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Commuting to work on the tube in London I came across another huge billboard promoting a book "my sister the serial killer" which seems to be promoted as a good catch. After starting to read a probe - man must quickly realise that the book is just another brick in the wall in the mainstream promotion of feminist rubbish sub culture. The book starts with a scene which is feeding the feminist role model of a big bad 6 fee tall predator guy abusing an innocent small women. The women just can't act differently but stabs the guy to death and remains victorious over the predator. The book is bad written doesn't keep the reader in tension and does not trigger craving for reading more. It is just simple rather stupid language not worth wasting time to read. But most of all the book is political and is obviously promoting the feminist stereotype of women being capable in the same way like men and wanting all what men already have. It is also promoting the stereotype of toxic aggressive masculinity. Watch the video. Don't buy. I really hesitate to write about it to not to promote it and leave me your comments please.

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Experiencing theft and being an victim of burglary which happened just during my short holiday absence I found some mental strength to discuss the poor performance of the London Mayor on crime and sufficiency of public transport. In this video you can expect some thoughts about the way I see Mr Khan avoids a serious discussion about important topics like overpopulation and cultural domination in London but praising his work instead and looking into investigating hate-crime while leaving out victims of normal crimes more and and more on their own. Please let me know your comments. Please also investigate the two links below relevant to my video-topic:

I also discovered that YouTube is maintaining an very positive algorithm in regards to Mr Sadiq Khan. When typing his name and some relevant keywords mainly his own statements are popping up where he is positioning himself as a major and effective player for London and UK.

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Hi dear freedom lover. You can here expect a documentary about my journey to Hamburg in September/October 2019. Part 1 tells a story about Heathrow and the flight with British Airways to Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel. The Content is in German as I am explaining London Heathrow to my German viewers. Enjoy and feel free to subscribe so you never miss out on new content. Cheers Damian

Hi das ist eine Reisereportage über meinen Trip nach Hamburg im September 2019. Die Reise beginnt in London Heathrow. Den Flughafen stelle ich vor. Du kannst mich dann auf dem Flug nach Hamburg begleiten und wir landen schliesslich gemeinsam in Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel - gesund und munter und froh wieder in Hamburg zu sein. Genieß den Beitrag und fühl Dich frei zu subscriben damit Du auch den Rest der Reise mitbekommst. LG liebe Freedomlover. Der Damian

Hi my dear freedomlovers. In this video you can expect an interview with a friend of mine who is working in the City of London for an AI company speaking about his impressions in regards to lifestyle and lifequality in the capital of Great Britain. We speak about commuting, accomodation standard, costs of living and the overall stress factor. I hope you enjoy the content and if so please consider liking and subscribing to my channel so I can continue to deliver you more interviews like this. Thank you and till next time. Damian

Hi Today was a funny day. I decided to stay longer @ office because of the commute situation. After 5 pm I went to Moorgate Underground Station - just today wasn't a lucky day for me as Moorgate was partially flooded with water because of some rain comming down during the afternoon. The result was that London Underground closed one railway route which created a complete chaos @ Moorgate. As I stucked in the crowd downstaris for a while I decided to exit the station. It took me round about 30 minutes to get out there. Yeah so the whole thing triggered some thoughts about London's overpopulation and the commute situation which I am sharing in the video. As the evening got late I shared some unorthodox thoughts how to solve the situation. I hope you have fun watching. Please feel free to subscribe and to hit the notification button. Also give me a like if you like it and comment if you don't like it or have somethin relvant to say. See you soon and Cheers.

Contemplating about the incident in Wimbledon @ the Centre Court Shopping Centre I decided to share my final thoughts on the fact of being asked to stop filming and about what I found most irritating. It wasn't the fact of being asked to stop filming but rather the...yes to find out more feel free to watch the movie and to make your own oppinion. I am looking forward to your comments. Thanks. Allo feel free to subscribe and to hit the notification button.


As making a movie about the most well known shops present in the Centre Court Shopping Mal in Wimbledon I have been asked to stop filming. Explaining that I am just reporting about existing brands in this shopping centre didn't help. I find it quite strange as I was doing free marketing for the mal and it's brands but I am curious about your comments. Do you feel that it is normal to stop tourists or customers from filming in a mal with the reason that we are living in strange times? Looking forward to your comments

London Love Boat Party 2019. Impressions of a beautyful weekend in London

Just came across an adv on one of the tube stations in London. It was promoting the new movie "The Kitchen". I think something comparing clever female criminals with smart male suspects. My thoughts on this from my perspective as an experienced criminal lawyer.

On Gender Dynamics one more time. Comparing to a new video from Red Ice TV.

Here the link to the Red Ice TV broadcast. To find out more watch and compare:

A video about gender dynamics and why men and women do have such a hard time together.

