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Hi, dear Freedomlovers

I hope you are well.
In this video you will be able to find out more about why I think that we are in a cycle of change where our society is declining because of complacency and depravation. You might share or not share my oppinion that tough times produce tough men and complacent times produce weak man in general and this is why our society is declining. Have a look on the content. Please share your comments. Please remember to subscribe and give me a thumb up if you like it.

The link to the video about the decline of wesern civilisation:

Hi, dear Freedom lovers

in this video I hope to support you in recognising that you have been right in your assumptions about the outside reality when you feel sometimes depressed or stifled. You eventually have been pushed around by someone particular or even by a group of people. But you shouldn't doubt yourself. Your judgment is correct, you just have been effected by the "cunts of this world". Cunts of this world are unsuccessful people who have lost their faith in themself and don't wanna see you succeed. Therefore they do loads of things to hold you back. And if you are surrounded by too many people of this kind this negative feelings about yourself can go viral and you can even become depressed. But don't worry. Cure lies within you. You just need to understand that it is about them and not about you. It's their low self-esteem. It's their low self-value that makes them behave negatively against you. This is why it is so important that you surround yourself by the right kind of people who support and love you. But even more important is awareness. Awerness about the fact that it is about them and not about you then you can stop ūüöę doubting yourself and start leaving the "cunts of the world" behind. Healing then will come. Believe me - it will. And then you can begin to celebrate yourself - as a man. And this is awesome ūüĆü. I have never experienced anything better than that. And you can do too.
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Link to the video made by Matt from 44 secrets. I referred to:

Hi, dear Freedom lovers.
I hope you are doing great. In this video you are able to find out why men should enjoy themselves more frequently and why worrieng does not work out. In this video I relate to the video 'memento mori' and I emphasise how every minute is immensely important.

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Hi, dear Freedomlovers

In this video, you will be able to find out my thoughts on the topic of the degree of automation in current times and how I think automation will influence the job environment. Almost every IT company jumped on the train of automation in order to eliminate manual workload or human interaction in general. This will reduce jobs in very near future and you will see me discussing the necessity of creating new ways of earning for many people.

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Hi Dear Freedom lovers
This is my newest broadcast about the Art of Sales. You will be able to discover why I find the art of sales being very important in any area of life. You will be also able to understand why sales are just human communication and psychology and why when we talk with our children we are in the area of sales. In the video, you will see me addressing the objections which still exists when people speak and think about sales. I hope you enjoy the video. Eventually you relate to my passion for sales.

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Wishing everyone all the best.


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Dear Freedomlovers
Here you will be able to find out about my opinion about Network Marketing and why I think that this might be the business model of the future (at least one of the valid ones) which will help people creating passive income. In times of fast improving artificial intelligence there is a current and compelling risk of jobloss and job distribution to robots and applications. I am addressing the objections addressed towards network companies as pyramid schemes. Living in the age of fractional reserve banking which is a fullsized pyramid scheme I believe that having an own pyramid in form of a community network is helping the right and secure size of passive income.

Here the links I am talking about:

For the increased advance of AI (Interview Tony Robins with Robot):

For nerwork marketing (Interview Eric Worre & Roberk Kyosaki):

For Arbonne (US Version for $):
Reach out for more details for UK £ compensation.

and my website for orders and to have a look on the value Arbonne delivers for 30 £/year:

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Hi dear Freedomlovers.
I hope you are doing well.
This is just a short follow up on the recent executed Brexit. I am a part of an Indipendant country which is not part of a big conglomerate ruling above the head of member countries and people. I obviously mean the European Union with this. You can experience with me my joy to be part of an Indipendant state and how I experience the feeling where even breathing feels more easily. Looking forard into England's brighter future hopefully and really keen to get to know your thoughts. Please feel free to give me a thumb up if you like the content.

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Dear Freedomlovers

I have the amazing opportunity to speaking with you about my gratitude of being ouside of the European Union. Three days after Brexit finally has been done it's a pleasure to distribute news out of a more libarated Great Britain. You will have the opportunity to understand my point of view on the European Union and why man should distrust this large organisation. I am speaking about my experience of the implementation of the Euro in the EU and how I believe it impacted the national economies negatively.

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Hi, my dear Freedomlovers
In this video you will understand why I think that one must sometimes leave people behind.
There are times where sacrificing for someone else might mean selfabuse or the allowence to be abused by others. There is no reason why man shouldn't live life to the fullest as long as you don't hurt anyone.
Sometimes people who call a man an egoist are the greatest egoist themselfes. Beware who you stick to as this will define who you will become.

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Hi, Dear Freedomlovers

In this video you will be able to find out why politicians are the most morally reprehensible human beings in the world. Why there is no need for them at all and why they usually create only chaos. You will also understand why they are taking no responsibility are completely not accountable and manage other people's property and wealth without having the right to do so.
Again you will be able to find out why I think politicians are responsible for wars. Wars in which they - the politicians - are mostly not exposed to the risk of death and why their wars are based many times on lies.

