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I love this new Don Draper like man in the CFTC. Not only is this super pro fundamentals but this may actually be another way we can short the crypto markets a few years down the line when we can buy CFTC put futures to short ethereum or bitcoin.

Just like John McCain, Elijah was a real prick and I'm glad he's gone. He hates white people, he constantly berated Trump, and consistently tried to screw the MAGA agenda and Trump supporters over. As one commenter at styenhammer's channel said, may the rats carry him into hell. Let's hope RBG is up next.

Also note, this is why Anger and bottled up hatred is very dangerous for your health. Have you noticed all these quivering liberals are dying off one by one due to poor health? That's no coincidence!

I reassured everyone a couple of weeks ago on this topic as Trump was going to 100% veto this idiotic resolution. The only real shock to me was finding out 11 Fake Republican / Neocons actually sided with teh shitlibs in the Senate to oppose our amazing border wall. ELEVEN GOP traitors in the SENATE. We really need to get everyone to embrace crypto currency so we can begin chipping away at corporate power and wealth. They have too much control over us.

4chan predictor guy may be wrong on the price but I will accept a compromise, lowered btc dominance (so those tony vays idiots can continue crying) and bitcoin hitting 10-11k is pretty modest. As long as the bull run can start back up again, I will be happy.

I still can't get over how the conservatives have constantly lost to these liberals time and again for decades. It really makes me think the Republican Party establishment truly is controlled opposition. At any rate, the liberals know they are toast, and we must press this advantage after Trump wins re-election.

I'm sure glad that I'm not a political leader that has to pander mainly to the worst, most idiotic, and most feral people on the planet. Nancy delayed impeachment of Trump as long as she could before she had to cave in and this no vote on impeachment shows that about half the democrat party isn't that retarded. Bummer.

Gamers rise up! Or is it Normies rise up! The classic hypocrit shitlib is arrogant and doesn't know when to quit. One man shouted that I have to get to work and I have kids to feed. Yeah, you're winning hearts and minds liberals. Keep doing what you are doing!

Well, it seems like low crypto prices will have to be in line historically like previous bull runs so that probably means no real upward action for a few weeks to a few months. Worse case scenario we have to wait until after may 2020 when bitcoin halves for any bull runs up. I do hope I"m wrong but unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case.

Despite objections by upper mid level talent at CNN, Jeff Zucker has already determined that Bernie, Warren, and Biden should get the most coverage, while he despises Tulsi Gabbard. Yang is neutral or somewhat disliked by Jeff Zucker. CNN, not surprisingly, is also going only for ratings, which is what we've known for a long time because the internet and social media has really disrupted the business model of "reporting news".

But it assumes minimum democrat turnout which is obviously the complete opposite of what will happen. At maximum turnout, democrat shitlibs actually win 2020 by a narrow margin. This is why demographics and immigration restrictions to be implemented or we're going to become Venezuela or Pre-Embargo lifted Cuba. My take is Trump should win by around 300-350 as New Mexico and Minnesota are actually in play now.

One of the hilarious things I love about Piers Morgan is he really knows how to piss the left off and make them follow their own rules. After all, the shitlibs always tell us there are an infinite number of genders and you can identify as anything, so what gives?

The great news is I've found out how we will short bitcoin and crypto during the end of this coming bull run. So if you make a million dollars, get ready to make several million at the risk of only 50k-100k. The down side is I think the 4chan predictor guy is wrong after today's terrible performance. Damn it.

Turns out not all CNN employees are actual frothing shitlibs. In fact this video shows some at the mid-level management were actually pretty objective and reasonable and don't even like the direction CNN is going. But CNN does have those and Jeff Zucker himself is the master tyrant at the helm.

I eventually find out in the video later that Jeff Zucker and Trump WORKED together during the apprentice and I think Jeff feels genuinely betrayed by Trump. That, I think, explains a lot of the animus CNN has for Trump. Well done Kerry and James O'Keefe.

