Lentils are an awesome little legume. Excellent for long-term storage, they provide good nutrition and can be packaged to store for decades. Cultivated longer than any other legume, lentils are a staple food around the globe.

Prepare to survive social and economic collapse under conditions that resemble a Mad Max movie. No laws, No Law enforcement, No public services, No supply chains, and currency devaluation.

It’s handy to know how many pounds of the most common prepper foods will store in a 5-gallon pale so you can plan ahead. I hope you find this information helpful as you plan and build your emergency food supply.

Use calorie count and the nutritional value of specific foods to plan your short and long-term food storage.
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Consider drones as security for SHTF events like Civil Unrest and WROL situations. Beans, Bullets, and Drones.


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