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As a judge demands Jim Acosta be let back into the White House, does anyone remember the multiple times Obama threw press out? He was applauded by CNN for throwing someone out saying “this is MY house”. Then, the DOJ leaks a sealed indictment of Julian Assange, whistleblower John Kiriakou blows the whistle on felonies committed by Brennan & Clapper who then classified their felonies and threatened Sen Grassley not to talk about it. And, the recount is over in Florida and the Democrats can’t win, but they will now sue just as Theresa May has betrayed the BREXIT vote in the UK.

Eugene Wzorek is the only man to win against the machine politics and patronage of Chicago using the Shakman decrees imposed against the city by the judiciary. But corrupt officials refused to pay and Eugene has fought them, pro se, all the way to the Supreme Court. He joins with an update.

The Dems have been caught red-handed lying & stuffing ballots. Now, after they’ve failed in the election and recount they’re pushing for more recounts and threatening lawsuits. It’s another defining moment, like the Kavanaugh hearing. And, it looks like Pelosi doesn’t have the votes to become Speaker. Should she demand recounts and file lawsuits?

Brennan: “Charge him with espionage”. DOJ: “He didn’t commit espionage”. Brennan: “Charge him anyway & make him defend himself”. When that didn’t work, he got Mueller’s FBI to create a 12-man “Kiriakou team” run by — Peter Strzok. Whistleblower John Kiriakou exposes the Deep State MO & the crimes of Clapper & Brennan that were exposed Nov 1 by Sen Grassley but ignored by the media.

Neither the White House nor Tucker Carlson’s house are the public square. CNN applauded Obama for throwing a transgender out of WH, saying “this is my house” in 2015. In 2009 his Press Secretary bragged about excluding FOX news and he threw reporters off his campaign plane when their newspapers endorsed his opponent. Mainstream media NEVER endorses free speech — until it’s a mask of their special interest.

Not since Neville Chamberlain has a Prime Minister faced such hostility from their own party. Using Shakespeare’s rhetorical device from Julius Ceasar, Rees-Mogg says“ My Right Honourable Friend, and she is unquestionably honourable, said that we would leave the Customs Union. [The agreement] says otherwise.” Et tu Theresa?

As CBS reports the US Post Office has lost billions 12 yrs in a row and the losses are growing, they say Trump “asserted without evidence” that it’s “losing a fortune”. You’ll find the bill for incompetence in the mail. But Democrats want to turn over healthcare to the government — Medicare for all — clueless about how to pay for it. Avenatti defends beating his girlfriend by saying “she hit me first”, FOX defends CNN’s Acosta claiming losing his press credentials is the end of Free Press while they were both silent about de-platforming of InfoWars & other press organization on social media. And less than a week after Acosta lectured Trump that the “caravan” wasn’t coming, they’re over the wall. Then, Roger Stone joins to talk about the texts he released proving his info source wasn’t WikiLeaks, how the WSJ spun it to say he was intimidating Mueller’s witness and the state of Florida recount a day before the deadline.

World War I was supposed to be the war to end all wars, sadly one hundred years later the United States is still fighting and killing in more pointless conflicts than ever. World War I serves as a monument to the blind indifference man is capable of, inflicting death and pain on the "enemy" right up until the very last second.

With the Florida recount deadline coming tomorrow, Roger Stone gives an update on the situation. And, after Roger Stone released texts yesterday showing that he was relying on information from Randy Credico, not WikiLeaks or Assange, instead of reporting the exculpatory info, the Wall Street Journal reported that Mueller is considering charging Roger with witness intimidation — for exposing the lies of their witness.

CNN’s Acosta fought with an intern so he could lecture Trump about the “fake” threat of foreign citizens coming over the border and Jeff Flake was still spewing the same nonsense — as they were going over the wall. But where’s the military and the barbed wire? And, the media plays all the identity politics cards as they tell us LGBT migrants were the first to climb the wall.

