Google Maps recently labeled the Oval Office as permanently closed, likely because Trump had it shut downDonald Trump Will Not Be Sworn in as President on March 4th Doubles, Clones, Actors?Q Drop 4414 implies that after RED 1-6 are achieved we are to focus our attention to "Castle_Rock.iden and His Wife Get Booed at Super Bowl LV

Capital Building Surrounded! Major Arrests Happening! School Kids Run Away From Forced Vaccine!
Youtube removing Videos, and Taking down Channels.
US Military at the White House Arresting Congress
Feb 5th? Feb7th Superbowl? March 4th?April 4th?

Because of the Censorship and video being taken down. I am helping spending the Word. This is back up in case.
Mike Lindell of the MyPillow company has released his long-awaited video documenting the voter fraud of the 2020 election.

The only question now is, when are the People going to enforce justice against the criminals and traitors in government today?

(That was powerful stuff. Youtube Removed This Critical Information With Quickness) Searching for a back up video now,

Massive number of Emergency Vehicles Arriving at the US Capital Building just as the Session Adjourned… very strange.

BREAKING: Central-Banks Deep-State agent arrested in Moscow! There are around 100.000 such agents coming from Germany, France, USA... in Russia and working on all kind of insurrections in the name of Human Rights as also the Eugenics-Mass-Killing of Bill Gates is - from their point of few! The real reason why there are there is of course the fact that Russia refuses to implement a Central-Bank that belongs to the eight dark families! Hopefully other states will also do so and put all of the eight-dark-families agents, including western mainstream media and the big tech, straight away into the jail!

As the high strangeness continues in our nation’s capital, researcher and radio host Brent Johnson returns to SGT Report to deliver what he believes to be the absolute 100% truth: The US Military is in charge and the house cleaning has begun.

Something Big Is Happening Right Now Massive Fleet of Naval Ships Spotted Along California Coastline! Broadcast TV Stations Told Prepare for Martial Law – 72 Hour Emergency Alert System Pre-emption Confirmed: President Trump Will NOT Welcome China Joe to the White House on Wednesday
Arrested, D.C. on Lockdown, CCP to Attack US, EBS to Activate Wednesday

Capt Ed Hayes
20 Points of Why America Is Transitioning Corporate to Republic & Biden Will Not Be President

General Flynn Just Dropped a Bombshell!! Of what is happening

Update on where we are. Martial Law. War with China. Censorship. Next President Trump

Whistleblower says Pelosi WAS Arrested for High Treason on 1/11/21
Here’s some spooky stories that are fun. Happy silly Teflon Don

Major Arrests Just Took Place – Nancy Pelosi – AOC – Joe Biden – Hunter – Kamala Harris – CEOs Of FB Twitter Youtube Etc???

Pelosi Nearly Sparks NUCLEAR WAR with Russia!
Pelosi called the Pentagon’s top general on Thursday and urged him to add extra precautions to stop what she called an “unhinged” President Trump from using the nuclear codes.

In a long statement, Pelosi said she made the drastic call to Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley as pressure mounts for Trump to step down or be removed from office via the 25th Amendment after the deadly US Capitol siege.

God is on our side! Meanwhile the deep state continues to try and move there globalist agenda forward. God willing the truth will be revealed and God willing we the people will prevail.

President Trump Delivers Remarks Upon Departure from JBA 1/12/21

Update of what's Happening Jan 12 2021

arrested on 80 count indictment for
Child Trafficking, Fraud.
It appears that Pope Francis tweeted out this morning, however Conservative Beaver has confirmed Pope Francis has a social media team that schedules his posts, and this one was pre-planned. If you click on the tweet, you can see TweetDeck was used to schedule the post.

Pope Francis is still in Federal Custody in Italy, hence, he has not been seen on video. The FBI are enroute for the interrogation, according to sources.

US Has Just Declared War on China! - Simon Parkes Must

The Crime Of Treason Has Been Completed!
Everything is going as Plan. Game not Over

Mike Lindell from the plane on his way to meet general Flynn and Sidney ...


Very Sad Day in America.

The pro-Trump protestor who was shot by police inside the Capitol Building has died.
The unarmed woman was shot through a window on a closed door by an officer.

Lin Wood shares what is on Hunter Biden’s laptop & John Podesta’s laptop. If President Trump orders the military to seize documents, Chief Justice Roberts, Nancy Pelosi; others will be immediately arrested. Documents must be seized before they are destroyed.

Mike Pence announces on New Year’s Eve that he no longer plans to pursue career in politics I noticed the following post. I can not attest to any other source to support Lin Woods Twitter Post below. Assuming its founded, I am not sure how best to process this news at this time, based on what is expected of Pence on January 6 AD 2020!

Pallets of Fake Ballots in Georgia’s Fulton County Were Identified, Trucks Picked Up and Shredded.


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