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Source: Brit Girl channel

Resolution on the Euro-Mediterranean Conference in Barcelona

Source: Esoteric Truths channel

National Action group have now been banned and arrested under the Terrorism Act 2000 for being a "right wing extremism group" ANY association with the name National Action or group can apparently get you arrested.

Taken from the number one documentary world wide produced by Dennis Wise

Joseph Goebbels Final Speech.

Source: The Impartial Truth channel

2017 Documentary on the NWO and Death of the West. Western civilization and all it's traditions are in a state of decay and demise. All European Blooded Nations on this Earth have been subverted and destroyed! Action must be taken with immediate desperation and no haste to inform our People and correct the course that is leading us to our destruction. Education is key to understanding the problems WE face today. Truths They Don't Teach Us In School!

Documentary by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

To be a National Socialist

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