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R DRIVER The Well Tempered Mechanic

R Driver The Well Tempered Mechanic


What was the car that Democrat Policy cost me? And some background about the wreck and also a previous one.

A group called 314 is another Communist front for Democrats working to destroy Science. Never trust the science is the true basis of scientific discovery. Always be looking at the research and data for mistakes and problems. The Democrats want "THEIR" Scientists to lead us..how FOUL indeed!

Ditching that fan up front sucking power, causing water pump wear and creating a weak link is a great first step on the road to surviving a hit and longer engine life. If you don't have Electric fans do this swap soon, they are cheap now.

We all have people who gave us direction, enlightenment and the joy that others feel as we do. Here is a short and partial list of some who have done just that.

VERY Interesting quake this morning!!!

We will be covering how this machine shown gets turned into a survivor special. Tougher, more reliable, versatile and SHTF ready. For when" YOU ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NEED TO BE THERE" Building and improving your ride is not that hard if you know what is weak and needs an upgrade. Prepping with the Driver!

Part of this channel going forward will be RANTS, a part of the show where I go off on whatever is hurting my family, friends and myself that day, or minute. Let me know in comments what you think, discourse matters!!!

A short vid on a 2004 Tundra that slowed down my life a few this week. Needed a LOT more than I cover in the vid, Some projects and work I do along with the commentary and politics.

Meeting and hearing someone speak is very important if you really want to find trust in their words and find if you share the same beliefs. As someone who is on the list for Trump VP AND could then end up as President she was an important figure to meet. I found her to be Genuine, And her new book encouraging people to leave the Democrat Party is not to be ignored, she is fighting the good fight!

Beginnings on the Political side of the channel. I went to NH to support the Free State movement, And it was an incredible and hopeful experience. A brief chat on what its about and the obvious ties to cars and freedom. LINKS:
Free State Project https://www.fsp.org/
Tulsi Gabbard on Bitchute https://www.bitchute.com/channel/7wKJRURaR57V/
Driver X account https://twitter.com/RtechDriver

As we start down the road of a new channel and what it all is about I hope you will enjoy this short tour of topics and where we hope to go. 1976 Buick Special Hardtop leads us off!!! Just a little more about me and where this channel is going...

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Dear President Putin, I offer the Amerkan solution to this conflick! If you join our climate scam, We will feel better about killing a million souls in Ukraine!! All you have to do is use Pzev military machines going forward. YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS UP!!!!

Thank you for watching! This is the start of my new channel and a little about me and the coming content. Automotive freedom has never been more at risk, It is time to join the Political movements going on and infuse the importance of the machine and how mobility is freedom.

To hell with the censor and to hell with YouTube until they stop censoring content.
I no longer load to YT and am just sharing this here. No tankery here, just a start down the road of doing something and putting my money where my beliefs are. Pass it on to ALL those who still waste time on YT, EXCEPT Those who push the envelope and publish facts and truths that get taken down and fight the good fight against the censor on their own ground. Be proud! Get kicked off YT!!!! I plan on posting the next huge censored topic so I too can be proud to be cancelled for my beliefs!

Testing still but got a vid of a start n run here. More content on way!


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Saving the freedom of the private machine! Be it Car, Truck, Bike or whatever you roll!
Hope you enjoy the content!!! All BEST!