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Interview with Dimitri Khalezov, former USSR Nuclear Secret Service Commissioned Officer.
Dimitri Khalezov is a key witness in the 9/11 plot.
Khalezov was in close contact with one of the main perpetrators of 9/11 at the time of the attack and was falsely prosecuted and imprisoned by thai authorities and FBI on terrorism charges.

For more info also watch 9/11 Answers on this channel and buy his all revealing book Third Truth about 9/11 (not for free!) on

9/11 fully explained!
Based on insider information of former USSR Nuclear Commissioned Officer Dimitri Khalezov of the USSR Nuclear Controlled Service , who was close friends with Mossad chief Mike Harari.
This video explains how the plot was set up from the sixties by elites like the Rockefellers, how WTC 1,2 and 7 were demolished and what entered the pentagon.

Main Sources:
Video Interview Nuclear Demolition Dimitri Khalezov:

Book: Third Truth about 9/11 by Dimitri Khalezov (not for free!)

September Clues

JFK to 911, Everything's a rich man's trick

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