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Documentary about the start of Deathrow Records back in the 90's. Sold millions out of back of trunks with no airplay!! The beginning of the end! Dre sold his soul to satan=Suge Knight!

Heres a couple of bears waving to get some food. hehehe

This bear decided he wanted to sample the inventory at the 7 Eleven

Final part of the documentary on our social condition!!

What is the solution for these criminal acts done to all the world, now Maui and those poor families who died, and are suffering!! Solutions Please!!

Gay agenda exposed by Smart in this extended interview
Industry Questions 29:50
Agenda 38:10

Strong armed to get out of contracts at gun point!!
Frankie Sinatra style!!

Hazing (Raped) in Music Industry same as colleges

I dont agree with all things said tho (cussing + ending)

Continued stylist balls video!! hehehe
Protect your bunghole folks!!

Heated debate about rappers selling their souls for record deals!! Even these rappers defend the God of Isreal and warn against satanism!!

Turns out he's another disinfo agent along with Math Hoffs. Will leave up so you can make up your own mind.

Here's some real talk for ya!! hehehe

Shout out to Math Hoffa keeping it real in Brooklyn, NY

I dont condone the cussing tho

Heres pt.2
R.I.P. Rob Skiba

Here they go again with their agendas. Please watch! Satan loves to mark his property with signs, admissions, and rituals and then loves to deny it to your face!!

Gatekeeper = House N**** (they even say it their songs....N**** this, N**** that)

" is the root of all kinds of evil...."

PS: "Get your popcorn y'all" .... "Get your popcorn? Get your pistol motherf*****" hehehe

A very good video series about our world today!!

We were never supposed to be successful in the devil (penis code) system, unless we betray Jesus Christ.

Here are a few brave souls that dare to share the truth about the industry.

We definitely need Jesus Christ in this hour!!

The net as we know it now will end soon! Make your own library now, sooner or later the net will be inaccessable unless you conform!!

Here's part 2 These things are sick!!

Ezek 5:10
Therefore the fathers shall eat the sons in the midst of thee, and the sons shall eat their fathers; and I will execute judgments in thee, and the whole remnant of thee will I scatter into all the winds.

Good documentary from KJ Ozbourne a good watch, lot of info

Here are these devil seeds mocking Jesus Christ, and showing us that they are down with the enemy!!

Here it is in our faces how they get down!!

They put the info out in movies, then call us stupid conspiracy theorists when we check em' on the info they themselves put out!! The movie has blood sacrifices, selling soul, baphomet, faggots, death and so on!!

This is why homosexuals need to be stopped!!

What a shame America has rebelled against Almighty God, Jesus Christ thus His wrath is coming!!

quick videos on sounds of freedom

heres a couple of FAFO's (F*** Around & Found Out)

ok this is me sinning, cause I'm angry about the system workers that are not defending our children, however this is not the teachings of Jesus Christ or Almighty God but a sinner man!
Just sayin

More sick science being pushed to the days of Noah!!

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We are in the days of Noah for sure, please join us in Paradise, Repent and accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour!!

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Just posting my own video with some commentary


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This channel is here to speak on subject that are otherwise taboo for the blind and sleeping masses. Topics that the "powers that be" would rather keep quite. But since the only Power that governs my actions is Almighty God, Jesus Christ His Son, and The Holy Spirit my Law is The Holy Scriptures known as The King James Version of The Bible and therefore "Real Talk"