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discussing ufos and the lies that follow

General news dystopia September 15 2020

Talking about the vaccines for the pandemic and the economy all tied together.

Talking about food bank lines and layoffs

In Florida you can legally stand your ground and this gentleman did. He did not let the mob beat him. He used his 2A right to defend himself against the soy boy marxists, and no charges filled because this is a beautiful red state.

Economy and layoffs

Stockmarket down

Talking about city workers and corruption.

Discussing my conspiracy theory of how the commies will start the takeover of America

Corona lockdown and blood for globalists

So the 9th Circuit Court rules the NSA is illegally spying on Americans and it is unconstitutional.

Talking about a post Tony Hawk did on instagram and how important freedom is.

Defund the police for corporate robot takeover. Yes, this is Skynet.

Drawing how a city goes under so the average sheeple can understand how bad politics work.

Students get suspended for toy guns. Yes. toy guns. Oh and the police are called....


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