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This is another "hold onto your hope" videos. There seems to be an information black out during all these special ops. I apologize for posting less informative videos recently. I've been sorting out my storage/filing issues for a couple days. More Current DC footage, and general disclosure drops inbound!

Disturbing non-graphic content of child grooming and abuse. Let us ask Our Higher Love to be with and help heal every damaged child. Thank you, Goddess.

I hope you enjoy this fun pick me up! This video does not reflect the view of the channel. Except my view that Bill Hicks faked his death and has been using the really dead original Alex Jones' documentations to work for Time Warner under the table (likely at the CIA's request) and under a false name at that. He's controlled opposition, and will avoid real meaningful truths in favor of distractions and incomplete out biased reporting. I love Bill Hicks. I just don't go to a comedian for up to date and accurate news. We can pray for him, and hope his trauma based MKULTRA mind control is broken. Thank you, Jesus!

Nothing can be buried deep enough to remain concealed forever. #GodWins

Take a moment to just go, WOW! I hope this funny little Vine my friend made makes you chuckle. When I saw what he did in only 15 minutes, I couldn't help but go, WoOoW!
Absolute Prequel:

This movie is almost over, so enjoy it while it lasts! 🍿 😎 🌧️

Is that a hologram of AOC over the Capitol? Or is it a Deep Fake? I got it good. This had me going for 12 hours.... It's a CG from AOC's office, footage from Jan 6th. I'm sorry I was wrong. This was being released on a "News" channel, and it fooled thousands.... Sorry guys.
Original Source Video:

I know the military has Hologram Tech, but I didn't know they openly used it like this. My brother downloaded this recently shot and posted video from a discord channel for truthers. The video was posted at 10:23PM today, but the sky looks like it was shot between 6:30 and 7:30. I begged my bro to send it to me, and here it is for you all. What do you think is happening?

To me it looks like TRUMP WON!
Edit: I have since found the video posted on @police_frequency on Telegram, and it was posted February 6, at 8:19 PM, still fitting with the suggested timeline that this video came from today. I can testify, the weather is from today. I live 30 minutes from DC and that is what the sky looked like at around just after sundown. The picture came with this text:Meanwhile, U.S. Capitol unveils a new warning system that signals the building is under attack.
Personally, I don't think that text is accurate, there is nothing other than that posted, no mention of source, or why they think that is the case. I know the holograms are military tech, and they've secured the Capitol, a few nights ago, I thought. It makes sense to me that they are feeling victorious, and are feeling secure in their victory. I do see ambulances, but they don't appear to be holding anybody in critical condition. The pedestrian energy of the walking seems relaxed, more than if that was a warning. You can hear the sound. There's no warning siren of impending attack. Make your own conclusion.

I cut EVERY deep and gravelly wow, plus a few other choice phrases to round out this Documovie Preview. I hope you enjoy watching this half as much as I enjoyed making it. Please download it and make into other memes. This is great raw material for a youtube poop. This is my OC project, but I want the whole world to participate in improving my art. This is only a rough draft before I polish it up. I had to get the WOWs out there ASAP. I was working on trimming the 2 hour documovie for twice as long as I should have, since the first five hours, I lost the project when my computer had an episode. It was a blessing because I had a non HD version, and I replaced the Original source with an HD version. I saved it in 1080p. If you have a telegram, I can give it to you there, instead of this seemingly lower quality version.

Thanks for laughing, I know I sure did!

Here's the famous video that's been making the rounds. I'll put the source here in a little bit.

I hope y'all enjoy this light hearted parody video I found on Telegram.

I hope you enjoy, and check out his other stuff as well. If you follow him, I'm sure the CCP won't care. They're a little understaffed and overworked right now....

I couldn't zoom in with FilmForth, so I had to do a screen capture of my VLC player zoomed in. Just download Diemond Dave's video, and look at it on the big screen. Some of you know what's up, some of you are learning. I hope you view this with an open mind, and start asking questions.
Original video before clipping:
Diemon Dave is a great YouTube Truther, if you wanted to subscribe.

Video ends at 18:00. I didn't know that when I ripped it, while I was watching it. I'll trim the extra time off tomorrow, if this uploads tonight.

Channel: The Revival Channel
Original link:
Description: Jesus is going to beat the daylights out of the Devil My Pillow and Mike Lindell. Listen to what is about to happen!!!
Moral of the Story - Don't get in a pillow fight with Jesus, you will lose!

You can watch this documentary Friday on OAN or Mike's website

This video can also be found on Rumble, here is the link​

***you can also download a PDF document right now that has lots of voter fraud evidence. Download it now while it is still available, share it with everyone far and wide. Email it to your elected officials and demand that they investigate the ELECTION FRAUD of November 3, 2020***


She doesn't skip a beat. I guess they know better than to make a big deal out of troop movements. I think she just really didn't register what was happening.