I am adding a link to the review of the movie 1917 which is running in cinemas and which shows the cruelty and stupidity of war. World War I was an excellent example of the abuse of a whole generation through the ruling elite aka politicians.

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Hi dear Freedomlovers
Good to meet you again in this wonderful year 2020.
In this video you will be able to find out what I think about the possibility of a life after death and why I - just in case - contemplate that there might be nothing. You will understand why I - when following Aristotle's teachings of reason and evidence and sticking to the statement of Socrates that: "I know that I don't know anything" consider death to be the final stage of life a real possibility. You will also get to know what I thing about how I should live my life because of this possibility of life being a limited event. You will hear some encouragement to live your life to the fullest and to speak out for truth and freedom instead of - watching Netflix for example. I hope you enjoy watching the - till next time and please let me know your thoughts. I will appreciate.

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Have a great day ahead guys and dolls ;-)

Hi, dear Freedomlovers
I hope you are doing great.
In this video you'll get to know what I learned about dating single mothers throu the red pill community and how this related to my recent experience.

Some links I have been watching but this time I didn't follow - my fault :-) :

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Till next time

Hi, Dear Freedomlovers

As described and why in most cases married men are manginas.

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I am adding here a video about someone else posting in regards to men/women issues and why I think marriage is a threat to men:

Hi, dear Freedomlovers
Happy new year and all the best for 2020.
In this video you will find out why I think marriage is limiting your civil freedom as you will become instantly object of a network of limiting and risky legal regulations once you sign up for marriage. You will get to know how in the past in historical times in Poland a Male child has been given under the custody of his father after the age of seven and why you will be never experiencing such things in modern days. You will be able to get to know some risks you are exposed to once you will be married and eventually will need to divorce. You will also understand that as a modern man you became just a statist in the game of marriage and child custody. You will eventually understand that married man are potential white knights and a risk for other men as they don't understand that they are not doing any favour to civilisation anymore by protecting women. You will get to know about MGTOW and why I value this movement and I will do another video in which I will explain what to do instead of marriage and going MGTOW in case you still want somehow have relationships with women.

Enjoy and thanks for your time and watching.

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Hi, dear Freedomlovers
In this video you will be able to get to know more about how I do my financial planning. You will be able to get to know about future plans and why I do have developed one, three and five year plans. I am sharing with you also what I have in mind when I speak about the A and the B number. Generally I am sharing why I believe that planning and reviewing your goals and to write this down is really important.

Apart from that I wish everyone a happy new year 2020 and good luck with your plans.

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Damian Dziengo

Hi Dear Freedomlovers

In this video you will learn about my arguments in favour of a stateless society. You will also learn why I think that in case people are healthy and not disabled physically or mentally they are just immature when calling the state for support. You will be able to get to know examples where the state just creates disastrous results. I hope that this video will help you understand my point of view on true freedom.. I regards to topics I discuss education, war, road construction and how the state is just the cause of war and the root for violence or why it is just obsolete in the case of road construction. You will get to know why taxation is pure violence and why it is the necessary part of violence which enables statist societies to start and maintain wars.

As an add on I am sharing the link to Stefan Molyneaux's book Practical Anarchy which I read as a hardcover book and I strongly recommend to read when dealing with the idea of a stateless society:

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With that said I wish you a Happy Christmas and see you soon my dear Freedomlover friends.


Damian Dziengo

Hi, dear Freedomlovers

In this video you will be able to find out more about my thoughts on the general elections in the United Kingdom from the 12th December 2019. You will find out why I prefer Brexit above Remain. You will also hear about why I am sceptical about the European Union as it is becoming more and more centralized. You will get to know why regardless of Brexit and the win of the Tory party Boris Johnson is not a savior. Look for insights about why Boris Johnson's promise to fund a free NHS equals Obamacare and the taxpayer will have to pay for it. And some other thoughts how things could move on in the UK after Brexit.

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Looking forward to hear your thoughts.

Here the link to Boris Johnson speech about the NHS after the election from last Thursday:


Hi, dear Freedomlovers
I hope all of you are doing well.
In this video you can see my contemplations on individualism and altruism and how to find the right balance. At the end I eventually come to the conclusion that there is no better way to live as to take care of yourself first and not to care too much about other people opinions on if what we are doing is right or wrong. But I also logically assume that because this is for everyone the same the only way of how succeed in life is to find out and to serve the need of others. Bringing this together there is this duty of self care, the joy of self ambition and the general idea of service and the reward for it coming in form of feedback for it. I believe this topic is very tricky as we are conditioned to believe that we have subordinate our will for the sake of good of other people. But to sacrifice yourself for others is a sign of self disrespect and pedastalisation. When others obviously are trying to put us down out of envy or because they are jealous - we have the full right to an extended counter strike without any need of regret or feeling bad about ourselves. Who wants to destroy us deserves being put in place and bring punished.

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