now that the media is held in wide contempt all they need to do is ((( seem))) to dislike somebody in order that you will like them. This will give you the feeling that you are somehow smart enough . the point is that Trump, Robinson , Boris Johnson etc are benefiting from the medias clumsy attempts to vilify them . indeed attacks of this kind may even be organised with the specific intention of helping them

its never about genuine philanthropy and Oxford have ignored his links to terrorism and his income that is derived solely from crime. these types of people have no interest in humanity and only give some of their criminal proceeds in return for publicity , honours, prestige or tax breaks , genuine non political chaity is unknown in the Zionist community

as part ofa a deradicalisation programme Bin Laden has been given a new life in London as part of the ' Fresh start ' programme where the world Muslim communiyies are given a new start in the ((( West ))) so Israeli 'settlers ' can steal their homes


my channel is subject to trolling by Zionist accounts

i have certain misgivings about Nigel Farage but will still be voting Brexit Party on May 23rd , a vote for any of the other parties will be a vote to stay in the EU and you can forget talking heads like Sargon and Tommy Robinson

an outstanding song by a very talented performer who represents globalisation , multicultaralism and trangenderism , Netanyahiu was immensely proud of this latest achievement and Israels expertise in vote rigging


there was a time when Alex Jones did excellent work and PJW understood that False Flags were real. Those days are long gone , my guess is that they were sleepers allowed to tell the truth for a while and then shift the narrative to support the government . any minute now they will start to go on about climate change etc etc

dont people have more important things to worry about?

we all need to understand that what we are told , or what we think or what we like the sound of may not be the truth . That would also include me . I at least do not take what we are told at face value and do not blame patsies or widely disliked groups for things that would not even benefit them

moneybags Russian oligarch allowed to live in UK as long as he supports the EU , all his rags are aggressively pro EU , its funny how we are constantly being told about so called Russian interference but never informed about this violent and corrupt oligarch living in our miidst and working against the national interest and our democratic right to decide our own future

and he still does , that would mean the EU would have borders with Syria, Iran and Iraq , and yet some people claim he is a Brexiteer and a good choice to replace the atrocious Theresa May

find some random bozo and get him to confirm official BS using terms most people cannot understand. worked well on 9/11

1.lack of fire equipment to knock down the fire
2. alleged experts giving contradictory explanations as to how to tackle the blaze ( nothing more could be done angle)
3. symbolic date , Titanic, Boston bombing, Lincoln assassination, just after Palm Sunday
4. international grandstanding by politicians asking for 'unity'
5. will rebuild in time for Olympics, just like 9/11 the talk if rebuilding was instant
6. immediate pledges of financial support by oligarchs
7. multiple msm journos on 'holiday' in Paris at the time
8. dodgy cctv footage introduced to create 'conspiracy theories'
9. hero angle, every single event has heroism , in this case by a brave priest who just so happened to be involved in the Bataclan nonsense
10. fire onset far too quick , likely use of accelerant
11. terrorism or arson immediately ruled out , why?
12. stupid feel good twitter stories introduced , phoney viral video search for a man with a beard, who will be found to continue this rubbish
13. headless statues ( luckily) removed by helicopter ? why not use a crane and why the need to behead them?
14 introduction of Muslim angle via fake interviews designed to make the public imagine Muslims are being protected ( but are to blame)
15. symbolic death of Christianity angle

and more , at first i was hoping this was just monumental incompetence by crappy careless workers ( after all considering how often fires start during renovations) but i am now certain this was an operation carried out by the macron regime with globalist assistance

get a couple of yellow journalists with establishment links to pretend to change their ((( minds))) .

jazz Jennings is the face of the future according to Procter and Gamble , natural born females just dont cut the mustard unless they are anorexics or morbidly obese

attacked by ((( SPLC)))

CNN rival BBC for the creation of fake news , even so many people in America trust them for their daily does of Propaganda dressed as ((( NEWS)))

BBC liars put a video of Indian Muslims waving Indian flags to show the fall of Tripoli. sickening

((( Cracker Jack ))) and ((( Stolen Identity Appreciation Society ))) on same shift . fancy that

PS there is no evidence that the trolls attacking me daily and marking up comments from Zionist impersonation and absue accounts are the master race Aryans they claim to be . however it is a certain fact that the sock accounts violate in the most extreme way all the alleged terms and conditions of bitchute and Disqus

so why does Disqus a Jewish owned Zionist platform allow nazis to flood bitchute with anti semitic content?

Disqus has a whole range of tools that are a Paradise for trolls , Israelis are experts at working the system to abuse targets and they have excellent co operation from both Ray Vahey at Bitchute and Disqus David H Steinberg the oligarch behind Zeta Global

soon it will be totally impossible and illegal to question any event , all forms of independent analysis will be removed


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i made another channel because my bitchue hoaxashian account could not be set to private , all attempts to get help from bitchute or disqus failed