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Join us for a discussion about trauma based mind control with guest Andrea Sadegh of and more

This week on the show we'll be airing our prerecorded interview with author and experiencer J. P. Moss. Jason brings us an update on the Zeta-human named Bennico and much more! But first we'll be exploring the contents of the care package sent to us from the land that doesn't exist, Australia. The entire (local) crew will be sampling exotic food(?) that in all likely hood shouldn't even exist. See you then!
4/17/19 8PM EST

The guys challenge Ayin Thropos to a 5 frag death match.

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Tonight 3/7 8PM EST on Reality Brief. We are joined by guest Kevan Trimmel. We'll be talking about Solar Warden and more. Open lines for your questions and thoughts


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