One of the great things about these shitlib idiots is their ability to piss off and disrupt ordinary people's lives, who've done nothing to harm people. In a way, these are eco soft-terrorists, and the people of England has had enough of them. The ban currently affects London itself but the more angry people get, I could see all of Great Britain actually banning the one correct group that should be banned for being irritating.

I have to admit, I didn't think this cop was going to get charged so soon. Aaron Dean was booked around Monday and is refusing to cooperate with the investigation. Given how mad everyone is, Aaron's only hope for acquittal is for a stacked all white jury to free him. But it's not 2016/2017 so I don't think he can pull a Daniel Shaver/Philips Brailsford. This is why I will never move to Texas. Super crazy bad mojo going on down there.

This is why if you can, don't send your old folks to a nursing home. There's cheaper alternatives and you never know who's taking care of your mom and dad or grandparents. Then again, hiring a nurse or assistant can be expensive too.

There are a million irregularities with this meme video. One, conservatives and christians don't like this scene at all because it depicts us getting massacred. Two, every comment section has tons of liberal/establishment gop botnets spamming and upvoting comments EVERYWHERE, including Tim Pool's comments being censored. 3 this meme video is a YEAR OLD. 4, the room was empty yet somehow the NYT and every fake news terrorist outlet got a hold of this while the organizers of the event didn't know it was being shown.

This sounds a lot like when AOC dropped her music video then said "republicans don't like my dance moves!" bullshit. My judgement on this it is a major false flag attack.

Alt coins look like they're still poised to go up but so far, not much action. BTC dominance is a lot lower at 66.2% though, which means more and more waiting. Bummer.

Fake news terrorists are downplaying the details of this, including the part where the car was abandoned and shot at by presumeably Sean's friends. If this was an accident, he had to flee the scene because he sustained gunfire. Antifa itself is refusing all media contact and instructed everyone to stay away from cooperating with the cops. Therefore, we won't find out what really happened. Props to Andy Ngo's REAL journalism for helping me determine that this was much more suspicious than I thought originally.

My faith in Mexico was rewarded as Mexican cops and Federales arrested and deported 1850+ migrant invaders bound for America. 150 of the invaders chose to walk back home on foot. Mexico is helping out in the short term but eventaully they will run out of energy and money so the mid-long term solution is for us to build up our own wall, remove the shitlibs in congress, and rejigger our culture to make illegal invaders supremely hated in America. Tough job but we are making great progress on all fronts.

Judging by how much anger and irritation the liberal authors of the articles were, this seems like legit brand new wall. Unfortunately it still has to work with the IBWC but at least they seemed to have stopped c0ckblocking our wall. Many weird bs liberal organizations have sued and FAILED to stop the border patrol to construct this wall so I'm going to guess it is legit. We'll have to see what happens though as another court declared Trump's emergency declaration "unlawful" but I don't think it will have much effect and Trump should be smart enough by now to get an injunction against it.

At least this week is shaping up well with crypto currencies as time is running out for 4chan predictor guy to be correct about 16k bitcoin this month. In the mean time the US is trying to overreach on regulations. Hopefully other non american exchanges resist this crap.

The teacher is expected to be ok and cops arrested the crazy nutjob for assault and battery. In a school where only 5% of the students know what a fraction is and 25%, at best, know how to read or write, it makes you wonder why this teacher thought he could do something. Maybe we should punish liberals by sending them to these schools to help teach students the beauty of fractions.

Well, the good news is he is alive and apparently well. I wonder if we could use some of the Mexican voters from this town into America. We could use some angrier men who hold their politcos accountable. Just saying.

But I get why. The troops do not want to obey the orders of a psychopathic leader who sends them to die in endless, useless wars for no reason. Trump at least tries to get the military to consolidate and DEFEND America, not fight wars for other nations. This is why we need to pass amendments to restrict all types of liberalism.

I also forgot to mention that the left constantly burns our flags, talks shit about America, and trashes the military or patriotism. Yeah, I wouldn't want to side with them if I were a combat man too.


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