Avvin a Laff

David Letterman gave Norm MacDonald his big break on his show. Norm appeared on Letterman's last ever show and could barely hold back the tears.

We love you Norm. You are a Legend.

Thank you for the laughs.

Warwick has a moneymaking brainstorm session with his dopey assistant, Cheryl. Created and Written by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant

Warwick Davis runs a struggling talent agency for dwarfs. He orders a new washing machine and asks his dopey assistant, Cheryl, to help him. Created and Written by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant,

Warwick Davis runs a struggling talent agency for dwarfs and is off to a Comic Con to sign some autographs for cash. Created and Written by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant,

Karl wonders why we can't have a dump on the Highway

Karl talks Charity and comes up with ideas for feeding the starving

Each contestant has to take away a square, and then it's first to guess the Catchphrase. This one involves Mr Chips and a Snake.

The guy in the audience loses it ūüėā

A guy in Queensland got pulled over for not wearing a mask in the truck he was driving with his co-worker.

"I'll see you in court big boy. I never lose brother"


Ricky and Stephen challenge Karl to describe his ideal version of the world but Karl is suspicious of a perfect life. Karl describes his theory of the 'Problem Hole' and explains his snack eating rituals to Ricky and Stephen.

Ricky, Stephen and Karl discuss whether old urinals or sharks in formaldehyde should be considered works of art.

After contemplating the concept of memory, Ricky and Karl perfom a roleplay where they are the two lobes of Karl's brain.

Karl reminisces about an overabundance of breath mints throughout his childhood.

Karl contemplates how many different species are actually needed in the world, and whether or not we should keep looking for new forms of life.

Ricky reads some predictions for the future and Karl shares his theories on them.

Karl says that sometimes he wishes he were smaller so that things like food portions and cities would be bigger in comparison.

Karl tells the story of having kidney stones, ponders a phenomenon - and more.

Karl reveals that he often goes on walks to observe ants, moths and other insects and that once, he saw a bee have a heart attack.

Karl addresses one of his pet peeves: animals that are treated like people.

Ricky teaches Karl some facts about animals; Karl offers a misguided theory about evolution, then recounts the latest scientific breakthroughs in medicine; and Stephen reads from Karl's Diary, sharing his thoughts about the Congo, the decline of gadgets and watching films with subtitles.

Karl imagines what life would be like if he had a doppelgänger.

Karl pitches a bizarre idea for a film, in which the comatose hero, played by 'Clive Warren', has his brain transplanted into his widow's head.

All of all the insults between Karl Pilkington, Steve merchant and Ricky Gervais


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