This video deeply exposes the hidden symbolism used in this and other movies. Some symbols are blatant, while others are cleverly hidden. You also learn about the different symbol combinations which probably have never been exposed that way. Freemasonry
and the Rosicrucian Order use these symbols that are mostly based on Kabbalah. 'The Lovely Bones' include most of the common
symbolism used by these secret societies: Sun; Pyramid / Triangle; Phallus / Obelisk; Diamond / Rhombus; Capless Pyramid /
Trapezoid; ; Eye; Square; Hexagram; Pentacle / Pentagram; Two Pillars Boaz and Jachin; Royal Arch; Keystone; Pointing Finger;
Horned Hand; 33; 666; Owl; Cat; Fish; Heart; Butterfly; Ladder; Checker / Checkerboard; Flame / Fire; Egg; and more.
Though these symbols are used to influence the audience, they are definitely not evil. The same thing with language in general:
Words can be used to manipulate others. Does it mean that words are evil?


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