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President Trump is declassifying and releasing — unredacted — documents surrounding the FISA search warrants and the House is about to release transcripts of over 70 interviews relating to the DNC/DeepState conspiracy. Then, new information surfaces about Kavanaugh’s Anita Hill as the vote is postponed until a show hearing next Monday. And, concerns surround a NC nuclear plant that had a low level emergency AFTER it was shutdown before flooding hit the area and Gerald Celente looks at the war risks in Syria and the financial risks in the US stock market.

Although the Russian plane with 15 aboard was accidentally shot down by Syrian air defense, initial Russian reports blamed Israel for initiating an attack. And, Gerald Celente looks at the stock market risks as we approach October.

The Emmy Awards wallowed in their racist obsessions and their hatred of all things Trump, conservative, Christian or male.

The military establishment has pushed civil war (“regime change”) in Syria and is desperate to protect the last ISIS stronghold in Idlib with one neocon congressman going so far as to label Assad (the Syrian President), the “Butcher of Baghdad”. Should they have to be able to find Syria on the map before they bomb it?

The Brunswick Nuclear Plant in NC is only 4 miles inland. It was shutdown in anticipation of the hurricane’s arrival only to have a hazardous “unusual event” reported by the NRC 2 days later. What could possibly go wrong?

Jake Lloyd dismantles the Obama legacy as the disgraced President attempts to exact revenge upon President Trump. Leaked footage exposes Google's corporate disdain for President Trump, and Faith Goldy joins the show to discuss the platform of her historic bid for Mayor of Toronto.

Faith Goldy joins the show to discuss the platform of her historic bid for Mayor of Toronto.

Jake Lloyd rails against the corrupt Puerto Rican government after it was revealed that a great mass of bottled water meant for victims of Hurricane Maria was left on a runway for nearly a year.

Jake Lloyd breaks down the cognitive dissonance and reality-denial propagate in the work place by Google's most powerful executives.

The Real News audience calls in to offer their opinion on how social media bias against conservatives should be dealt with. Free markets or government intervention?
Jake Lloyd also exposes the hypocrisy of Obama claiming to be the reason for the economic boom even after he claimed that it was impossible to bring jobs back, Serena
Williams hissy fit, and more.

Obama famously asked what "magic wand" Trump would use to bring back jobs, claiming it is not that easy. Now that Trump has successfully revived the economy, Obama wants to steal credit.

17 years later we are still talking about the tragedy that took place at the World Trade Center. David Knight brings to light points that have been neglected and as well informs the listener on the current issue with what Obama has been saying about the Benghazi attack. Hugo de Garis joins the program to speak on the issues with AI and how they are transforming at a faster pace than what humanity thinks.

Former President Barack Obama suggested on Friday September 7th that outrage over the 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi — which resulted in the deaths of four Americans — was a result of "wild conspiracy theories."

Researchers have demonstrated an attack technique which could allow criminals to unlock a Tesla Model S vehicle in only two seconds.

Professor Hugo de Garis joins David Knight to break down the upcoming Gensix event and as well speak on how humans can become extinct as AI develops.

As Syria moves to take out the last stronghold of ISIS in Syria, Google shows that it serves not just the authoritarian Chinese dictator, but the dictates of the US military industrial complex by cutting off communications of those inside Syria as Nikki Haley goes full pre-cog and accuses Syria of pre-crimes. Then, Steve Quayle on the coming post-human future that is already further than you realize. And, Sweden rejects not just open borders but a failing socialist healthcare system as Jim Carrey tells the left to embrace socialism.

NFL stadiums don’t last much longer than the players. And the cost is going up exponentially for the taxpayer funded corruption. No wonder the NFL has no respect for the dumb f**kers who pay their business costs.

As the technocratic elite have moved into the open to control speech, movement and other aspects of liberty, the technology they have hidden is far more powerful than what we’ve seen. Steve Quayle breaks down the goals of transhumanism and plans for a post-human future.

This is how the US government squanders blood & money in wars without end.

Bad timing. Just as Sweden is rejecting no only open borders, but a failing socialist medical system, Jim Carrey & Bill Maher encourage the left to be proud socialists. David Knight breaks down how Sweden’s socialist healthcare is failing and the socialist aspects of American healthcare that need to be removed here.

Michael Hayden spoke to the law students at Washington & Lee and defiantly owned dragnet surveillance of the American people, defended Clapper lying under oath and revealed who they’re REALLY looking for.

While many on the left applaud censorship of any speech they hate, many on the right excuse “social” media censorship as the conduct of private businesses entitled to do whatever they want with their company. As Twitter permanently bans Alex Jones, David Knight explains why this is not simply big companies operating independently and why it’s about to get much worse if we don’t realize the private-public partnership for population control. Then, as Rand Paul suggests that a lie detector test be administered to WH personnel to find the leaker, Nikki Haley steps up the bellicose threats about a gas attack that hasn’t yet happened but will be used a pretense for war.

Who are the “Five Eyes” and why are they preparing legislation in Australia (with global implications) that will outlaw encryption and mandate that anyone with a website snitch on everyone with whom they have contact.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said 5 times on Capitol Hill that his private site is a “public square”. That admission and a 1946 Supreme Court decision would outlaw his banning of Alex Jones and others from a “public square”, even if it is privately owned.

Several legacy media organizations were ready with full articles that they published simultaneously with Twitter’s public announcement of the banning of Alex Jones. Collusion? Conspiracy?


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