at least 90% of comments on Israeli owned bitchute are shit

the idea that 69% of British people trust Merkel is a giant joke unless they polled exclusively Scottish jews

fake heroes, blatantly obvious lies that should not convince a five year old

The UK is not doing anything to defend its citizens against foreign Zionist interference in our right to free speech . i cannot force you to agree with me even though my motivation is based upon regard for truth and evidence ., what I can never accept is the right of malicious foreigners working for a hostile state ( israel) to prevent our fundamental rights to freedom of opinion. I totally reject israeli authority over the internet and private opionion and their ability to smear, manipulate and impersonate the small njumbers of us who dare to oppose their self elected authority

now this man who thought it ((( hilarious))) to joke about Jimmy Savile is being paid to make a mockumentary on this nonsense

i have been aggresively impersonated by Israeli scum since 2011 , framing the inocent is as israeli as bagels

we hear you loud and clear , actually i rather hope she is right , would love to see the world blow up , we can all go together

by the way Greta is very poular in Israel

who is pulling her strings?

why does Zionist owned Disqus keep telling me about who i am not interested in , sick of both Disqua and Israeli owned bitch ute

this is the dirty behavioure of an Israeli troll , please help me by reporting this issue and do not allow the constant abuses of Disqus and bitchute to go unchallenged

link to Epstein affiliated troll ( please report and repost this issue)

is it Paul Harris ? wayne King or Stehen Yaxley Lennon , well i guess its easier to sing tommy tommy Tommy Robinson rather than Stephen Stephen Stephen Yaxley lennon


i dont think its ok to encourage body mutiliation

amazing that in 6 weeks Mr Yemini has more than 4000 subs and has already been verified by ((( bitchute))) amazing how popular pro Zionist content is on bitchute as Robinson, sargon and Avi can testify . the idea that TR media is independent is also a huge joke

correction,. this particular German agent has no tattoos , there is more than 1 ((( woman))) captain in the lucrative business of people smuggling . Germans should confine their activities to the North sea and Baltic ad stop creating a disturbance in the Mediteeranean in cahoots with Israel

now that the media is held in wide contempt all they need to do is ((( seem))) to dislike somebody in order that you will like them. This will give you the feeling that you are somehow smart enough . the point is that Trump, Robinson , Boris Johnson etc are benefiting from the medias clumsy attempts to vilify them . indeed attacks of this kind may even be organised with the specific intention of helping them

its never about genuine philanthropy and Oxford have ignored his links to terrorism and his income that is derived solely from crime. these types of people have no interest in humanity and only give some of their criminal proceeds in return for publicity , honours, prestige or tax breaks , genuine non political chaity is unknown in the Zionist community

as part ofa a deradicalisation programme Bin Laden has been given a new life in London as part of the ' Fresh start ' programme where the world Muslim communiyies are given a new start in the ((( West ))) so Israeli 'settlers ' can steal their homes


my channel is subject to trolling by Zionist accounts

i have certain misgivings about Nigel Farage but will still be voting Brexit Party on May 23rd , a vote for any of the other parties will be a vote to stay in the EU and you can forget talking heads like Sargon and Tommy Robinson

an outstanding song by a very talented performer who represents globalisation , multicultaralism and trangenderism , Netanyahiu was immensely proud of this latest achievement and Israels expertise in vote rigging



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i made another channel because my bitchue hoaxashian account could not be set to private , all attempts to get help from bitchute or disqus failed