FOX News proudly proclaims “FOX Stands With CNN” in their headlines. Did FOX stand for a Free Press when InfoWars was censored completely on social media or 2 months later when 800 other media were censored? Do they care about the Free Speech of their listeners who are being shadow banned and censored? With the exception of Tucker Carlson & a few others, FOX has revealed itself as controlled, phony opposition.

See if you can you tell the difference between satire headlines and real headlines when it comes to the Florida election count, re-count and count…

States & cities were lining up to throw cash at the world’s richest man — Jeff Bezos. Why did he leave $14B on the table when he chose NCY & DC and what kind of tax cuts could have been given to all businesses instead of these subsidies? Then, Richard Sack, joins—are the California fires just mismanagement & “bad luck” or is there something else happening? And, Terri LaPoint looks at CPS medical kidnapping and “Shaken Baby Syndrome”

The DCCC (Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee) demanded Twitter shut down 10,000 accounts prior to the election based on the recommendations of one research group. Who are these people and who do they work for (besides the Democrats)?

Terri LaPoint,, joins to talk about the “legal process” used by CPS to kidnap children. It’s like a Grand Jury — without the jury — and without due process. And she explains one of CPS’ favorite canards — “Shaken Baby Syndrome”

How did the fires start — natural, accidental, arson, DEW? Why is the land so dry — natural, global warming, geo-engineering? Have government management policies poured fuel on the fire or literally dumped chemicals on the land? Richard Sack,, joins.

Marijuana prohibition is nullified in over 2/3 of the states and a jury has just shut down Sessions attempt to use RICO against a legal grower in Colorado. But the new Acting Attorney General, Matt Whitaker, understands & respects the 10th Amendment & nullification—one reason CNN & others are desperate to remove him.

Even though she’s an atheist, Camile Paglia understands “you’ve got to serve someone” as Bob Dylan wrote. ‘Political Correctness” is the god of the age and insufficient to provide meaning to life or a foundation to society. And, as a feminist, she calls the #MeToo movement to task for reinventing the irrational stereotypes of hysterical women.

It was predictable — and predicted. Yet the Democrats vote early, vote often and KEEP VOTING until they win. How do we stop it? Watch…

Conventional wisdom just before WW1 was that globalism had made war impossible. They were as wrong as Macron is today. The RealPolitik of globalists like Kissinger & Macron will drive us to a war that will result in GigaDeath unless they are checked by the principles of American nationalism. Then, Stan Lee has just died but played a cameo in the origin story of criminal mastermind and super villain, Hillary Clinton. And, the Democrats are winning the election as they keep finding votes — a FULL WEEK later!

The British Imperial War Museum (formerly the Bedlam Asylum for the Criminally Insane) just reconstructed audio from the final moments of World War 1. It explains everything. America’s Founders defined a nationalism that’s peaceful, non-aggressive — exactly the opposite of what globalist Macron desires — a European “Empire” to project power with a standing army. WW1 was a stupid accident, but the war that will be coming shortly will be fueled by a generational change and the RealPolitik of globalists like Kissinger & Macron.

War, taxes and debt are the keys to dominating a population warned the Father of the Bill of Rights James Madison. Today, the $21 Trillion national debt — the accumulation of every annual deficit since the founding of America — is about to be raised again. Yet the money MISSING from the Pentagon books (in addition to what’s accounted for) is equivalent to the entire, astronomical debt. Should we send the bill the Pentagon or to our children’s children?

Never in his storied career did comic book creator Stan Lee ever conceive of a criminal mastermind, devoid of empathy, ruthless as she is greedy — Hillary! Here is the origin story of Hillary’s rise to power and its connection to the Marvel empire of Stan Lee.

Eric Peters,, explains how the Federal govt is about to do the same thing to transportation that they did to healthcare with mandates, taxes, redistribution. Will your current car be the last one you buy?

Some murders, like Khashoggi the Washington Post writer, get round-the-clock coverage for days. Some shootings get the same treatment from the mainstream legacy media while shootings, murders, kidnappings that don’t fit the establishment agenda are buried. Here’s what they don’t want you to see…


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