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Re-uploads of videos created by "Reactionary Expat". Focus on culture, politics and economics of the now, the past and the future, reactionary & traditionalist politics, differences between and within the West and Asia. His new channel: OR

There are going to be audio pack downloads (mp3's) in this section (3 as of now).
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mp3 packs: ( Dylann Roof Murders, Why Chinese Won't Become the Lingua Franca, Gay Marriage As a Means of Destroying Resistance to Tyranny, The Pros and Cons of Living in Taiwan) ( Brazilification End Game and Why It Will Fail, What to do with less than $1000, What to do with more than $1000, Where I Would Live if I Could Live Anywhere ) ( 21st Century Geopolitical Predictions (Europe), Leftists Don't Understand Complex Systems, The Fundamental Leftist Nature of the Education System, Postcard from Australia - Festivals, The Cathedral at Work - The Adam Goodes Affair )