RDRIVER Tanks! Having fun with War Thunder!

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RDRIVER Tanks! Having fun with War Thunder!

RDRIVER War Thunder Tankery!


These are now at the front, a few were taken out this week, and likely are getting ready for covering a larger force as it rolls further into Ukraine. We take out Soviet tanks after and get nuked, twice, last time at least our own..if that helps any.

NATO Tanks are all the same, so even 1000 more on the battlefield are just more targets for a trained and supplied Russian anti tank force. Even standard air superiority will not save them. A new Standard needs to be achieved? The new NATO is NOT up to the task. Disappointing Italian combat after in WW2 tanks.

Thumbnail of the SDKFZ/60 "STEMMEL"...Was there one?...Maybe..Until you see one in a verified picture, they remain Fantasy tanks. Just like this overpowered autorocket...thing, the RAKETENAUTOMAT. Lots of combat after as we take out a real life 251 Anti Air and get a new map!

Just a note that it was an Earthquake that just struck centered in NJ
Still VERY interesting event!!!!

I dive in cold on the new game released today from Gaijin - the makers of War Thunder the game I use to showcase tanks. Crossout lost me within a year, will this catch my and your interests? Take a look!!! Its free to play just like War Thunder. Link to Mad Thunder...

Just a quick look at this cool and Dangerous machine, combat got cut off due to an interruption - Sooooo, Watch for another surprise combat vid following this one. Link to watch it work in real life, So cool! https://odysee.com/@Overthrown:6/3382038235776:f

The first of these are going down in Ukraine, Same as the Abrams and Leopard with even worse flaws. These just are not going to do any good. I love British Steel but Their Tanks..well suck. And we see in some combat how a Brit massive slow slug with massive gun can indeed win a fight.

The French led by a war mongering Macron are stumbling toward a war they will lose. And this tank is a PERFECT example why, No drone protection at all, bad tactics for an outdated method of deployment along with low ammunition stores means....defeat and WW3
We then take out some WW2 French tanks and get pasted in one battle while my exceptional skills win another.

This light tank has an unstoppable fire rate and the rounds to match! I call it a tank and stand corrected - It is an Awesome AAA as well! Proximity fused AA rounds AND Anti tank penetration rounds kill anything it can get its teeth into. And its got a remote turret and is ready made for remote and autonomous action. Combat after shows some of its capability as one destroys us!

The official number of Abrams sent to Ukraine is 31 ( I think its 50+/-) but based on that ONE HALF have been damaged or destroyed as of this posting!! A sad showing of our "best", keep in mind these are not our first string models and UK crews are far below our training level. I recreate the kill here. No combat after, Sorry ran short on time.

Re-gunned and up engined in the 1990's a lot of these are being used right now as the push into Ukraine picks up speed. Devastating fire cover and good mobility for dropping off troops make it a natural in the spring mud and ruined terrain. Good match after where it does its job well.

Dear President Putin, I offer the Amerkan solution to this conflick! If you join our climate scam, We will feel better about killing a million souls in Ukraine!! All you have to do is use Pzev military machines going forward. YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS UP!!!!

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At the time of making this we are at 4 with more unconfirmed on the way. Another Mine Sweeper - this one without plow - not sure if its the past one getting whacked again during recovery - I noted no capture on that one. And some definite A1 models getting hit hard. Then we look at big gun tanks in the American development tree in combat.
Link to the Abrams A1 Takedown https://www.bitchute.com/video/DMZfb3mw1adH/

Got wrapped up in this place past weekend, will explain more in my next vid tomorrow. We are trying to grow CAMA If you like old machines follow us below.

As the Russian steamroller gains momentum a lot of these are needed to get boots on the ground, supporting them and getting out. One powerful gun and a nasty rocket surprise make these formidable, despite being light armored. We take them out in combat against all comers including themselves!

This was a specially hardened mine clearing model so was tougher than normal but was still an easy target. They are all being used now, against Pentagon winter protocol, The Abrams suck in heavy snow BTW. We have some American early model tank combat after I discuss the ramifications here.

After a friend said using the first French tanks was hell, I decided to try that theory. WOW are they hard to do anything with. I put some player skills and luck together and survived and even killed a tank or two. I do not show it here but in the next battle...I got TEN kills and first place with these exact tanks.

The Object 279 was designed for the harshest environment ever made, a post nuclear wasteland of contamination and destruction. And to fight in it! You do not control the battlefield until this tank sits on it!!!! Some cool Russian combat after.

One last vid on the topic to make up for the lost part 2. We take out WW2 tanks and have a good game...then modern tanks, I do OK by chance in one, then it goes like modern warfare.

Can it be done, watch and see....I do get god modes...
Two cool matches that have a LOT of potential, can I do it???

Just a rant about how the game is killing its player base by dropping endless bombs on us while we try and have meaningful intense battles with tanks and armored vehicles. Even the famous Stuka shown here was not a huge success at bombing tanks, it took guns on it to do that. This is a vid for Players of War Thunder! Unite and fight the bombs!!!!!

We take out WW2 tanks and Modern tanks to see how long lifespans are, and game time. We die hard and fast in??? And take more hits in? You can probably guess. This was supposed to be part 2 but looks like part 1 is lost due to code error. I'll make another me thinks.

Something that is lost in modern warfare due to full surveillance is the Flank, So in WW2 tanks we give one a try. And almost pull it off, the second time..we do better. Some cool American tanks here, which suffer, as they did!

This was a prototype that actually made it to 30 units produced. Then they realized that huge long T72 gun, YES THE BIG ONE! AND ITS AUTOLOADER! were way too much for a thin skinned narrow tracked aquatic? APC. And the project was dropped...and the company was in bankruptcy, not sure if that was a direct result or not. We go back and take out the AA BTR again for combat in its honor.


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Watch for fun - Watch to learn. See Tanks in combat in the best most realistic game out so far. Like watching a WW2 movie without that sappy love story or unrealistic tanks. And learn to play the game better. I'll be doing lessons starting at the first level and covering a few nations and 100s of tanks. My personal knowledge will come into play as well as I explain real life advantages and weaknesses while showing how they work in game. Live play with other players will be shown along with stills and some fails and wins. Those are my model tanks in pics when not a screenshot, built from age 14 to present. Thanks for watching :)

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