troubled times ahead

Unless you are a government minister in which case you can go to Perugia


forget the Moon Landings, 9/11 , this is the big one


sorry guys , you cant both profess to believe the government claim about coronavirus and also IGNORE the stated advice to stay home , If you claim to believe it then you should not be out at all , stay at home and put your money where your mouth is

Echo and the bunnymen , do they need mudguards on the moon?

the problems in Greece are caused by the EU , sadly the Greek electorate facilitated its own destruction via poor choices , meanwhile Israelis encourage Muslims to flood into greece while refusing asylum seekers

i think the narrative is that she was angry that some local busybody was demanding she wears a face mask ,

she takes exception to being told what to do and goes bananas , the strain proves too much and she dies on the spot

or it could be a staged incident to be injected in the public realm as part of the psyop

one thing is CERTAIN that woman was not sneezing, coughing or exhibiting any normal flu like symptoms , indeed she seemed extremely energetic and was doing a passable windmill impression

the conclusion is that if the Coronoavirus doesnt kill you then the public vigalentes will

every aspect of this sodding story is faked

i am making the bombshell revelation that I am not gay , yes i am being very brave about it , hopefully the mass media will now make thousands of articles praising my heroism , this is obvioulsy going to end my TV career asunless you are a gay you cant get any work

anyway it was a state sponsored arson

13 views and 4 ((( dislikes))) anyway they are absolutely pathetic

screengrab is German channel enjoying some quality time with a Zionist channel called Hoaxashians Buttplug in 2018 , sowhat is very sophisticated

at least 90% of comments on Israeli owned bitchute are shit

the idea that 69% of British people trust Merkel is a giant joke unless they polled exclusively Scottish jews

fake heroes, blatantly obvious lies that should not convince a five year old

The UK is not doing anything to defend its citizens against foreign Zionist interference in our right to free speech . i cannot force you to agree with me even though my motivation is based upon regard for truth and evidence ., what I can never accept is the right of malicious foreigners working for a hostile state ( israel) to prevent our fundamental rights to freedom of opinion. I totally reject israeli authority over the internet and private opionion and their ability to smear, manipulate and impersonate the small njumbers of us who dare to oppose their self elected authority

now this man who thought it ((( hilarious))) to joke about Jimmy Savile is being paid to make a mockumentary on this nonsense

i have been aggresively impersonated by Israeli scum since 2011 , framing the inocent is as israeli as bagels

we hear you loud and clear , actually i rather hope she is right , would love to see the world blow up , we can all go together

by the way Greta is very poular in Israel


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i made another channel because my bitchue hoaxashian account could not be set to private , all attempts to get help from bitchute or disqus failed