#redpill #bluepill #feminism #antibabypill #women #men #genderrole #sexualmarketplace #divorce #pairbonding #getmarried #entitlement #masculinity #feminin

3 methods to handle prospects objections which really helps. A contemplementary video to the principles of objection handling

#objectionhandlingprocess #coldcallprocess #prospectingbyphone

My general thoughts about SOCIAL ENGINEERING and how I compare what happens in the US with what happened in Poland 1981. Criticism of political social engineering finding place in schools and universities. A statement against leftist politics, communism and feminism.

#social engineering #communism #anarchy #taxes #immigration #paygap #philosophy today #democracy #society #indoctrination #bluepill #redpill #communists #communistpower #mainstreambroadcast #opinions #politicalopinions #freespeech #civilwarrisk #intrinsicfreedom #freedomofspeech #democrats #republicans #trump #poland #uk #usa #feminism #antibabypill #masculinity #mgtow

How to deal with two common objections: "Please send me Information first" & "We have an internal team dealing with this process".

London housing problem and how politicians overlook it but enforce immigration and diversification with public advertisement. About the fact that Europeans are a minority in Tooting, Tooting Bec and Balham and the future outlook. About promoting intolerance via tolerance promotion and why this is suicide for: tolerance. Also, a bit complaining about London's commuting comfort and contemplations about who is profiting from the overpopulation and immigration in London most and mainly who is not.

#politicaldiscussion, #londonhousing #londonrealestate #comfortinlondon #londoncommute #commentsonlondon #southlondonreality #europeandlondon #islamandlondon #tolarance #democracy #toleranceanddemocracy #freedomtalk #questiontomayor #questiontopoliitcians #lifestilequality

Best Practise - Part#1: how to handle the objection: we have no interest aka we are currently not looking into it.

two common objections during prospecting outbound: no time and we already collaborate with a partner. Best practice how to handle.

Getting an phone appointment on the C-level often requires a strategy. The strategy needs to include the C-level assistant, his PA. Because very often the CEO or the C-level representative will be out of office or in a meeting when we call for the first time, the best way is to engage his PA in a structured conversation which eventually gives us the opportunity to schedule a call with the C - level representative with the active support of his PA.

I am talking about three optional scenarios which can occur when sending e-mails before calling a cold prospect or a warm lead. The outcome of the consideration remains that calling is king. Sending out information upfront (unsolicited/unrequested) can negatively influence your clients decision. A good prepared call is the better way.

The best way of persuading a prospect during a call is to surpass his conscious and to use a language which directly addresses his subconscious. About the highest level of cold calling which dramatically increases the hitrate.

This video gives a general overview how I see Brexit and what the problem with the next delay of Brexit would be. I give my statement why we should see GB to grow after Brexit and why I think that the European Union has become too centralized and undemocratic and therefore Brexit is a good thing to happen to all who live in the UK.
Don't expect too many details. There are other channels dealing with current events and circumstances. But if you are still up to make up your own opinion if Brexit is a good thing the video might be well worth watching.

In his video "What Kind of People Love the Gym, Wear Lots of Makeup, Have Cosmetic Surgery, or Get Tattoos?" the jolly heretic makes comments on people who love the gym (Link below), He is basically mixing people who love the gym together with people who do plastic surgery, have tattoos or wear too much make up. In my video I comment on this point of view and disagree in regard to people who love the gym like I do. Enjoy and please share your opinion.

A couple of examples of rubbish products made in China which made me headache and which even haven't been cheap but very bad quality. I am telling the names of the products and the weak points in order to help you to avoid to buy. It is just not worth it. It made me depressive. Rather you save money and buy something expensive and maybe produced somewhere else then in China and you should have more joy with this product. Enjoy the video. Please subscribe if you like the content. Hit the notification button for being the first one and like the video in case it corresponds with your taste.

Here the products which I do describe in the video and which you shouldn't buy because they will eventually break and you will be annoyed because of that:

Hohem iPhone Gimbal Stabiliser iSteady Mobile Plus
YAMAY Bluetooth Headset M98
Loffitle Bluetooth Headphones Built-in Microphone Waterproof Earbuds
Charmast 10000mAh Power Bank with Built-in Type C and Micro USB Cable
Mini Tripod, Mpow Flexible Phone Tripod Camera Travel Tripod Stand with Bluetooth Control for Filming for Gopro and Small Camera, iPhone XS/XS Max/XR/X/8/8P/7/7P/6s/6P, Galaxy Note 10/S9, Black
Samsung headphones white
F18 Tsing portable keyboard (but I have to admit if you treat this product well it should last)

OUTBOUND-CALLING. A NO is a necessary step to a YES. 10 NO = 1 YES if you are unskilled. If you are skilled you can achieve a ratio of 2:1. Knowing your numbers is crucial. Counting your NO and YES calls will give you your hitrate. Knowing your average hitrate gives you the confidence for the next YES call. Improving your calling skills will improve your hitrate and this is how you start to like or even love COLD-CALLING.


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