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And white genocide. Did I mention Joe Rogaine is a shill that got paid millions of dollars?
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Like Trump, Musk and Carlson, when the world wants a hero we will supply one.
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Laughing at us

One of my most favorite South Park episodes. Can you guess why?

Remember, folks, all religions are fake and conjured up by the reptillians and their minions in the human power elite to keep you all as slaves in the factory farming matrix of soul slavery, especially christianity. Christmas is the one day of the soul cycle for the slaves to be happy and nice to one another, it is all a fake and gay deception.
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Trump is NOT your friend!


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Greetings world, I have come here to warn all of you about the prison matrix we all find ourselves trapped inside of. We are being used as an energy source by parasitic entities which control this realm we know as Earth, reptillians, greys, humanoid entities and many more principalities and rulers of the darkness of this world.

Can you read between the lies?
Look up at the sky, can you see the entities in the clouds?
Does anybody realize what situation we are in at the current time?
Did you know this entire reality is false?
What happens when we die in this realm?

Like in the film Sausage Party, which reveals that we are food products for other entities on a flat earth matrix represented by the supermarket with a dome on top, I chose Honey Mustard as the thumbnail, who reveals to everyone the horrors of the "great beyond" which was invented by the non-perishables, an elite group of gatekeepers which gave the supermarket false teachings, so the food products continue to live in their obviously messed up surroundings, divided and conquered.
Later on in the film, it is revealed that the supermarket and the food products don't even exist, it is an illusion, and their real bodies are in another dimension. They realize they are being manipulated by outside forces, and that they are something called "cartoons".


When we die in this realm of existence, you have full 360 degree vision, you will eventually be approached by demons/entities which pose as a deceased relative or a best friend, a favourite pet, basically any form of a loved one, with full memories of their life on the Earth plane will do anything to get you to willingly follow them into the tunnel of light where you will be recycled back into the Earth matrix with full amnesia, a blank slate, ready to suffer a lifetime of pain and misery, in order to fuel the vampyrirc system and keep you in a low vibrational state.

Foods you eat will affect your vibrations, such as certain meats, because of the nature of how the meat was raised, in factory farms and vaccinated, we absorb the negative energy from the tortured animals.
Human DNA is also found in most products, especially fast food!
Avoid processed foods! Avoid pop! Avoid most products found in supermarkets!
It will cost more, but buy organic!

You can verify the fruits and vegetables by the sticker label:

Drink distilled water, and use a shower filter, our skin absorbs more chemicals and drugs in the municipal water supply than drinking it!

Use borax-20 Mule Team as per earth clinics advice.

Detox, detox, detox!

We also carry parasites and demons inside our bodies!

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