how to take apart 12 VW airplane engine part 2


Landing a Pitts S2 in a 360° camera
move your mouse or your phone left and right and you can see what I see.

take off in a Pitts S2 in a 360° camera
move your mouse or your phone left and right and you can see what I see.

how to split and take apart 1/2 VW ultralight engine

the battery thieves got busted, by me!,
every stupid criminal always trying to go back to the crime scene.,
please watch the video all the way through the end while I'm giving this guy a lesson for life.

if you can build a toy airplane you can build a real one as well!! my home-built airplane.
I always advise parents that those are not toys! that you will learn something for the future how to build the real airplane or a real car, but you have to start with a good quality toy, learn all the basics, how to fix it how to modify it and how to design a new one.
I build model airplanes since I was six years old.now I'm putting a real one together, the one you sit inside and fly.

so this is a progress report on my Hummel ultracruiser build,.
working on the fairing on my Hummel ultracruiser ultralight aircraft.,
also introducing my a new 3D printed wheel for saving a lot of weight on the tail of the airplane. ,
contact me if you would like to buy one of those 3D printed lightweight tailwheel, they are $35 plus shipping.,

Those are local guys. Help us catch them. Each time people like them steal, the prices go up on you. Help us put an end to it. Those guys are not so smart and we will find them. And if YOU ARE THE THIEVES, GO AND PAY FOR WHAT YOU STOLE OR GO AND RETURN IT!!! The police maybe gonna forgive you, but we will still come after you.

Jevries Scale Lowrider Products at my shop part 2

Jevries Scale Lowrider Products at my shop

4 different desert buggy comparison losi DB XL 2.0, ARRMA fireteam,super Rock Rey, LOSI lasernut,
from the smallest to the biggest whatever work for you.
size does matter

1/10 Fazer 4WD Mk2 1957 Chevy Bel Air Coupe RTR, Turquoise
Item No.
Kyosho. - KYO34433T1 ,unboxing and review .
, 1957 Chevy Bel Air Coupe low rider

ARRMA notorious 6S three years later.,
learn how to backflip and pop a wheelie,

time for new tires ARRMA KRATON time for new tires ARRMA KRATON 6S RC truck from the garbage

look what we have got for you for Christmas.,
17555 chatsworth st granada hills 91344,
open 11am to 6pm,
motostyles hobby shop,


this is the secret project i am building in the back of my shop big RC BOAT

look what we have in stock for Christmas.,
Get into our shop and get some of the best deal of the year.,
17555 Chatsworth Street Granada Hills 91344.

RC boat impossible maneuver. high speed flip back RC BOAT 42'', from 50-mph to a full reverse full speed ., with pro boat 42'' blackjack 8s

Miss GEICO Zelos 36" Twin Brushless Catamaran RTR

RC SPEED BOAT FPV PART 1 including GPS and navigation,
this is only part one of a beautiful video of fpv riding the boat.,
including GPS and navigation.,
proboat 42-inch Blackjack speed ,

Pro Boat Miss GEICO Zelos 36" Twin Brushless Catamaran RTR 75MPH RC BOAT.

The Pro Boat® Miss GEICO Zelos™ 36 Twin Brushless Catamaran is one of the fastest boats on the market with out-of-the-box speeds hitting 75+ MPH. Featuring twin 1900Kv 4 pole 36mm x 74mm motors, this power system can produce 1800 watts of power per motor.
New stronger hand-laid fiberglass catamaran hull optimized for speed and performance
Scale design, aluminum, push-pull rudder system with working scale dampers
Dual under hull water pick-up lines, for electronics cooling
Designed to be competition ready out of the box
Two water-cooled 1900Kv 4-pole brushless motors


Building on the legacy of the Blackjack 29, the Veles 29-inch Catamaran features a completely different hull and with a new 2000Kv motor that can propel the boat to 50+ miles per hour on 6S power. The Veles is perfect for beginners or experienced boaters. It’s at home on a wide lake where it can show off its speed and agility.
Water-cooled Electronics
Hand-laid Fiberglass Composite Hull
Removable Composite Interior
Powerful 2000Kv 6-pole Marine Motor
Adjustable Aluminum Propeller Strut
11 AM TO 6PM

The Good the Bad and the tugboat

UL-19 30" Hydroplane Brushless RTR RC SPEED BOAT .
This is the brushless hydroplane you’ve been waiting for. At 30 inches, the UL-19 features sleek lines and unbelievable performance using the latest GP inboard hydroplane design. It’s the fastest boat of its kind on the market and comes equipped with aluminum running gear and a stainless-steel turn fin. Let the fun begin!
Fiberglass Hull with Matching Canopy and Removable Vertical Fins
Powerful Waterproof Electronics
Stainless Steel Two-blade Propeller
Aluminum Adjustable Propeller Strut
Aluminum Break-away Rudder


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