Red Step Stacker just posted this video, and urged people to share. [ ] Check out his channel and subscribe if you like his stuff. I just had to get the word out, that a lot is going down, hush hush.

Interesting audio clip I found that describes some kind of manifestation machine that we were experimenting with. The description reminds me of the machine (recovered from a future USA time travelling ship recovered on the ocean floor) in the soft disclosure novel "Sphere" by Michael Crichton. Looking at Crichton's novels including nanobots escaping labs, I think he knows a few things.

Fresh footage from DC's streets on January 29, 2021. Still a strong troop presence, 9 days after "inauguration".

I can't find the original link, but I saved the video before it disappeared. I'm not the only one with it, but I wanted to put this up unedited for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. Enjoy!
Subscribe for more Truth drops, and researches. Thank you, and God Bless!

Source: Right Side Broadcasting Network (

Audio channels cross at 1:10.
The Official Source got Unlisted, but here's proof I got this audio unedited from the official White House Channel: [starts at 1:16:35, about] This was what made me look into the original clip. I believe it is real.
It almost sounds like Dementia Joe gave power of attorney to his remaining son...

The way the audio channels were balanced was interesting as well. Seems like we had a secret whistle blower in the editing room.

Cell phone footage from January 25 and 26 as the looting and rioting are met with harsh police response. Source: @police_frequency on Telegram

"Anarchy in the Netherlands. Riots explode across Netherlands over covid restrictions, Dutch leader brands protesters criminals. Dutch rioters who attacked police and destroyed property over the weekend while protesting new coronavirus measures are “criminals,” Prime Minister Mark Rutte said Monday, as law enforcement warned that the violence could last for weeks. The unrest across the Netherlands, some of the worst in decades, had “nothing to do with protest,” Rutte told reporters outside his office in The Hague, news agencies reported. “This is criminal violence and we will treat as such,” he said. Protesters had gathered in defiance of lockdown orders in at least 10 towns and cities Sunday, looting stores and clashing with police after authorities imposed a new nighttime curfew — the first in the Netherlands since World War II."

"Netherlands: Riots and looting across Holland again tonight as rioters take advantage of the anti lockdown protests over the weekend ("

There's only rainbows after rain, the sun will surely come again! Lets get ready for the EBS!

It seems to be American, perhaps. I don't know when this video was taken, but I found it recently uploaded on the Tubes. Anyone with ANY information, or even speculations, please share in the comments. I have no idea what to think, but it's not ET, that's for sure...


Higher Quality Re-Upload from the Source:
You thought those nicely packaged test kit q-tips (made in china) were made from Organically sourced Cotton? Who told you Chyni* would give you something innocuous like that? The "Blue Yellow Gold" Plan of the ChyniComms is to attack in secret in every vector possible.They regularly put dangerous levels of heavy metals in our kid's toys ( Every angle they can attack us while smiling and denying the attack came from them, they will. Their MILTECH is advanced, and I'm not surprised that these high levels of Morgellon's nanotech fibers in Chyni-Manufatured Testing Swabs and "Surgical Masks" (made from "Blown Micro and Nano Fibers" according to the Wikipedia..). What are nanofibers in Chyni? Would they use these Laboratory Synthesized Flesh Seeking Fibers in items designed to go in and around the nose and mouth? Why are people getting Fibrosis in the lungs from the Chyni Masks? Every "gift" is a weapon! NEVER BUY CHYNI AGAIN!! There is no end to the depth of their Evil. The "civilian" corporations that make our goods are connected via the ChyniComms to their Military Funding, and Development. Trump signed EOs about this. Lets Make The World Free Again!! (Or now for the first time in memory!)

*I use this alterantive to try to get around the Cabal AI that is censoring hardcore right now.

January 23, 2021, Russians protested after corrupt Alexei Navalny was detained after entering the country Jan. 18.
On February 2, 2021, the trial of the Rothschild and Rockefeller puppet Alexei Navalny took place in Moscow. This oppositionist is completely controlled by the globalists and is planning a revolution in Russia. The court sentenced him to 3.5 years in prison. Chaos and riots begin in Moscow.
Puppet Aleksey Navalny studied at Yale University under the World Leaders program, developed by Richard Levin. They train and educate future revolutionaries and politicians.
In the Ivy League, secret societies and fraternities existed, one of which is the Skull and Bones at Yale, practicing wild initiation rituals.
Among the members of the society, names such as Rockefeller and Bush appear.


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