A note on how I will communicate with others in the future. Do not be surprised when I shut off and leave, as many people have advised me to do in not so many words.

Everything's going straight to the internet, including your groceries and your so-called "social life!"

Distract, Delegate, Document, Delay, and Direct.

These are the 5 D's with which L'Oreal thought fit to team up with Hollaback to stop "sexual harrassment" and bullying.


Since L'Oreal wants to team with Hollaback and stop "sexual harassment," it's time for us MEN to stop using L'Oreal products AND stop being around women unless it's strictly business.

Meanwhile, we can use products from the following companies:

https://americanprovenance.com/ - Skin, Hair, and Beard care, Deodorant, and Shave care.

https://www.everymanjack.com/ - Every Man Jack Skin, Hair, Shave, Deodorant, and Beard care.

https://us.bulldogskincare.com/ US website for UK based Bulldog Skin care, beard care, deodorant, soap/body wash, and beard care.

A note to those professional single parent grifters that their time for sucking Government teats is over!

A call to kill the Equality Act before it kills us and our masculinity.

#MGTOW #Anger #Worry #Fear #RedPillMale

I am the King of Social distancing, for I have done this all my life. It drives me nuts. COVID-19 social distancing is a lie and a joke fostered by people in ivory towers in the clouds who give "rules for thee, yet not for me."

I have also learned that in silence, more people listen to me than when I'm speaking. Hence, I limit my communication with others, quitting those who ignore me and become a waste of my time, money, and effort.

An open letter to my ex-wife Tina, who made me the #MGTOW man I am today.

Wayne County PA residents: Meet my new neighbors, whom you would have blown out because of noise or smell or traffic or water and sewer rights or wage comparisons!

As a disabled Christian man opting out of marital relationships, simultaneously attending mental and physical health appointments, I am a member of the proverbial "Freak Show!" I might as well accept this.

Men going #MGTOW MONK MODE is sweeping the planet, and coming to your neighborhood, as men wise up to women's shenanigans.

How to spot Weasel Language in mail-in voting ballot requests, and stop it by voting in person at the election site!

Joe Biden is a babbling, incoherent "old dog" on his way to be "put to sleep." Do you want Kamala Harris to be his Presidential replacement under Amendment 25?

From my former YouTube Channel

from my former YouTube channel

from my former YouTube channel. I will upload Part 2 ASAP.

video of Church Street in my FORMER "hometown."

from my former YouTube channel

from my former YouTube Channel - about a book co-authored by one of the men who founded the US Army P. T. Program!

from my former YouTube channel - French Surgeon Robert Briffault hits one for the center field wall on this!

Article found at


from my former YouTube Channel - Abstinence until Marriage is the only way to fly.

from my former YouTube channel

from my former YouTube Channel

from my former YouTube Channel - about jobs nationwide vs. the stock ticker.

from my former YouTube Channel - laws and courts that destroy men and our families.


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