atrocity exhibition taking place in real-time before our eyes, all across the world.


Over 17,000 doctors and scientists worldwide have signed formal petitions vehemently demanding that the genetic injections masquerading as vaccines be immediately halted. Here is a partial sampling I've culled.


A large and growing number of reputable scientists are warning of this. At the beginning of this video I've excerpted a clip from an excellent Belgian physician -- Dr. Johan Dennis -- as but one example.

Anyone who tells you that anybody knows the longterm consequences of these gene-transfer platforms -- all of which were pushed through in two month's time, via the Emergency Authorization Act, at "warp speed" -- is either lying or totally ignorant and or totally evil.

This is "15 days to flatten the curve" some 22 months later.

You could find no better encapsulation of the deadly stupidity of dogmatic partisan politics than what you find in the excellent Dr. Paul Alexander's words near the end of this short video-clip.

Dogma is deadly.

Over a million Canadians are now gathered in Ottawa, and the truckdrivers have pledged not to leave until vaccine-mandates are lifted.

Anybody who tells you than anyone knows the longterm consequences of these gene-transfer platforms is either lying or totally ignorant or totally evil.

Every weekend for six months straight, Parisians have beautifully, relentlessly, powerfully, winningly protested forced genetic injections masquerading as vaccines. They have stood tirelessly against the unequivocal injustice of such a thing.

It's not the vaccines. It's you and your expectations.

Vera Sharav, a brilliant, amazing, independent-thinker if ever there was one, gave this talk today (January 26th, 2022), the day before Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The world desperately needs more unindoctrinated people like Floyd Mayweather and Kyle Irving. Desperately. Both of these men are in this context heroes.

Protesters in Bern, Switzerland, wear yokes to symbolize government leaders treating humans like livestock.

Everybody now knows the New York Times is arrant propaganda. They described the anti-vaxx-mandate protests in Italy as "fizzled out." No person, no institution, no bureaucracy can defeat the depth of this passion. Individual human beings all across the world understand and are fighting. We will win.

Protests all over Italy today against vaxx mandates and vaxx passports - Milan, Bologna, Venezia, Genova, Cesena, Trento, Roma, Belluno, and Torino.


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