Update on what I've been up to, and my latest musings. More vids to come this weekend.

A continuation of my thoughts on a variety of topics that have been on my mind. These worthless normies will never stop endeavoring to subjugate the freedom, individuality, and masculinity/independence of every man they meet. I refuse to concede and…

An assortment of topics that I thought of and wrote an outline for. Thank you to all the veterans for serving so WE didn't have to be drafted; we should all be at the very least thankful for that. Enjoy, comment, and subscribe.

This is a rant mainly on what pisses me off about reality TV shows and the subsequent negative things that go along with it. I go off onto tangents too, so take a listen and tell me what you think.

My second video. I did not write an outline for this video, because I decided to do it impromptu after my morning jog. I've improved some features in the video, but I still have some way to go.

Here is my first red/black-pill video, but it's just the first introduction video. Let me know what you guys thing. Also comment with any suggestions for topics or questions that you want answered in other videos.

Also the cover and background pic is hand-drawn by someone and posted publicly online. For the sake of this video, it symbolizes the confrontation with one's own demons/shadows/darkness, as well as that of the world/society. The Red/Black Pill adept/neophyte is represented by the Jedi holding the green lightsaber, about to face down the Darkness.


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