How Joe Biden sees the black community (satire).

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Joe Biden Is Senile
Joe Biden Says Racist Things
Joe Biden Is Really Confused

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A soyboy says that he can no longer afford to live in America after Biden revoked Trump's executive order keeping insulin low by avoiding price gouging. He blames America instead of the policies of Joe Biden or the Democrat party that caused this to happen.
This is particularly sinister since diabetics need insulin injections regularly to live and must use insulin constantly. Insulin price gouging has left the sick and poor to choose between bankruptcy and death.
Joe Biden froze a directive that would have ordered some health centers to provide insulin and epi-pens at the same price they purchased them through a government program.

The Second Impeachment of Donald John Trump

Tom Brady Hot Mic Moment

DC Shooting of Ashli Elizabeth Babbitt During Protests. Video of her being taken out of the Capitol building on a stretcher.

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January 6th 2021 Electoral College

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Kenosha DA announces no charges will be filed in the Jacob Blake shooting on the eve of the Electoral College Vote in DC to distract from the objections and proof of voter fraud being presented. This will also be used to enable left wing violence and terrorism in the country.
The DA says Jacob Blake was armed with a knife and trying to steal a rental car his baby momma rented. Jacob Blake wanted to leave with the car and his children since it was his childs birthday despite his baby mommas objections.
The Jacob Blake shooting was what inspired the Kenosha riots that led to the shooting case of Kyle Rittenhouse.

VP Mike Pence Promises To Investigate Voter Fraud On Wednesday January 6th 2021
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Trump won Georgia by 400,000 votes

News Report

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Hundreds of Israelis get covid after getting the vaccine...
The Pfizer Vaccine takes 1 month to be effective and still has a 5% chance of failing to stop an infection...
1 in a 1000 people have side effects and at least 4 Israelis have died after getting the vaccine.

With the vaccine not providing immediate immunity to the coronavirus, over two hundred Israeli citizens have been diagnosed with the disease days after getting the Pfizer/BioNTech jabs, local media reported.
The number of those who got Covid-19 despite being vaccinated was at around 240 people, according to data from Channel 13 News.

The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, which the Israeli health authorities rely on, doesn’t contain the coronavirus and can’t infect the recipient. But time is needed for the genetic code in the drug to train the immune system to recognize and attack the disease.

The course of the US-made vaccine requires two shots. According to the studies, immunity to Covid-19 increases only eight to ten days after the first injection and eventually reaches 50 percent.

The second jab is administered 21 days from the first one, while the declared immunity of 95 percent is achieved only a week after that. And, of course, there’s still a five percent chance of getting infected even if the vaccine is at its full potential.

Israeli news outlets which reported the figures urged the public to remain vigilant and thoroughly follow all Covid-19 precautions during the month after the first shot of the vaccine is administered.

The Jewish state is currently undertaking a massive vaccination campaign, which already saw over one million people or almost 12 percent of the population getting the Pfizer/BioNTech jab. That’s the largest span per capita in the world, according to Oxford University. The first phase of the program aims to immunize medics and elderly people before expanding on to other categories.

Around one in a thousand people have reported mild side effects after the injection, including weakness, dizziness and fever as well as pain, swelling and redness in the spot where the shot was given. Only a few dozen of them required medical attention, the Health Ministry said.

Since vaccinations kicked off on December 20, at least four people in Israel died shortly after getting the jab, Kan public broadcaster reported. However, the Health Ministry said that three fatalities were unrelated to the vaccine, with the fourth case of an 88-year-old man with preexisting conditions currently being investigated.

A woman in the UK was arrested by police after she filmed a video inside an almost completely empty hospital and posted it online.

The clip shows the woman walking through virtually empty corridors and filming empty wards at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

“This is a disgrace…it is so dead…all the people in our country desperately waiting for treatment, cancer treatment heart disease, honestly this is making me so angry,” she states as she films a row of empty waiting chairs.

The woman expressed shock at how quiet the hospital was, saying she expected there to be “a few more people around, there’s absolutely nobody.”


Dont Trust China
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Joe Biden Is Senile
Joe Biden Says Racist Things
Joe Biden Is Really Confused

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🐸🎸The walls of corruption must come down!
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Did Tiffany pass away or is this just a misunderstanding?
Video of her fainting

Fauci says he misleads the public for their own good (of course).
Fauci's double talk on masks: and Fauci said,
"people should not be walking around with masks"... "There is no reason to be walking around with a mask":
Breitbart Article:

Nurse Manager Tiffany Dover fainted on TV after taking the Covid Pfizer Vaccine at Chi Memorial.
Is Tiffany ok?

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Fauci is asked why he said people should not wear face masks at the start of the "pandemic" (view that video here ) but is now recommending mask mandates.
Fauci admits that he lied about face masks effectiveness to keep people from buying them in the spring but now insists that they "work" but not by very much. Fauci goes on to say masks are better than nothing (which is not a ringing endorsement of them) while he recommends mask mandates be enforced by government. Fauci also claims that N-95 masks are not needed because they are not anymore effective than a regular piece of cloth (that is to say neither of them do anything really).
In reality face masks only give a false sense of protection and therefore actually increase the rate of the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Snowflake Daniel Troublefield learns his lesson the hard way after confronting 2 men in a parking lot about wearing face masks. Daniel can be reached on twitter @dantroublefield - - (The account looks deleted now). He describes himself as a rescue parent, veteran, vegan, drone hobbyist, environmentalist. Daniel is also on Pinterest

Youtube takes the "you" out of youtube and continues its thought control policy of banning videos with wrong think and promoting "authoritative sources"


🎼Democrats Wen Down To Georgia Looking For Some Votes To Steal 🎶🎵

Obama said mail in ballots require signature verification.


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