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Aired July 20, 2020
Sandy Hook interview with Jason Goodman of 'Crowdsource the Truth' (Youtube channel) and Ole Dammegard of 'Light on Conspiracies'.

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Some thoughts on the premise of C.S Lewis' book 'The Great Divorce' about heaven and hell, as well as John the Baptist in Matthew Chapter 3 of the Bible and how it relates to the structure of trees.
Recorded May 13, 2021

The Illuminati cabalists are now testing their poisonous Covid injections on our children. Parents who offer up their children for sacrifice to Lucifer in this satanic cult genocide campaign known as Covid-19 will have a special reserved spot in Hell.
Video by Rebecca Carnes

Link to Dr. Fauci CBS news clip from February 19. Laugh can be heard at the 1:50 time mark when Fauci starts talking about whether the vaccines will be safe in children:

Filmed back in October, 2020. I join fellow Sandy Hook resident and mother Sheri Legeret on her podcast show.

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I appeared on the Patrick Ryan radio show ( on Nov. 17, 2020 and discussed the current Covid crime against humanity as well as Sandy Hook and more.
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A young, black Redding, Connecticut, lawyer named Abe Dabela was positioned to represent researcher Wolfgang Halbig in a Sandy Hook court case. Did it get him killed?

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Video shows a huge mistake the perpetrators made in delivering the Sandy Hook terror production.
[Sorry that my voice gets drowned out at the end a few times. I am new at using this OBS studio recording software.]

Hey, everyone - please ask yourselves: 'If Sandy Hook is a lie, what else is a lie?'
Answer: pretty much everything, including this Covid charade. -


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